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Top Five Luxury Rentals in Tenby with Seaside Views

February 04, 2022
Tenby, the charming coastal town in Wales, is all about the seaside views. Though many areas within the city are just as pleasant and pretty, there's nothing like enjoying a view of the sea when you pop your head out of the window or when you relax on your terrace. 'Scenic' doesn't even begin to describe what sort of view you'll get to enjoy if you live near the water. Not to mention the fact that you'll also get to hear the waves, feel the sea breezes, and enjoy the sunshine. These five incredible Tenby luxury homes will give you just that!

Top Five Luxury Rentals in Tenby with Seaside Views

Judith's View

Judith sure has an amazing view, doesn't she? This three-bedroom luxury rental in Tenby offers one of, if not the most amazing seaside views in the city. You're so close to the sea, you can practically consider the beach to be your very own backyard. Most of the windows in this home have you looking directly at the coast, letting you enjoy that vast horizon all to yourself. The overarching nautical theme of the place will also have you feeling that sea-friendly mood. If your only aim in going to Tenby was to enjoy the sea, this Judith's View home is your best bet!
Top Five Luxury Rentals in Tenby with Seaside Views

Pieces of Eight in Windsor House

In Tenby's famous Windsor House, many of your luxury homes offer such stunning views of the sea. One of them is this glorious 'Pieces of Eight' two-bedroom flat. With its ornate white molding that perfectly offsets the navy blue walls, the living room has a certain regality to it that's almost like an English mansion. Modernized by modern furniture and useful home appliances, the luxury rental is a clash between classic and contemporary sensibilities. But of course, the main star of the show is the seaside view. The most perfect area for gazing at the sea is the elegantly charming bay window dining room. Imagine sipping afternoon tea here!
Top Five Luxury Rentals in Tenby with Seaside Views

Fisherman's Catch in Windsor House

Another Tenby luxury rental that's in Windsor House on this list is the 'Fisherman's Catch' flat. Evoking the same classic, almost Regency-style look that 'Pieces of Eight' has, this place is a lot more spacious. It helps that the dining area isn't by the bay window that overlooks the sea like in the latter. Ingeniously, this flat has converted the kitchen bar to be its main dining area, allowing for more legroom in the living room and more space for spectators to look at the sea by the bay window. Not bad, right?
Top Five Luxury Rentals in Tenby with Seaside Views

Lady Tenby in Windsor House

Also in Windsor House is this humbler 'Lady Tenby' two-bedroom luxury home. Boasting a more contemporary look than the 'Pieces of Eight' and “Fisherman’s Catch” rentals, the only thing you'll want to focus on is the sea. And just like the latter, the best place to enjoy this pleasant scene is in the dining area. You can indulge in a British breakfast, a hearty lunch, and a flavorful dinner all while you're transfixed at Tenby's scenic coast. And if you tire of that (which you probably won't!), you can always watch a movie or a series via the flat-screen TV, rest in any of the two comfy bedrooms, or go out and explore more of the coastal town.
Top Five Luxury Rentals in Tenby with Seaside Views

Apartment 8 Waterstone House

And finally, there's the Apartment 8 Waterstone House from Puffin Cottage Holidays. Practically the entire flat is made up of windows that look out into the sea. From the living room to the dining room, as well as the terrace and part of the kitchen, you couldn't escape the coast even if you wanted to. This also means that, even without going outside, you can still soak up as much sunshine as you want while indoors. And since the luxury rental also offers three spacious bedrooms and welcomes pets, it's the perfect coastal family home in the town. What's not to love?
Top Five Luxury Rentals in Tenby with Seaside Views

Here in the beautiful coastal town of Tenby, the best type of home you can get is one by the sea. These amazing luxury homes don't just offer charm and scenery, but the seaside views from here are second to none!

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