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Our Most Charming Family-Friendly Luxury Rentals in Tenby

February 04, 2022
Tenby is a charming town in Wales that's just the right balance of urban and rural. Located by the sea, it has an old-world charm that's dreamy and pleasant, perfect for raising a family. If you want to spend some time in Tenby with your entire family, you'll want to find the perfect luxury home. It has to have enough space, the neighborhood has to be peaceful and safe, and you can easily get to the popular spots in the city. Well, these noteworthy luxury rentals in Tenby certainly check all those boxes!

Our Most Charming Family-Friendly Luxury Rentals in Tenby

RyeCroft Holiday House

Have a big family? Then there's no other luxury home in Tenby that's perfect for you than this beautiful RyeCroft Holiday House. With six bedrooms on offer, most of which feature queen-sized beds, you have enough space for yourself and your many little ones. Of course, space isn't the only thing worthwhile about this amazing rental. This place also boasts a massive living room with a plush curved sofa by the grand fireplace, a sunny terrace with sunbeds, and a hot tub too! You'll practically want for nothing when you and your family get this amazing holiday house all to yourselves!
Our Most Charming Family-Friendly Luxury Rentals in Tenby

French Fields House

In the picturesque village of St. Florence in the charming Welsh coastal town of Tenby, stands a four-bedroom house that's perfect for any family. The luxury rental itself looks like the archetypal suburban home you'll find in the English countryside, with its stone exterior, spacious lot, and cottage-like appeal. Tenby itself is already very peaceful, but you and your family will truly get to live in perfect serenity in this quaint home. When it's sunny out, you can enjoy lunch in the glass-encased patio or let your little ones play to their hearts' content in the idyllic backyard!
Our Most Charming Family-Friendly Luxury Rentals in Tenby

Mayfield House

Another suburban winner is Mayfield House. Offering up four bedrooms, including a charming attic room that's perfect to use as the master's bedroom, it's safe to say that you and your loved ones will be more than comfortable here. What's so good about this place is that it already looks like a family home. The other bedrooms are decorated just right, perfect for little ones, and are all positioned close together so it'll be easy for parents to watch over their kids. The small garden is perfect for some playtime, especially under the bright sun. While the wooden shed out back has enough room for storage. What more could you want?
Our Most Charming Family-Friendly Luxury Rentals in Tenby

St Mary's View Luxury Lodge

Since Pembrokeshire, the Welsh province where Tenby is located, is among the warmer parts of the UK, especially compared to the likes of London and Nottingham, the beach here is arguably the best part. And if you're visiting or moving to this town with your kids, they'll likely want to stay somewhere that's close to the beach. So consider moving into this amazing three-bedroom St Mary's View luxury lodge. It's clean, comfy, and is the type of peaceful luxury rental in Tenby that's perfect for vacationing families. Not to mention the fact that the beach is only a hop and a skip away too. Your children will love it here!
Our Most Charming Family-Friendly Luxury Rentals in Tenby

Apartment 8 Waterstone House

More than just a walking distance from the beach, this amazing Apartment 8 Waterstone House from Puffin Cottage Holidays actually offers a view of the sea. Just imagine how excited your kids will be when they wake up to the sounds of waves, the smell of the sea breezes, and more. As for the home itself, the large sectional sofa in the living room can fit many, allowing for some much-needed cuddle-time as you stream family movies like Disney films, DreamWorks Classics, and the likes. The kitchen is also well-equipped, perfect for making all kinds of feasts your little ones will adore. And the bedrooms? Spacious and comfy in their own special ways!
Our Most Charming Family-Friendly Luxury Rentals in Tenby

Starfish Apartment

Finally, there's Starfish Apartment. This cozy two-bedroom luxury rental in Tenby is only suitable for small families. Those that have only up to three kids in total. One bedroom is for the parent/s and the other is for the little one/s. Now, since this place is admittedly rather small, especially compared to the other Tenby homes on this list, why is it still here? Mainly for its location. Since this Starfish Apartment is right smack at the heart of the town's center, it's pretty convenient for anyone, let alone families, to live here. It's close to school, the supermarket, the park, and more!
Our Most Charming Family-Friendly Luxury Rentals in Tenby

Here in the beautiful coastal town of Tenby, the best type of home you can get is one by the sea. These amazing luxury homes don't just offer charm and scenery, but the seaside views from here are second to none!

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