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Things to Do in Paris in July 2018

July 03, 2018
Summer fun is all out in Paris in July. The sun is high and the weather is warm. Everybody seems to be in a lighter mood. But while a majority of the locals pack up and drive down to the beach or the countryside for their summer vacations, the city itself comes alive with plenty of wild and spectacular activities to engage in.
Children and adults are all invited!

Festivals Everywhere

The Peacock Society Festival
July 7, 8
Esplanade du Château de Vincennes - 75012 Paris
Bois de Vincennes - 12e Arrondissement

A big event for electronic music, the Peak Society Festival invites over 40 artists in the electro music scene to showcase their best.

Festival Fnac Live
July 5, 6, 7
Place de l'Hôtel de Ville - 75004 Paris
Le Marais - 4e Arrondissement

A huge outdoor event held on the forecourt of the City Hall, the Festival Fnac Live gathers over 30 artists to serenade thousands of audience. The event takes place for three days and is a staple of the Parisian summer season. The best thing about this festival is that the concerts are FREE!

Open Air Cinema
July 20 to August 20
211 avenue Jean Jaurès - 75019 Paris
La Villette - 19e Arrondissement

Looking for a romantic way to spend your summer evenings? The Open Air Cinema is for you - and families too!

La Chaise et l’écran
July 13 to August 24
Paris et Île-de-France - 75 Paris

Open to all public including children, La Chaise et l’écran has been annually held every summer since 2008, showing films in unusual places. Visit their website for more information on programs and schedules.

Summer festivities on the Canal de l’Ourcq
July 7 to August 26
Quai de la Seine - 75019 Paris
La Villette - 19e Arrondissement

One of the best tours you can do this summer is the Canal de l’Ourcq river tour, which takes you to the less known nooks and crannies of Paris. In the canal, you can find all assortments of activities including dance performances, sporting events, workshops, and concerts among others.

L'été Paris La Défense
July 12 to August 19
Parvis de la Défense - 92400 Paris La Défense
La Défense, 92 - Hauts-de-Seine

A five-week long business expo that brings a fresh perspective about the industry. A dedicated area of 3,500 square meters will be used for the event where sun loungers and food trucks will be set up, along with plenty of curiosities.

Les Heures heureuses de Paris
July 2018
Paris - 75 Paris

For only 2 euros, you can enjoy great gastronomic treats at the Les Heures heureuses de Paris, an absolute summer treat for food buffs - and party goers too!

Lollapalooza Paris
July 21 & 22
Bois de Boulogne - 2 route des Tribunes - 75016 Paris
Bois de Boulogne - 16e Arrondissement

One of the largest and most popular festivals in the world, Lollapalooza comes to France for a two-day musical event that will see the live performance of artists such as The Killers, Kasabian, and Depeche Mode among others.

Art Exhibitions

Paris is home to approximately 130 museums showcasing both classical masterpieces and modern pièce de résistance. Some of the most spectacular displays of talent can be witnessed during special exhibitions that feature specific elements of art - flocked by elite artists and art enthusiasts worldwide. This summer, you will see:

  • Parcours at Musée Yves-Saint-Laurent (until September 9)
  • Chagall - Malévitch - El Lissitzky at Centre Pompidou (until July 23)
  • Kupka at the Grand Palais (until July 30)
  • An exhibition on the masters of Symbolism in the Art of the Baltic Countries at Musée d’Orsay (until July 15)
  • Cinémathèque de Paris by Chris Marker (July 29)

Fairs & Trade Shows

Land of the Rising Sun at Japan Expo

July 5 to 8
82 avenue des nations - Zac Paris Nord 2 - 93420 Villepinte
Paris-Nord Villepinte

An annual event that has run for more than three decades, you can really say that the French certainly does love Japanese culture. It has gone to become one of the biggest Japanese appreciation event in the whole of Europe, visited every year by more than 200,000 visitors.

La Traversée de Paris (Drive through Paris)
July 22
Paris et Île-de-France - 75 Paris

Here's something for the vehicle enthusiasts. La Traversée de Paris, literally "Drive through Paris" brings over 700 motor vehicles together to a phenomenal parade through the streets of Paris. The display is inclusive of various vehicles from different time periods.

Tour de France 2018

Tour de France Final Stage
July 29
Paris et Île-de-France - 75 Paris

The prestigious Tour de France concludes in Champs Elysees to thousands of tourist and local spectators. On the 29th of July, the cyclists will grace the iconic French street after a competitive three-week battle encompassing 3,516 km.

Everything Under the Sun

Of course, there is always something for everyone. If you’re done with touring museums or seeing the spectacular fairs and light shows, there are plenty of other ways to fill your June Paris nights!

Iron Maiden at AccorHotels Arena - July 5 and 6
Ed Sheeran at State de France - July 6 and 7

Les Pestacles Festival
June 13 to September 5
Esplanade du Château de Vincennes - 75012 Paris
Bois de Vincennes - 12e Arrondissement

A family friendly gathering dedicated to kids 2 and up along with their loved ones, Les Pestacles is held every year to celebrate the malleability and potential of youth. Here, they are exposed to different varieties of art forms, workshops, culture bits, and more!

Paris Treasure Hunt
July 2018
Paris et Île-de-France - 75 Paris

A decade-long annual tradition, this event clearly showcases the French love for fun - and in style! Up to you to play the hunt alone, though it would definitely be spectacular with friends. Explore Paris as you solve the clues of the hunt. Each district of the city offers their own treasure hunt so prepare your wit - and your shoes!

Festival Paris l'Eté (Paris Summer Festival)
July 16 to August 4
Paris et Île-de-France - 75 Paris

Held in various locations throughout Paris, the Festival Paris l'Eté organizes dozens of outdoor entertainment events including theatrical performances, concerts, and the circus! This year, there will be more than 70 performances that will be held in 30 different locations.

Bastille Day
July 14

If you're taking about a city-wide party, one of the most looked forward to in Paris in Summer is no other than the Bastille Day. This national celebration lights up the whole of Paris, beginning with the honorary military parade along the Champs Elysees Avenue to the Place de la Concorde in the morning. When the heat of the day has abated and the cool summer night settles in, you can head to one of the fire stations in the city that host a ball and enjoy a warm, romantic evening. This will be concluded with a spectacular fireworks display at around 11 to 11:30 pm.

Paris Plages
July 8 to September 3

Wish there was a way to cool off without getting out of the city? Chill with the rest of the Parisian folks enjoying the faux-sand and beach scene beside the river Seine during the Paris Plages. The Parc Rives de Seine will recreate a relaxing beach side ambience, replete with palm trees and sun loungers facing the river. There will be plenty of activities for both kids and adults to enjoy.

In the 19th arrondissement, huge swimming pools are set up: three pools with different depths to accommodate swimmers of all age. And in the square in front of the City Hall, near to the Parc Rives de Seine, you’ll find different sports activities that draw in a lot of local and tourist crowds.

Warm Summer Nights at the Park

Nothing beats warm summer nights spent with friends and family enjoying the splendid atmosphere without spending a penny. In Paris, most folks flock the beautiful parks either to take a stroll, people-watch, or simply bask in the warm summer air - a perfect way to conclude your busy summer days! Here are some great addresses:
  • Parc Kellerman at 19 Rue de la Poterne des Peupliers, 13th
  • Les Jardins du Trocadéro at Place du Trocadéro, 16th
  • Jardin Tino Rossi (Musée de la Sculpture en Plein Air) at Quai Saint Bernard, Square Tino Rossi, 5th
  • Parc de la Villette at 211 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 19th
  • Square du Vert Galant at Place du Pont Neuf, 1st




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