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Estonia’s Most Popular Property Listing Websites

September 13, 2022
Estonia is a beautiful country, but would you want to move here? It's more than likely that you prefer the likes of the UK, France, Italy, or Spain, don't you? Well, those places are great but so is Estonia. In fact, many would even go so far as to say that you'd be wise to invest in a property in Estonia too. The real estate market here is alive and well and you'll want to get in on all the action. But how can you find the right property for you? By going on Estonia's most popular property listing websites. They include KV, City24, and Uus Maa.

Estonia’s Most Popular Property Listing Websites


KV prides itself as the number one property listing website in Estonia. Ask any local in this country and they'll probably tell you the same thing. Firstly, the portal's scope is quite large. This isn't just for those looking to move to Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, and find a place here. The properties that KV lists down come from all over the country. It also helps that they're partnered with a handful of major developers in Estonia. They have 411 on the very latest projects they have and whether one is on the market!


While KV ranks number one among Estonia's many property listing websites, there's no doubt that City24 comes at a close second. Many would even argue that it deserves the top spot too, considering how meticulous the property portal is. City24 doesn't just list down the available properties like a phonebook would with landline numbers. It classifies each real estate in its specific category. Whether they're apartments or houses in Estonia or even available land, you can be as detailed with your search as you can. And if you want to hire a real estate agent, City24's network has got you covered too!

Estonia’s Most Popular Property Listing Websites


There's no doubt that Pindi is a great property listing website in Estonia but it's a little difficult for international buyers to navigate. Why? Because the platform only comes in Estonian. Not even your web browser can automatically translate their content to English. It's up to you to either learn the language yourself or copy and paste each part of the site on Google Translate. In any case, if you do understand the content, then you can easily access this pretty straightforward property portal. And don't stop there! Keep updated with Estonia's real estate market through their news blog!

Uus Maa

More than just a property listing website, Uus Maa is actually a leading real estate agency in Estonia. They'll easily help you buy any property here, complete with all sorts of services that will assist you throughout the process. And don't worry! They don't just work in certain areas of the country. Their agency is nationwide, which means no matter the location of the property in Estonia for sale, they'll still be able to help you. The same goes for when you want to sell your place too. Selling your property through real estate can get pretty expensive, but with Uus Maa, every cent is worth it!

Estonia’s Most Popular Property Listing Websites


From here on, the list will talk about general ad spaces where real estate is also a top priority. The first one is OkiDoki. With such a quirky and easygoing name, you'd think this platform would be easy to navigate, right? Luckily, it is! Its search engine isn't that hard to use. You can be as meticulous with your search as you want. Are you looking to buy or rent a property in Estonia? What kind of property is it—an apartment, a house, or even just part of a house? And what's your price range too?


Admittedly, Prima isn't too far off from what the other Estonian property listing websites do. It lists down available properties, includes high-quality pictures, and more. From this alone, you can easily overlook this platform in favor of the other property portals on this list. Especially since the site only comes in Estonian too. Just like Pindi, your web browser can't translate the website's content to English. You'll have a hard time navigating it if don't understand the language. So is there a reason why you should consider finding properties through Prima? Yes! It's their feature of letting you know how many visitors have checked the properties. Thanks to this, you can tell just how in-demand a place really is.

Estonia’s Most Popular Property Listing Websites


Soov also shares Pindi and Prima's problem in terms of the language barrier. If you're an international buyer looking to purchase real estate in Estonia, then the only way you can navigate this property portal is if you understand Estonian. And truthfully speaking, it's worth the effort since Soov has a massive collection of available real estate. As of this writing, it has over 19,000 properties on its list. And that includes different kinds of real estate too, such as residential houses, commercial spaces, and more. The right place for you might just be one of them!


Though it's a general ads space, Referent's real estate listings aren't to be overlooked. For one thing, they have a lot to show. From apartments in Tallinn to cottages in the countryside, this property portal lists them all. And don't worry! Your web browser can automatically translate this site's content to English. You don't have to learn Estonian to visit this platform. But you do, however, have to be wary with your timing. There are times in which Referent's real estate list shows zero available properties, proving that they're more limited with their scope compared to the other property listing websites on this list.

Estonia’s Most Popular Property Listing Websites

If you ever want to buy your own property in Estonia, the first step is to find one through the most popular property listing websites in the country. Even from abroad, you can spot the right place that's just for you!

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