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6 of The Best Hospitals in Montreal You Ought to Know About

May 19, 2022
What makes a great city? Lots of awesome tourist attractions? Yes! Many delicious foodie hotspots? Probably! Great schools for your kids? Of course! All of that helps make any city worth your while. However, what's truly important is that the city can take good care of you. A truly great city ought to have a good number of exceptional hospitals. Fortunately, Montreal is just that! Thanks to places like Jewish General Hospital, Montréal General Hospital, the McGill University Health Centre, and the Shriners Hospitals for Children, you won't have to worry about getting quality healthcare.

6 of The Best Hospitals in Montreal You Ought to Know About

Jewish General Hospital

Widely regarded as the best hospital in Quebec, there's no other institution that deserves to start this list than Jewish General Hospital. Founded in 1934, it has provided high-quality Canadian healthcare for many decades now. The place is particularly popular for modern therapy, which allows most patients to recover quicker than they would in other healthcare institutions. It helps that Jewish General Hospital is pretty huge, handling at least 300,000 outpatient visits, 67,000 emergency responses, and conducting over 4,000 births per year. It's pretty clear that most of Montreal and beyond believe in this hospital!

Montréal General Hospital

The Montréal General Hospital, also known as the McGill University Health Centre (or at least, part of it), is one of—if not the largest healthcare institution in Canada. Just as its name says, the hospital is linked with McGill University, making it a teaching hospital where a lot of Canada's top medical students study. But make no mistake, just because many of the staff here are young residents, that doesn't make them any less qualified to take care of you. You might even be surprised at how much better they can be at treating you than you expected!

6 of The Best Hospitals in Montreal You Ought to Know About

Royal Victoria Hospital

Commonly referred to as the 'Royal Vic' or more simply, 'The Vic' the Royal Victoria Hospital has treated patients since it was founded in 1893. This makes it one of the oldest healthcare institutions, not just in Montreal and Quebec, but possible in the entire country. It's no surprise that this place also relies heavily on traditional medical practices, particularly ones that remain trustworthy to this day, But now since it's also part of the McGill University Health Centre, patients can expect modern and advanced medical treatments in The Vic too!

Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal

Another noteworthy teaching Montreal hospital is Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal, located on Rue Sanguinet, right at the heart of the city. Thanks to its location, you can easily get here via public transport. It's not surprising that this is the healthcare institution that caters to most of the metropolitan area. Treating around 500,000 patients per year, many rely on Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal for their various treatments. Of course, it also helps that it's a publicly-funded hospital, welcome all sorts of patients as long as they have the right coverage.

6 of The Best Hospitals in Montreal You Ought to Know About

St. Mary’s Hospital

Located in Côte-des-Neiges, one of the central neighborhoods in Montreal, St. Mary’s Hospital welcomes patients from around the world. You can say that it's the most 'international' out of all the hospitals in Montreal, Canada. Why? Because its staff can speak up to 30 different languages in total. This makes it easier for foreign patients who don't speak English or French to get treated here. And since St. Mary's Hospital is also part of the McGill University Health Centre, rest assured, any patient who gets treat here will only get the best of the best!

Shriners Hospital for Children

And finally, there's the Shriners Hospital for Children. As part of the global non-profit medical network, this place is all about helping the little ones grow up as healthy as possible. The one here in Montreal serves as its only location in Canada, making it a go-to institution for families who want their kids to only get treated by the best in the field. Of course, considering the nature of the hospital, this place mostly attracts patients who aren't particularly well-off. In the Shriners Hospital for Children, even the poorest families can send their little ones to get cured of whatever health problem they may be facing.

6 of The Best Hospitals in Montreal You Ought to Know About

No matter what health problems you're facing now, rest assured that Montreal will take good care of you! The city has a ton of great hospitals, helpful clinics, and other healthcare institutions that will ensure you can remain as healthy as can be while you're here!

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