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Best Tips for Selling Your Property in The UK

June 29, 2022
Whether you like it or not, there may come a time when you have to sell your property in the UK. Perhaps you're moving to a better place? Or you reside someplace else and you can't live in the said property? In any case, there's nothing wrong with selling your property in the UK. You might even earn a lot from it! That is, if you do it correctly. The process of selling your home in this country can get pretty complicated at times. So to avoid that, it pays to remember a few things like getting an Energy Performance Certificate and paying the costs, among many others.

Best Tips for Selling Your Property in The UK

Tidy Up Your Home

Before you can even put your property for sale in the UK, it has to look neat and tidy first. No one would want to see a home that's damaged, messy, and not well-maintained. You need to exert the extra effort to attract potential buyers. Clean up the space, repair what's broken, take out what you no longer need, and add in a fresh coat of paint for that extra sheen. Make your property look as good as new, even if you've owned it for quite a number of years now. At times, it's the places that have history but still look fresh that buyers want the most!

Get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Although you'll need a lot of documents to sell your property in the UK, one of, if not the most important one is the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). It's an energy efficiency rating that you will need before you can put your place up for sale. This ought to be the very first thing you need to get done as you start this process. But there's no need to worry! More often than not, it's your solicitor or your real estate agent who will help you accomplish this. They might already know a company that will do it at a good price!

Best Tips for Selling Your Property in The UK

Prepare a Budget For The Costs

Don't think that because you're selling real estate in the United Kingdom, you won't be spending money. On the contrary, you'll be paying a lot of fees, taxes, and other charges. The Advisory listed down many of the costs you'll likely face when you choose to sell your home in this country. Amond the basic ones are the EPC, your real estate agent's commission, conveyancing fees, and removal costs for when you move out. Other additional costs you might have to deal with include your mortgage exit fee, capital gains tax, and necessary renovations.

Market Your Property Online

Since practically everything is on the internet nowadays, you can easily market your property online. Submit your place to any of the UK's top property listing websites. Many of them garner countless views and visits per month, guaranteeing that many potential buyers can check out your home—even those from abroad! You also won't need a real estate agent to access some of them. If you chose to sell your property in the UK on your own, these property portals are your best bet! And if you do decide to hire an agent instead, some of these websites can connect you to trustworthy professionals.

Best Tips for Selling Your Property in The UK

Draw Up The Memorandum of Sale ASAP

The moment you and the buyer agree on a final price on your property in the UK, tell your solicitor to draw up the memorandum of sale ASAP! Even though this isn't technically a legally binding document, it's often considered as such. And it's your safeguard in ensuring that the buyer does their end of the deal. Do note, however, that the buyer can still choose to back out of buying your property even when the memorandum of sale is signed. It will, however, make it more difficult for them to do so.

Agree on Moving Dates

Very few remember that agreeing on moving dates is just as important as all the other steps in selling/buying a home. You and the buyer have to be on the same page on when you will move out and they will move in. And this ought to be settled as soon as possible. Why? Because there are some buyers who would prefer that they move in as soon as they can. But if you still need time to move your stuff out of the place or for you to settle down elsewhere, you need to convey that to them. Or else, you'll both end up in a rather awkward situation.

Best Tips for Selling Your Property in The UK

Selling your property in the UK can get pretty stressful if you don't know what you're doing. Avoid such hassles by following a few tips. They will ensure that you do it the right way and that you won't get the short end of the deal!

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Birmingham, United Kingdom
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