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Whistler's Finest Schools & Other Educational Institutions

May 06, 2022
Since Whistler is a ski town, can you actually build a new life here? For example, if you were to ever move to this beautiful city with your family, can life go on just as normally? What about your kids? Will they be able to go to school here? To answer the last question, yes, they can! Make no mistake, Whistler has its fair share of prominent international schools. They boast excellent educational programs, high-end amenities, and more. And who knows? If your kind enrolls in schools like the Whistler Waldorf School and the Spring Creek Community School, they might just realize their full potential even sooner than you think!

Whistler's Finest Schools & Other Educational Institutions

Whistler Waldorf School

First up, there's Whistler Waldorf School, the most prominent educational institution in town. Not only does it offer high-quality education, but it also has international and foreign exchange programs. This means that if you moved to Whistler from far away, your kids can easily continue their schooling here. And they should considering that the academic level here is high, not to mention they also equally focus on extracurricular activities. For the Whistler Waldorf School, holistic education is much more important than focusing on getting good grades and the like.

Whistler Secondary School

The Whistler Secondary School is yet another notable educational institution parents should check out. It's a standard school through and through, complete with impressive programs, great amenities, and more. They even offer bus services, guaranteeing that your kids stay safe going to school and back and not having them rely on public transport all that much. However, what truly separates the Whistler Secondary School from the others on this list is that it prioritizes the students' mental well-being as much as their scholastic standing. They make it a point to emphasize that bullying is wrong and tha they're free to express their emotions whenever and however they like!

Whistler's Finest Schools & Other Educational Institutions

Spring Creek Community School

Located in the beautiful Creekside neighborhood of Whistler, the Spring Creek Community School is a welcoming place where each student can feel right at home. Beyond their high-quality education and great amenities, this education institution has fostered an open and fun atmosphere where kids can learn in peace. At times, they even let parents get involved, especially during Sports Day, community clean-up, and the like. At its core, the Spring Creek Community School recognized the value of community when teaching kids. They know that they feel better learning and studying when they're more connected with their classmates, teachers, and even the rest of the community.

Myrtle Philip Community School

Much like the Spring Creek Community School, the Myrtle Philip Community School in Whistler also highlights the importance of community when it comes to education. However, the main difference here is that they also have a healthy balance of academics and extracurricular activities. Though they understand the value of good grades, they also let their students express themselves in various ways. In this educational institution, the arts, athletics, and the like are just as important as academics. They strive to help the little ones find and realize their true potential.

Whistler Institute

As the only higher educational institution on this list, the Whistler Institute is all about preparing its students for the outside world. Through their many programs, they instill leadership skills, foster independence, as well as teach global understanding to their adolescent student body. From life skills classes to peer support programs, the institute's aim is to mold these young minds into open, understanding, and intelligent individuals who may become the next movers and shakers of the world. Who knows? After graduating here, your kid might even get into the more prestigious universities in London, New York, and the like!

Whistler's Finest Schools & Other Educational Institutions

Moving to Whistler with your entire family? This town has everything you need! Even your kids can easily continue their studies in any of the fine schools and other educational institutions here. They might even excel more there than anywhere else!

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Whistler, Canada
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Whistler, Canada
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1 bedroom1 bathroom2-4
Whistler, Canada
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2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-7
Whistler, Canada
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2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-7

Whistler, Canada
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3 bedrooms2 bathrooms6-8
Whistler, Canada
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