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The Most Popular Property Listing Websites in The UK

June 27, 2022
With its robust economy, beautiful cities, and fascinating culture, it's no surprise that many people want to live in the UK. If you had your way, you'd move there in a heartbeat, wouldn't you? Well, it'd be easier if you had your own place here. A house, maybe? Or even a luxury apartment in a big city? There are a lot of available properties here in the UK. It's just up to you to find them. And you can easily do that by going on any of the most popular property listing websites in the UK. They include Zoopla, Rightmove, PrimeLocation, OnThe Market, and more!

The Most Popular Property Listing Websites in The UK


Rightmove undoubtedly tops this list since it has the biggest number of properties so far. Currently, they offer up to 800,000 properties for sale in the UK, as well as a few thousand more for rentals. Garnering around 100 million visits per month, Rightmove stands head and shoulders above all the other property listing websites in the country. It also helps that they provide more than just available places. They also offer resources about how to get a mortgage loan, advice on leasing your apartment, and more. You'll get a lot more out of Rightmove than just your next property in the UK.


Zoopla is a growing British real estate company that's on its way to rivaling Rightmove in terms of its overall scope and popularity. More and more people, both in the UK and abroad, are relying on this portal to find their next homes in the country. And it's mostly thanks to its pretty cool features. One of them is SmartMaps, a program that helps you narrow your search according to your most specific needs so you can find that property you want. Let's say you're relocating to London and you're looking for a one-bedroom apartment in the Chelsea district that has a terrace. Zoopla's SmartMaps will help you find exactly that in an instant.

The Most Popular Property Listing Websites in The UK


Even though PrimeLocation is a popular property listing website in the UK, it goes beyond the country's borders. This portal also features properties in Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Dubai, France, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, and Spain. This alone tells you that they cater to an international audience, which means no matter where you're coming from, you can easily find a place in the UK through PrimeLocation. The platform itself is pretty simple and straightforward. Just fill in the details that you need regarding the kind of property you're looking for and its location and you'll find it in no time.


Just as its name says, OnTheMarket lists many available properties in the UK. Whether you're looking for a home in Liverpool or relocating to Nottingham and you're trying to find a place there, this property portal can help you. It has even divided its search engine into four main categories: properties for sale, for rent, sold prices, and locating an agent. Through this, you can easily find the place you want and even find a good real estate agent to hire at the same time. It's the most convenient way to start the buying process!

The Most Popular Property Listing Websites in The UK


TheHouseShop is a great platform for when you're dealing with real estate in the United Kingdom. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, landlord or tenant, this property portal can help in more ways than one. But let's focus on buying properties for now. Not only does TheHouseShop lists any available property for sale in the UK, but it also lets you compare surveys, gives mortgage advice, and more. It even offers valuation services too, which is a very important part of the process. When you find a good place on TheHouseShop, you're already one step ahead of the game!


Boasting around 642,020 homes for sale or rent, 16,674 real estate agents, and 16,598 letting agents, Home.co.uk is among the most extensive property listing websites in the UK. It offers all kinds of information that you will need when you want to buy, sell, rent, or lease out a place in this country. And it does so in a way that it won't overwhelm you. Truth be told, real estate in the UK can get pretty complicated at times. You can easily get information overload which, in turn, will only stress you out. Home.co.uk lays it all out in a simple and straightforward so you can absorb all the information bit by bit.

The Most Popular Property Listing Websites in The UK

Find Properly

Just as its name says, Find Properly lets you find a new place properly, in it that you're sure to be well-suited and more than satisfied with whatever home you find here. But how do they do it? As the saying goes, “real estate is all about location, location, location!“ Let's say you want to move to London but you don't know which neighborhoods to choose yet. If you let Find Properly know the many places you'll frequent in the city—office, school, gym, restaurants, shops, etc.—then it will find a good place in the right neighborhood for you! They'll even provide more info about the area itself.


Truth be told, Nethouseprices is more useful to sellers and leaders than buyers and tenants. Though it still lists down many properties for sale in the UK, it's more prominent for its extensive information about sold prices. They have information that comes from 1995 to today, constantly updating to help you stay on top of the country's real estate market. But can this also help you as a buyer? It sure can! The sold prices can help you settle on a good number to offer the seller once you make a bid.

The Most Popular Property Listing Websites in The UK

Waterside Properties

If you're looking for a pretty specific place—say, a property by the sea—then Waterside Properties is your best bet! Just as its name says, this property listing website only focuses on coastal homes. For example, if you're looking for a property in Tenby, the harbor town in southwest Wales, with seaside views, this portal will find it for you in a snap. Of course, this also means that it has fewer properties on offer compared to the other property listing websites on this list. That's only about the only con with Waterside Properties.


You can probably already tell what this platform is all about based on its name. Rentify is a listing website in the UK that focuses on homes you can rent. It's a great portal to use when you're looking for a place in big cities like London, Manchester, Leeds, and more. But as you'd expect, these are properties that you can't buy. If you prefer to own a property in the UK, you're better off going to any of the other property portals on this list.

The Most Popular Property Listing Websites in The UK

If you're looking for a fine property in the UK that you want for yourself, you'd do well to visit any of the top property listing websites here. These portals feature the best of the best in terms of high-quality and luxury homes in the country!

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Birmingham, United Kingdom
105 £ / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms2-4
Birmingham, United Kingdom
220 £ / night    
3 bedrooms2 bathrooms6-6
London, United Kingdom
On request
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms6
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
130 £ / night    
Studio1 bathroom2

London, United Kingdom
134 £ / night    
3 bedrooms2 bathrooms6
London, United Kingdom
138 £ / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom5
London, United Kingdom
187 £ / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom6
Cambridge, United Kingdom
494 £ / night    
6 bedrooms3 bathrooms12-14
London, United Kingdom
800 £ / night    
5 bedrooms5 bathrooms10-2
London, United Kingdom
140 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms8