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New York's 7 Best Designer Outlet Stores

April 15, 2022
Let's not beat around the bush—New York is an expensive city! No matter which borough you are in, you can't escape its commonly high living costs. With that said, how is it that the Big Apple remains a shopping mecca when the prices here are sky-high? For one thing, there are many outlet stores in the city. They're your best options if you want to find designer bargains that aren't vintage, secondhand, and are still trendy today. Places like Saks Off Fifth, Nordstrom Rack, and Bloomingdale’s Outlet are just some of New York's best designer outlet stores.

New York's 7 Best Designer Outlet Stores

Saks Off Fifth

You're likely already familiar with Saks Fifth Avenue, one of the most famous luxury retailers in the US (and in the world), right? Well, if you want to get your hands on the same precious items you'll find in this department store, your best bet is to check out Saks Off Fifth. It's here where you can get all sorts of designer goodies at discounted prices? And how much are the discounts, you ask? They can go as low as half of the original price you'll find in Saks Fifth Avenue! These deals are out of this world!

Neiman Marcus Last Call

Neiman Marcus is yet another popular luxury department store that has its own New York Designer outlet store. It's called 'Last Call,' offering up the remaining pieces of the season or some beloved hits from the last few seasons. Though these aren't exactly the latest items from the runway, they're still precious pieces from some of the most beloved American designer brands and other international luxury labels. Not to mention timeless staples that you ought to already have in your wardrobe. Sold at great deals, you won't care if they're no longer trendy!

New York's 7 Best Designer Outlet Stores

Nordstrom Rack

What accounts for a great discount? 20% off? 40% off? 50% off? It doesn't really matter because these discounts are all available in Nordstrom Rack. With various shops throughout the many neighborhoods, this is one of the best designer outlet stores in New York. The deals here are unbelievable! For example, you can get designer sportswear that'll cost nearly $300.00 in a regular department store but only costs around $90.00 here. Crazy, isn't it? Not only that, but they also include American high-street labels in their extensive directory of brands. You can shop till you drop in Nordstrom Rack and still have enough for your other living costs in New York!

Bloomingdale’s Outlet

The Bloomingdale’s Outlet store on 72nd Street is probably one of—if not the biggest of its kind in New York. Housed in a three-story annex, you get multiple floors of designer goodies, all discounted and good for the taking! And the best part is that 50% off discounts are common here! Whether it's an Oscar De La Renta gown or a Coach bag, you can cop them at half their normal retail prices in the Bloomingdale’s Outlet store. You won't have another New York designer outlet store with this any half-off deals!

New York's 7 Best Designer Outlet Stores

C21 Edition

C21 Edition is a staple for designer sample sales. Whether they're French labels or Italian brands, you can get your hands on your next designer wardrobe at practically half the cost. You will, however, need to prepare to put up a good fight. since the deals here can go as low as 75% off the retail price, C21 Edition is a bargain hunter's haven. And they can get aggressive when they see what they want! You'll need to be fast with your hands if you want to buy anything from your favorite designer brand!

Empire Outlets

Empire Outlets is the only New York designer outlet store on Staten Island. You'll need to take public transport to get here, namely a ferry that crosses the Hudson River. Don't worry, the Staten Island Ferry is free so you can save all your money for shopping at this mall. And trust that you will because the deals here are too good to pass up! Whether it's a Brooks Brothers suit, Nike sneakers, and the like, you don't have to pay the full retail price for all these amazing finds. What's not to love?

The Outlets at Bergen Town Center

Technically speaking, The Outlets at Bergen Town Center isn't a designer outlet store in New York. The Bergen Town Center is located in Bergen Country, New Jersey, making you travel all the way to the next state to get here. However, since it's so near New York City, you can easily take a day trip to the shopping center. And you won't want to miss the awesome deals here too! With famous labels like Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Guess, J.Crew, and more at practically half the price, all your efforts to get here won't be in vain!

New York's 7 Best Designer Outlet Stores

Shopping for designer clothing in the Big Apple doesn't always have to lead to draining your bank account. The more affordable alternative is to shop at some of New York's best designer outlet stores. They're filled with discounts and bargains like you wouldn't believe!

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