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What are The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Athens?

July 12, 2022
Many people don't give Athens enough credit. Sure, against the uber-popular Paris, Rome, London, Amsterdam, and more, the Greek capital can be easily overlooked. But nevertheless, this city remains an influential metropolis. It's even one of the wealthiest in the world, with most of the country's elite living here. And if you yourself want to relocate to Athens, you'll need to find a good home. Or, at the very least, make it look good enough to make it worthy of the Greek capital. Dress your place up in the chicest interior design styles in Athens. They include Mediterranean, Rustic, and Minimalism, to name a few.

What are The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Athens?


It's no surprise that one of the most popular interior design styles in the capital city of a Mediterranean country is Mediterranean. Think arched windows, columns, mosaic tiles, and neutral hues. The edges are also rounder, there's more space, and a few plants here and there. Even though you're in Athens, one of the busier and more crowded cities in Greece, going for the Mediterranean interior design will make you feel like you're on an exotic Greek Island. It's like you're in a luxury home in Korfu or a villa in Mykonos!
What are The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Athens?


There's just something about Greece, with all its paradisical islands and the Mediterranean vibe, that makes you want to spend time outdoors. It's as if you'd rather relax under the bright sunshine instead of sitting around in your home. And while that'd be great if you're enjoying some leisure time here, that's not necessarily the way of life in the bustling metropolis of Athens. It's a good thing that you can take the outdoors inside with the rustic interior design style. From stone tiles to exposed wooden beams, you can easily feel like you're out in the open in your luxury home in Athens.
What are The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Athens?


Although the baroque style is more closely associated with Italy, specifically Rome, it does pair well with Greece. Particularly, in Athens. As already mentioned, the Greek capital is home to some of the richest residents of the country. You can expect that many of their own residences have embraced this interior design style. But what does baroque in Athens look like? Think dark marble flooring, ornate furniture, gilded details, and rich, deep colors. Molded wall panels are also a nice touch but that's going more into the French territory of baroque.
What are The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Athens?


If you want to go beyond baroque, you can always go full-on maximalist for your luxury home in Athens. As the saying goes, 'go big or go home!' And in this city, going maximalist means it's a free-for-all of colors and textures. Luxurious quilting on anything cushioned would be a fabulous touch! Adding a bit of an exotic charm by way of furniture is also good. And while you can go wild with color, setting up a specific scheme would still make for good taste. But then again, maximalism embraces bad taste too, so have at it!
What are The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Athens?


Now, on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, there's also minimalism. Simple, sleek, and modern. Practically all interior designers, both in Greece and beyond, swear by this interior design style. It never fails to make any space look cool and contemporary, yet also undeniably luxurious at the same time. And in a city like Athens, where the population is around three million, minimalism is more than suitable. Why? Because it promotes space! If you're living in a solo apartment here, for instance, you can make the place look big with minimal furniture and a neutral-toned palette.
What are The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Athens?

Mid-Century Modern

Many would argue that Greece's—and to a certain extent, Athens too—heyday was in the mid-20th century. The country was emerging from the civil war and from 1953 onwards, the economy was rapidly developing. As the capital city, Athens was certainly a popular destination at the time. And you can still feel that today. The Mid-Century Modern interior design style, which references aesthetics from the 1950s and 60s, remains popular in the city today. They embrace the retro look but thoroughly modernize it for today's discriminating tastes. It also helps that it's a fairly easy look to achieve for the most part.
What are The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Athens?

Athens is a cosmopolitan city that's just as chic as other destinations in Europe. And when you're decorating your luxury home here, you'll want to go for interior design styles that match the overall vibe of the city.

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Athens, Greece
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2 bedrooms2 bathrooms8
Athens, Greece
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2 bedrooms1 bathroom6
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5 bedrooms4 bathrooms10
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2 bedrooms1 bathroom7