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Zürich's Top Must-See Museums

February 21, 2022
Just like many other popular European cities, Zürich is a treasure trove of museums. They house famous works of art, historic artifacts, or teach about fascinating subjects. It's no wonder they're some of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. The museums in Zürich appeals to the art lover or the historian in you. Sure, the city itself is so beautiful that it'd be a waste if you spend most of your time inside these galleries. But you simply can't miss what these museums have to offer! Especially these top ten places.

Zürich's Top Must-See Museums

Kunsthaus Zürich

Picasso, Monet, Chagall, Munch—these are just some of the legendary painters whose works are displayed in Kunsthaus Zürich. As the premier art museum in the city, Kunsthaus Zürich is certainly a must-see gallery for art lovers. It holds a huge collection of historic pieces, ranging from different eras such as the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, and more. The museum also boasts a stunning collection of Swiss art with works done by Ferdinand Hodler and Alberto Giacometti, among many others.
Zürich's Top Must-See Museums
Source: Kunsthaus Zurich Facebook Page

Swiss National Museum

While Kunsthaus Zürich is for fine art, the Swiss National Museum is for history and culture. Just as its name says, this particular museum is the best place in Zürich to learn more about the history and heritage of the Swiss. And not just its former kings and nobility either. From prehistoric artifacts to traditional Swiss arts and crafts, each display is a look into how the country was shaped since time began. It helps that the museum is also housed in a beautifully preserved castle too.
Zürich's Top Must-See Museums
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Roland zh

Museum Rietberg

As the third-largest museum in Zürich, Museum Rietberg is yet another place where you'll spend a day (or at least half a day) to explore all of its exhibitions. And you'll definitely want to since this museum boasts the only collection of non-European art in the city. Think Buddhist statues from China, calligraphy from Japan, and more. Some of these pieces are even the most historic of artifacts in all of Zürich, a lot older than those in other museums.
Zürich's Top Must-See Museums
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Ikiwaner

Pavillon Le Corbusier

Located near Altstadt, the 'Old Town' district in Zürich, Pavillon Le Corbusier definitely stands out with its architecture alone. It's actually the last work of Le Corbusier, the historic Swiss-French architect who was one of the pioneers of modern architecture. And from this tidbit alone, you can probably already tell what to expect inside! From graphic art to photography, Pavillon Le Corbusier is a shrine to modern art. It's mostly used as an exhibition space but it does offer its own permanent displays as well.
Zürich's Top Must-See Museums
Source: Pavillon Le Corbusier Facebook Page

Museum of Design

Speaking of modern art, another Zürich museum you simply have to visit is 'Museum für Gestaltung,' or more commonly known as the Museum of Design. Set inside a decidedly square structure—an exquisite example of modern architecture—this place is all about contemporary art. It highlights four distinct fields in design: graphic design, product design, packaging, and decorative arts. Some displays are items you see or use in everyday life, while others are striking pieces that will definitely grab your attention.
Zürich's Top Must-See Museums
Source: Museum of Design Facebook Page

Musée Zoologique de l'Université de Zürich

Located in the University of Zürich, one of the city's finest international schools, Musée Zoologique de l'Université de Zürich gives you everything you need to know about the animal kingdom. You can think of it as a gallery version of a zoo, but instead of just seeing the animals up close (and alive), you get to know more about their history, species, what they eat, where they live on the planet, and more. With so much educational information and fascinating tidbits, Musée Zoologique de l'Université de Zürich is a go-to venue for school field trips.
Zürich's Top Must-See Museums
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Sputniktilt

Beyer Clock and Watch Museum

While the French have haute couture and the Italians are known for their footwear, the Swiss are all about their timepieces. Switzerland has a good hold of the luxury watch market, offering up some of the world's best and most beloved brands. You can get to know all about them and the craft of watchmaking in the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum. From grandfather clocks to modern wristwatches, the timepieces here are unlike any other. And at least, when you're here, you won't forget the time!
Zürich's Top Must-See Museums
Source: Beyer Chronometrie AG Facebook Page

FIFA World Football Museum

It's no secret that the Swiss, just like their many European neighbors, are into football. When there's a game on tonight, you can bet that most of them will be tuned in, be it in a bar or in their luxury homes. With this much passion for the game, it's no wonder that the FIFA World Football Museum in Zürich is among the most-visited places in the city. You can learn all about this global football league and all its historic glory in this introspective museum!
Zürich's Top Must-See Museums
Source: FIFA Museum Facebook Page

Zürich Tram Museum

Public transport is alive and well in Zürich and it's thanks in large part to the trams. This system is one of the most well-used modes of transportation in the city, possibly even more so than the buses and taxis. The trams are efficient and easy to navigate, making it the go-to public transport system for a lot of commuters in Zürich. But do you know their history? What they're made out of? Or how they run every day, without fail? If you ever wanted to learn more about this part of the city, your best bet is to visit the Zürich Tram Museum! It's as simple as that!
Zürich's Top Must-See Museums
Source: Zurich Tram Museum Facebook Page


Finally, there's focusTerra, a museum just for kids! This geological museum is part of the Department of Earth Sciences of ETH Zurich, a school in which Albert Einstein was an alum. This should already tell you just how educational the museum is! Offering up all sorts of displays and exhibitions that explain geological phenomena, the place aims to teach its visitors how the world works. All while offering something fun and exciting in the process.
Zürich's Top Must-See Museums
Source: ETH Zürich Facebook Page

When you visit Zürich, you'll likely want to go see the museums, right? Well, you're in luck! The many museums in Zürich offer fine art, historic artifacts, interesting information, and more! You certainly won't get bored here, that's for sure!

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