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Where To Learn Estonian in Tallinn

April 07, 2021
Where else should you learn Estonian than in the country's capital, Tallinn? After all, with all due respect to Estonia, their national language isn't exactly in demand around the world. At least, not in the same vein as English, Spanish, French, and the like. Only when you're in Estonia will learning the language really come in handy. But outside? Well, knowing how to speak and understand different languages is always a plus! With that said, Tallinn has some of the best language schools that will teach you all you need to know. Here are some worthy options!
Where To Learn Estonian in Tallinn

International Language Services OÜ

Having opened in 1998, the International Language Services OÜ has certainly established a name for itself when it comes to teaching Estonian. It helps that this school is very much all-around, in that it offers courses and programs that cater to a student's specific needs. If you only want to learn basic Estonian just for fun, short-term courses will help you with that. But if you need to learn more in-depth and formal Estonian, the school's official programs will have something in store for you too! And the best part? The tuition fees are mostly affordable!

Tallinn Language School

The Tallinn Language School teaches all sorts of languages to anyone who's interested. From Russian to French and Italian to Spanish, as well as, of course, Estonian too! Now, you may think that because this school teaches different languages that their Estonian courses may not be as intensive as those in other institutions. Well, you're wrong about that! Working with professional teachers and instructors, the Estonian courses offered by the Tallinn Language School remain in-depth and intricate. Don't think that you'll only learn the basics here! After graduating from your course, it's possible you'll even be fluent in Estonian by then!

Where To Learn Estonian in Tallinn

City Keeltekool OÜ

Located in the business quarter in Tallinn, City Keeltekool OÜ is actually one of the more popular language schools on this list. And it's not just because the place is easy to get to via public transport! The school, which is open to students of all ages, offers a diverse range of language courses and programs to go with them. You can either take a standard classroom course to learn alongside fellow neophytes or go for online classes that are more in line with your schedule. Rest assured, with the help of their professional instructors, you'll become fluent in Estonian in no time!

Opus Lingua OÜ

Located in Old Town, the most popular among Tallinn's many neighborhoods, it's no wonder Opus Lingua OÜ is a popular language school in the city. Its location makes it a good place to check out, allowing for some sightseeing while you head off to your next lesson. The place can also allow for various ways to learning to language that go beyond the classroom, including a city tour, social gathering, and the like. Thanks to this, Opus Lingua OÜ is able to make use of innovative techniques to really drive the lesson home for its students!

Multilingua Keelekeskus OÜ

You can already tell from the school's name what Multilingua Keelekeskus OÜ's main aim is. Of course, it's that you can become multilingual, a skill that may prove helpful in the wrong run. That's why they offer a variety of language courses to help you out, unsurprisingly, Estonian! Specifically, this school works to help you become fluent in formal Estonian, the kind that can help you find a job or even rise on the corporate ladder. With extensive courses, both in-school and online, you'd already be fluent in Estonian which can help you further your career in more ways than one!

Where To Learn Estonian in Tallinn

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, is argubaly the best and probably even the only suitable place to learn Estonian. It's practically the city where you'll benefit the most from learning the language!