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Charming Málaga Homes with A Rustic Feel

January 19, 2022
In a city like Málaga, where most of your time is spent outdoors, rustic homes are a dime a dozen. Many of the places here give off a comfy outdoorsy feel, one with wooden finishes, minimalist decor, and the like. And yes, despite how they look, they're nevertheless as luxurious as ever! So if you're up for staying in Málaga for a long time, expect that this is the type of home you'll see a lot. Don't worry! Not all of them are the same and you can find the perfect home for you. Most especially these fine Málaga luxury rentals with a rustic feel.

Charming Málaga Homes with A Rustic Feel

Ático Cervantes

While the term 'rustic' often alludes to the charms of the countryside, here in Málaga, it can also mean the comfort of the outdoors. Take this beautiful Ático Cervantes luxury home in Málaga, for instance. This rooftop one-bedroom home, complete with its own well-manicured lawn, has all the sunny charms of the Andalusian coastal city down pat. From the basket-weaved patio furniture to the wooden finish of the entire interior, it boasts a European rustic feel that's elegant yet fun and fresh at the same time. And you just know you'll prefer to hang out outside on the lawn than inside, even when it's hot!
Charming Málaga Homes with A Rustic Feel

Mariblanca Apartments

In our collection of luxury Málaga rentals, we have a good many Mariblanca apartments on offer. And a number of them have that charming rustic feel that you'd expect from a city like Málaga. One, in particular, is this brick-walled one-bedroom apartment that has a gentle elegance to it. Minimal in its neutral-toned color scheme, it has a timelessness to it that will likely work even in ten to twenty years from now. You can get a good sense of comfort here, sort of like a warm hug from a friend on a rainy day. That's the homely vibe this Mariblanca luxury home gives off.
Charming Málaga Homes with A Rustic Feel

Skyline 4

Among the many cities in Costa del Sol, Málaga is actually one of the busiest. Since it's a coastal resort city, it attracts countless tourists to enjoy its shores. And because of this, many are left with no choice but to get a studio apartment for themselves while they're here. This beautiful Skyline 4 option has the rustic look down pat. From the wooden ceiling to the stark white interior, you can get a good sense of that Málaga tropical realness in the room alone. It also helps that the studio apartment is also spacious; as if you're free to move around here as you would outside.
Charming Málaga Homes with A Rustic Feel

Villa Alqueria

In a city like Málaga, 'rustic' can also refer to the opulence of the outdoors. Take this heavenly Villa Alqueria, for instance. With its own pool and jacuzzi, it's the height of luxury living in this underrated resort town. From the exterior alone, you can tell that it'd cost you a lot of money, probably your entire Spanish bank account, to afford even just one night here. If the cushioned sunbeds and blue-tinted pools weren't enough, inside you also get a flat-screened TV, spacious rooms with ample legroom, a state-of-the-art kitchen with two islands, and more. What's not to love?
Charming Málaga Homes with A Rustic Feel

Atico Larios

Although this Atico Larios's wooden ceiling is probably the only 'rustic' element here, this luxury Málaga rental still deserves an honorable mention. The blue-tinted interior design does have a certain Mediterranean quality to it, one that reminds you of the artistic history of Spain. But overall, it's the home's luxurious feel that will really draw you in. You can't help but want to feel its plush velvet seating, prepare meals in its well-equipped kitchen, and feel like you're on cloud nine as you lay down on its beautiful beds. Now that's call luxury living in Málaga!
Charming Málaga Homes with A Rustic Feel

There may be a lot of great homes in Málaga but only a few have gotten that rustic Mediterranean feel down pat! These amazing luxury rentals that we can connect you to all have that rustic feel that you're looking for in a place like Málaga!

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