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The Best Restaurants in San Francisco with A View

April 12, 2022
The city of San Francisco is widely regarded as one of the best food capitals in the world. Many even consider it as influential as Paris, London, Rome, and the like. What makes this metropolis such a popular destination for foodies is that its culinary scene is pretty diverse. Along with traditional American food, you can also enjoy Mexican, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and many other cuisines here. And it's even better if you enjoy them with a view. Top of The Mark and Radhaus are just some of the best San Francisco restaurants with a view. You'd do well to check them out while you're here!

The Best Restaurants in San Francisco with A View

Top of The Mark

Perched atop the InterContinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco Hotel, Top of The Mark has the best views of all the hotspots on this list. It's not enough that you get to see San Francisco's amazing skyline here, but you can also see the bay, the famous bridges, and more! They're the perfect view to look at as you indulge in the haute cuisine this luxury hotel has to offer. Though it's famously a bar with free-flowing champagne, it's also a great place for Sunday brunch. The food here is out of this world, just as amazing as the view!
The Best Restaurants in San Francisco with A View
Source: Flickr.com/ Travis Wise

Mersea Restaurant

Located on Treasure Island, Mersea Restaurant is a good distance away from all the other districts of San Francisco. In fact, many regard this area as outside of San Francisco altogether, but it remains one of the best attractions in the city. And of course, since it's a bit farther than most places, the view here is spectacular. Some would even go as far as to say that it has the best views of San Francisco's skyline, especially since the vantage point isn't in the city itself. As for the food, you can enjoy all sorts of seafood delights in Mersea Restaurant, including seared Yellowtail, fish & chips, and more!
The Best Restaurants in San Francisco with A View
Source: Mersea Restaurant

Empress by Boon

With its elegant setting and first-class Cantonese menu, Empress by Boon is one of the famous places to eat in San Francisco. Its regal atmosphere matches its authentic Chinese cuisine, filled with steamed dim sum, braised pork belly, crispy noodles, and more. Serving up a feast fit for an emperor, it's one of the best restaurants in San Francisco for dinner. Especially since you can also enjoy a night view of the city, all lit up like cascades of twinkling gold. The restaurant is perched six stories above the historic Chinatown, allowing for an extraordinary vantage point unlike any other!
The Best Restaurants in San Francisco with A View
Source: Empress by Boon


Sometimes, the best food in San Francisco is one that you can't find anywhere else! Take Radhaus, for instance. Housed inside a former U.S. Army machine shop at Fort Mason, this Bavarian beerhouse is the best place to get some German food. Think pretzels with Bavarian cheese, Spätzle served with sunny-side eggs and ham, different kinds of wurst sausages, and of course, free-flowing beer! These are the kinds of food you just want to enjoy with friends and family, right? And add to that an amazing panoramic view of the Golden Gate Bridge and you've got yourself a winner!
The Best Restaurants in San Francisco with A View
Source: Radhaus

El Techo

Since Misson street is a largely popular area, you can easily get here via public transport. But why should you commute all the way to this trendy hub? To eat at El Techo, of course! This rooftop hotspot is among the best places to eat in San Francisco, both because of its food, ambiance, and views. As you might've already suspected from its name, El Techo is all about Latin American cuisine. Dip your chips in salsa, pair an empanada with a Margarita, and indulge in Arroz con Leche topped with chocolate shavings for dessert. With its open-air ambiance, you'll want to hand out here for as long as you want, gazing at the sick city views from the heart of San Francisco!
The Best Restaurants in San Francisco with A View
Source: El Techo Facebook Pages

Epic Steak

From its name alone, you can probably already tell what they serve at Epic Steak! Located at The Embarcadero, this is where you can satisfy all your meaty cravings as you enjoy a view of Bay Bridge. Among many San Francisco restaurants, you won't find any other place that serves up well-cooked steaks, expertly barbecued meats, and more. Even their grille seafood with have your mouths watering before they reach your table. The only way to distract you from your food is by gazing up at the Bay Bridge. It's especially beautiful at night when it's all lit up!
The Best Restaurants in San Francisco with A View
Source: Epic Steak


Views of bridges and skylines are all well and good, but if you want a different sight to pair with your excellent meal, look no further than Greens on Marina Blvd. As its name says, this place is a vegetarian hotspot through and through. Their menu mostly consists of meat-free dishes, rich and fulfilling enough that you won't feel the need for meat anytime soon. From soups and salads to different kinds of pasta and pizza, you'll sooner turn vegetarian before the meal is through. And the view of the lined-up boats and yachts isn't a bad sight to see either!
The Best Restaurants in San Francisco with A View
Source: Greens Restaurant

Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant

Finally, there's Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant, located along the Great Highway. Again, you can already know what to expect just by reading its name, right? In contrast to the rooftop restaurants on this list, this coastal hotspot is among the best restaurants in San Francisco with a view. And it's mostly because the view in question is that of the Pacific Ocean. From the scenic shore to the calm yet strong waves, the view only adds to the peaceful ambiance here. Pair all that with their delectable seafood menu and you'll definitely enjoy your time here.
The Best Restaurants in San Francisco with A View
Source: Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant

As far as foodie hotspots go in the Bay Area go, there's no breathing the best San Francisco restaurants with a view. Not only will you get to enjoy great food, but there's also a feast for your eyes! It helps that San Francisco is a pretty picturesque city too.



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