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What You Need To Know About Whistler's Crime Rate

May 06, 2022
Whistler is such a beautiful ski town that it'd be a shame if it was a crime-infested city. Don't think that just because a place is a small town or is a beautiful metropolis that it automatically means that it's a crime-free utopia. Unfortunately, no such place exists. Even a town as mysterious and underrated as Whistler has its fair share of crime. Luckily, however, its current crime rate is only 14.29%, which is considered low. That's generally good news, however, in order to feel fully safe about visiting or even moving to this town, you ought to know more about its crime rate!

What You Need To Know About Whistler's Crime Rate

All About Whistler's General Crime Rate

As already mentioned, Whistler's general crime rate is 14.29%, which is considered very low. It's no surprise considering that, although Whistler is a luxury ski town, it's not that big of a metropolis. In fact, it's hardly a metropolis. In such a place and with such a low crime rate, you'd think that there'd hardly be any crimes to commit here, right? Well, that's not necessarily true. While Whistler's general crime rate is very low, its rate for increasing crimes, 64.29%, is considered quite high. The disparity is pretty startling, enough to make anyone concerned about their safety here.

All About Whistler's Highest-Rated Crimes

With that said, what are the highest-rated crimes in Whistler? Drug dealing tops the list with a rating of 60.71%. Just like in many cities in Europe, from Dublin to Cannes and more, it seems that Whistler has a major drug problem. In fact, not only is the rating considered high, but the difference between this and the second-highest-rated crime in town is pretty big. It only goes to show that Whistler's authorities have to work overtime to properly address the situation. At the very least, drug dealing isn't as violent a crime as many others out there.

What You Need To Know About Whistler's Crime Rate

All About Whistler's Other Highly Rated Crimes

Vandalism & theft and verbal abuse both come at second place in Whistler's list of highly rated crimes. Both have a similar rating of 25.00% each, which is quite low. However, this doesn't mean it's not a concern among locals and tourists alike. To avoid falling victim to the former, you'd do well to be more aware of your surroundings. As for the latter, it pays to always follow Canadian social customs. Following up as the third-highest-rated crime in Whistler is car theft, which has a rating of 21.43%. It's also considered pretty low but you can never be too careful with vehicles here. Especially if yours is just rented!

All About Whistler's Safety Rate

And finally, what about the safety rate of Whistler? Is it safe for you to walk around and explore its different neighborhoods on your own? For the most part, yes, it is! The safety rate in Whistler is a mind-blowing 96.43% during the day and 75.00% at night. The former is considered very high while the latter is still considered high enough. So this should prove that, for the most part, Whistler remains a safe ski town worth exploring on your own. Even if you bring your kids here, as long as you're careful and aware of your surroundings, you can still remain safe!

What You Need To Know About Whistler's Crime Rate

Whistler may have a fairly low crime rate but that doesn't mean this ski-town is crime-free! You ought to know more about the crime rates of this city in order to fully understand just how safe you'll be here.

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