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The Most Popular Property Listing Websites in Ireland

August 30, 2022
Have you ever considered Ireland as your next home? Though it's not as popular as the UK, France, Spain, and the like, it's still a great destination nevertheless. The weather could be better but at least it's a beautiful country with great food, great booze, and charming people. It won't be that much of a surprise if you want to relocate here. But the first step in doing so is to find your own place. Look for the right property in Ireland by visiting the top property listing websites here. Daft, MyHome, Sherry FitzGerald, and Property.ie are just a few good examples.

The Most Popular Property Listing Websites in Ireland


Well-organized, easy to use, and pretty straightforward. These all describe Daft to a tee. So is it any wonder why the property listing website gets around six million visits per month? If you don't want any fuss in your property search, this property portal is your best bet. Everything is practically laid down for you on the homepage, neatly organized for your convenience. If you're moving to Dublin with your entire family, for instance, Daft can help you find the perfect home in a matter of seconds. They'll even help you get a mortgage here too! What's not to love?


Just as its name says, MyHome is all about finding your next residence in Ireland. Whether you're looking to buy a new property or just rent it for a long-term stay, this property portal has everything for you. What's particularly great about their search engine is that you can put the maximum price that you can afford. Not to mention the specific type of real estate in Ireland that you're looking for. Are you gunning for a country house with a beautiful terrace that only costs around €500,000.00? MyHome will definitely have it for you in a moment!

The Most Popular Property Listing Websites in Ireland


With 30,496 different sorts of real estate in Ireland on offer, it's not surprising to see why Property.ie is one of the more popular property listing websites in the country. Admittedly, that number is rather small, especially compared to how many properties other portals feature. But what Property.ie may lack in quantity, they more than make up for in quality! The many homes they feature are top-notch, be it a luxury apartment in a good neighborhood in Dublin or a country home in Monaghan. Some are so exceptional that you'll wonder why no one hasn't bought them up yet!

Sherry FitzGerald

As one of the premier real estate firms in Ireland, it makes sense that Sherry FitzGerald made it onto this list. This property portal is an all-around platform, which means their services go beyond listing the best available real estate in Ireland. They also offer up professional brokers, valuation services, assistance in applying for a mortgage, and more. You'll practically want for nothing as you buy a property in Ireland. Though they may be a bit pricey, it's worth every penny you spend. With Sherry FitzGerald's help, you'll get the keys to your new place in no time!

The Most Popular Property Listing Websites in Ireland

The Property Pin

More than your average property listing website, The Property Pin is more like an online forum. People, both in and out of the real estate industry in Ireland, discuss the market, the current prices, and of course, all the available properties in the country. It's a new and unorthodox way to find new real estate in Ireland, as well as all the other happenings in the industry at large. But at the same time, at least you get real-time information here. As well as exclusive updates on the latest property to become available on the market!

Douglas Newman Good

Douglas Newman Good is another real estate firm that has a pretty good property listing website to offer. Just like a proper property portal, they feature a search engine that can help you look for the right property to purchase. You can trust that they can help you spot any noteworthy real estate in Ireland for sale, or even for rent! They even advertise the latest open viewing on available properties on their site. Moreover, if you're looking to own farmland in the Irish countryside, they'll help you look for one too.

The Most Popular Property Listing Websites in Ireland


Although Let only has around 3,109 properties on offer (at the moment), you can bet that every single one of them is worth your while. Even with a small number, the properties they feature are quite diverse. There are luxury apartments, holiday homes, commercial spaces, and standard houses in Ireland for rent. The only downside here is that Let only features rentals. Though some may offer rent-to-own conditions, they're only far and few in between. As great of a property listing site as Let is, this isn't a platform that will help you if you're looking to purchase a property in Ireland.


The same goes for Rent too! As its name says, this property portal is only for rentals. Whether it's a short-term or long-term stay in Ireland, what they feature aren't apartments or houses in Ireland for sale. But this shouldn't dissuade you from checking it out. Especially since the properties, they feature truly are noteworthy. And their scope is as far-reaching as it can get. Whether it's a flat in Dublin or a holiday home in Cavan, Rent can find it for you. They'll even help you find the nearest parking space in your area too!

The Most Popular Property Listing Websites in Ireland

If you're looking for some great real estate in Ireland, look no further than the top property listing websites in the country. You'll find the right property for you on any of these exceptional platforms!

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