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Honeymoon Hideaways: The Most Romantic Luxury Homes in Ibiza

March 10, 2022
If you thought Ibiza is only about partying, think again! Beyond its notorious reputation, this destination is still one of the most paradisaical Balearic Islands in Spain. Why do you think many nightlife hotspots and resorts set up shop here in the first place? It's because the sun shines here differently than any other place in the world. This is also why Ibiza is among the top honeymoon destinations too. The scenic coasts and Mediterranean vibe are perfect for a pair of newlyweds who simply want to enjoy each other's company. Now, if you scored an amazing luxury home in Ibiza for your stay here, that's even better!

Honeymoon Hideaways: The Most Romantic Luxury Homes in Ibiza

Villa Can Ameler

Villa Can Ameler is a cozy and rustic luxury home in Ibiza that's perfect for a honeymooning couple who rarely goes outside. Of course, part of visiting this notorious Balearic Island is to experience its world-famous nightlife, but for newlyweds who just want to relax after their wedding, enjoying the sunshine is enough. And this mountaintop two-bedroom vacation villa is the right home for just that! Enjoy amazing views from its charming balcony where the Mediterranean sea is just at the horizon. There's no better place to enjoy each other's company than here!
Honeymoon Hideaways: The Most Romantic Luxury Homes in Ibiza

Villa Bella Vista Peralta

Santa Eularia des Riu is a popular neighborhood in Ibiza where the upscale and the local collide. There are many luxurious places here just as there are many humble homes and establishments as well. One of the former is the beautiful Villa Bella Vista Peralta, a three-bedroom luxury rental fit for a newly married couple on their honeymoon. They get to enjoy a fabulous pool with an amazing view all on their own and if they choose to spend most of their time here, it'd still be a great honeymoon. Not too bad, right?
Honeymoon Hideaways: The Most Romantic Luxury Homes in Ibiza

Villa Can Jasa

Villa Can Jasa is the kind of countryside luxury home in Ibiza where you can enjoy utmost peace and serenity. If you want to stray away from the infamous party scene on the island, this cozy three-bedroom rental is your best bet. You won't even feel the need to venture outside since the property offers a luxurious pool, a charming patio area, surrounding trees that freshen up the air, and of course, ample sunshine. Some of Ibiza's best beaches, Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta, are even walking distance from here! Now, doesn't Villa Can Jasa sound like the perfect honeymoon home?
Honeymoon Hideaways: The Most Romantic Luxury Homes in Ibiza

Villa Can Turrent

If you can describe Villa Can Turrent with just one word, it'd be 'intimate.' Remember that the point of your honeymoon is to strengthen your love and bond with each other after you just got married. Wouldn't this homely two-bedroom luxury rental in Ibiza be the most suitable place? Sure, there's no pool nor seaside views. However, it is very peaceful and private here. It's the perfect little love nest for newlyweds to get as intimate as they want. Since it's located right at the heart of the Morna valley, there's barely anyone who will disturb your peace here.
Honeymoon Hideaways: The Most Romantic Luxury Homes in Ibiza

Villa Davyvic

Amazing forest views, a great big pool, and a massive backyard where you can soak up as much sunshine as you want. Based on all of that, Villa Davyvic sounds like a great choice for a honeymoon home in Ibiza. The surrounding pine forest and orange orchards make the air smell sweet, setting up the perfect atmosphere for a little lovey-dovey time for a couple of newlyweds. And its prime location in the Ibizan countryside? It's rural enough for some much-needed peace and quiet but also fairly near the bustling towns for when you want to explore the local life on the island. Even taking public transport won't be that much of a problem here!
Honeymoon Hideaways: The Most Romantic Luxury Homes in Ibiza

Ibiza is as much of a honeymoon destination as it is the most popular party place. And for the newlywed couples visiting here, any of our few romantic luxury rentals would be the perfect home on the island!

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Ibiza, Spain
1733 € / night    
4 bedrooms3 bathrooms2-8
Ibiza, Spain
205 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-4