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Morzine's Public Transport: What To Know

November 09, 2022
As a ski town in the French Alps, it's easy to get lost in Morzine. The scenic slopes and luxury chalets are all well and good, but if you're not familiar with the place, especially with its public transport, then you can hardly travel at all. One wrong move and you might need a rescue team to help you find your way back! So before you get to Morzine, familiarize yourself with its public transport too. Know the different ways to get around here, like taking the Telecabine, free ski buses, and riding the resort cabs. Get to know their schedules, where their stops are, and more!

Morzine's Public Transport: What To Know

Taking The Train to Morzine

First things first, let's establish how you can get to Morzine in the first place. Since the place is high up in the French Alps, there's no airport here. So going by plane is a no-go! Your best bet is to take a train, the Léman Express, from Thonon-les-Bains, the nearest town to Morzine. The trip will only take around an hour or so. Also, don't get confused! Although the town of Thonon-les-Bains is located near Lake Geneva, largely considered part of Switzerland, it's still part of France. You don't have to worry about your visa or other travel documents if you're already in France.

The Télécabine

Now, let's focus on the public transport in Morzine itself. First up, there's the télécabine. This is what they call the ski lifts that take you up to the highest slopes in the French Alps. The main one here in Morzine and Les Gets village is the Pleney Lift. It's only about 500 meters away from the main ski bus stop in town, as well as the tourist office. There's also the Nyon lift, another télécabine that you can access when you want to ski down the Nyon slopes. Like the Pleney lift, the station here is also near a popular bus stop.

Morzine's Public Transport: What To Know
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ S73yoyo

Free Ski Buses

Speaking of the bus stops, the main thing you ought to remember about them is that they're free, especially during the winter. More often than not, they only run from mid-December up until late April, more or less the duration of the winter season. Some of the buses do stop operating even before late April so you'd do well to learn their schedules before going to Morzine. Fortunately, many of the bus stops are located near resorts and luxury ski chalets in Morzine. If any of these are your accommodations in town, then you'd hardly have to worry about public transport.

Riding The Resort Cabs

If you booked a room in a resort in Morzine, find out if they offer resort cabs. These are your best alternative to ski buses. Since there are hardly any public transport systems in Morzine, these in-house cabs are your best bet to get around. However, unlike buses which have a set schedule and stops, it's a bit different with resort cabs. They have different routes, stops, and schedules, mostly depending on their respective resorts. You need to learn all this info before you head out so you can plan your trip more properly.

Using Transportation Apps

And when all else fails, there are always transportation apps. Do note, however, that the popular ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft don't operate here in Morzine. If you want to get around, you can only rely on the ski buses and resort cabs. There are, however, journey-planning apps that work here. They can provide the necessary info you need for public transport in Morzine. Especially with how long each trip will take. Considering that ski buses are free and resort cabs are likely paid via your room, you don't have to worry about any money issues here.

Morzine's Public Transport: What To Know

Before you go off on all sorts of adventures, you need to learn more about Morzine's public transport first. Knowing how to get there and how to get around will make your stay in this awesome destination even better!

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