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The Most Notable Whistler Restaurants You Need To Try

May 09, 2022
Coffee, hot chocolate, and pastries are probably what you can expect to indulge in the most here in Whistler. The ski town is pretty cold after all, so it makes sense that something hot to drink and a warm delicacy to pair it with would seem enough. However, Whistler restaurants are a lot more exciting than that. There are a ton of great places to eat around here, such as SIDECUT Restaurant, Il Caminetto, and Peaked Pies, among many others. Those and more prove that Whistler's culinary scene is one to watch out for!

The Most Notable Whistler Restaurants You Need To Try

Araxi Restaurant & Oyster Bar

If there's one foodie hotspot that should start the list of the best restaurants in Whistler, it's Araxi Restaurant & Oyster Bar. As its name says, you can get a lot of great seafood here, and considering that this ski town is near the mountains of British Columbia, that's already a big deal. And of course, the stars of the show here are its many delectable oysters. They season them just right, making them perfect with a glass of champagne or white wine from their amazing selection. It's the right salty and savory seafood kick you'll need in a ski town like Whistler!
The Most Notable Whistler Restaurants You Need To Try
Source: Araxi Restaurant & Oyster Bar Facebook Page

Alta Bistro

Seasonal dishes reign supreme here at Alta Bistro, a chic hotspot located on Main Street. Since it's right at the heart of one of the town's most central areas, you can easily reach the place via public transport. But what's truly great about this restaurant is that it gives you a well-balanced but full-blown meal. Their soups and salads are just as showstopping as their main course meaty dishes. And all the flavors balance each other just right, allowing you to enjoy every single part of the meal. Heck, even their slides are a knockout!
The Most Notable Whistler Restaurants You Need To Try
Source: Alta Bistro Facebook Page

Bar Oso

Bar Oso transports you to another world. Or more accurately, another country. And that country in question is none other than Spain! It's no secret that Spanish cuisine, with all its deep flavors and rich textures, can warm you up unlike any other. Is there a cuisine more fitting for one of the best restaurants in Whistler? For the most part, Bar Oso serves as the best tapas bar in the ski town. Their tapas are scrumptious and fulfilling, so much so that one isn't enough! And after you check this place out, you'll feel as if you just went on a foodie trip to Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, and more!
The Most Notable Whistler Restaurants You Need To Try
Source:Bar Oso

Bearfoot Bistro

Bearfoot Bistro is one of the best restaurants in Whistler because it offers a multitude of exciting culinary experiences. In its Chef's Table, for instance, which is the place's main dining area, you can indulge in international cuisine at its finest. Craving some Italian? Order their homemade Ricotta Cavatelli served with morel mushrooms and drizzled with hazelnut brown butter vinaigrette. What about when you're up for some Japanese? Well, their A5 Wagyu Striploin with caramelized sweet onion is out of this world! It's as if you traveled the world and back, all while you're enjoying your time here in Whistler!
The Most Notable Whistler Restaurants You Need To Try
Source: Bearfoot Bistro

Crêpe Montagne

Do you have a big sweet tooth? Then you might want to try eating at Crêpe Montagne, this great French restaurant on Main Street. Located at the heart of Whistler, right smack in the middle of all the different neighborhoods, this place undoubtedly serves the best crêpe around. Served with all sorts of toppings, from fruits and ice cream to savory cheese and meats, every bite is as sensational as ever. This is why it's perfect as a brunch spot! You can get your much-needed pep in your step here before you start your exciting say in Whistler.
The Most Notable Whistler Restaurants You Need To Try
Source: Crêpe Montagne

Il Caminetto

Where to eat in Whistler when you're craving Italian? In Il Caminetto, of course! You won't find an Italian restaurant as delicious and as authentic as this hotspot on The Village Stroll, a central place in town. They serve different kinds of pasta, Mediterranean seafood, and seasonal vegetable dishes all to pair with their fine selection of wine. The chef who heads the kitchen here, James Walt, is one of Canada's finest. He believes in the 'farm-to-table' culinary principle, which means that everything you'll eat here is as fresh as can be! What's not to love?
The Most Notable Whistler Restaurants You Need To Try
Source: Il Caminetto Facebook Page

Peaked Pies

Since Whistler is the sort of ski town that will have you moving about all day long, you'll want your meals to be as easy as can be, right? So why not try Peaked Pies? It's an Australian-inspired bakery & cafe located on Main Street and a definite must-try! As its name says, this place is all about pies, both sweet and savory, many of which come from the 'Land Down Under.' The savory ones are perfect for brunch while the sweet ones go great with hot chocolate on a cold, wintry day!
The Most Notable Whistler Restaurants You Need To Try
Source: Peaked Pies Facebook Page

SIDECUT Restaurant

As far as Whistler restaurants go, you won't find one that serves as many excellent steaks as SIDECUT Restaurant over on Blackcomb Way. Technically speaking, the place is a steakhouse, the kind that grills meat all day long. However, the place actually looks sophisticated! It's the kind of restaurant in Whistler where you'll feel the need to dress up, remember your table manners, and keep up polite conversation. That is until you get served with their succulent and scrumptious steaks! Once you smell that savory scent and see the barbecue sauce drizzled all over, you'll hardly care what you look like as you enjoy your feast!
The Most Notable Whistler Restaurants You Need To Try
Source: SIDECUT Restaurant Facebook Page

Just because Whistler is more known as a ski town, it doesn't mean that the places to eat here are pretty boring. Whistler restaurants are a lot more delicious and more exciting than you might expect. The foodie in you definitely won't be bored here!

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