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Our Most Family-Friendly Luxury Homes in Morzine

January 12, 2022
Truth be told, chalets aren't always the friendliest to families. With their stark wooden finishes and perched atop snowy mountains, kids aren't exactly the safest here. But nevertheless, if you're taking your whole family to Morzine, France, for instance, your kids won't have to miss out on all the fun. In this beautiful ski resort in the French Alps, there are some luxurious chalet homes that even the youngest infants will find warm and cozy. They're spacious enough for toddlers to run around and have amazing views that your teenagers will likely post about on Instagram.

Our Most Family-Friendly Luxury Homes in Morzine


Comfort is what defines this three-bedroom Agba luxury rental in Morzine. The sectional sofa in the living room, for instance, looks so big and comfy, it can almost double as a bed. The dining and kitchen areas are spacious enough that you can make all sorts of feasts for the entire family every lunch and dinner time. And the fact that each room comes with either a king-sized bed or two twin-sized beds (on request) means that they're also spacious enough as well. All while the entire place is perfectly heated? What more could you and your family ask for?
Our Most Family-Friendly Luxury Homes in Morzine

Auberge 1

This Auberge 1 luxury rental in Morzine is just right for a family of four or five. The living room is spacious enough that you'll have more than enough legroom for a family movie night, game night, or when you just want to hang out and rest and let the kids play around. Each bedroom comes with one double bed and its own en suite shower room, allowing at least three people to enjoy a warm shower at the same time to save time. And the outdoor patio? Big enough for a snowball fight or a backyard barbecue!
Our Most Family-Friendly Luxury Homes in Morzine

Chalet Fauvette

As its own independent chalet at the foot of the Pleney ski slopes, Chalet Fauvette is practically its own family home. Not only will you enjoy amazing views of the slopes from here, but you can also live with your family in peace. You can stay warm by the fireplace, especially when it's snowing outside. The little ones can play and run around in the front yard when it's sunny while you cook your lunch in the small but spacious and complete kitchen. Then when it's nighttime, your little ones can retreat to the rooms with the two twin beds or bunk beds while you enjoy some quality time with your significant other in the master bedroom.
Our Most Family-Friendly Luxury Homes in Morzine

Dalle Cachee

With four bedrooms on offer, this beautifully rustic Dalle Cachee luxury Morzine home is perfect for a big family. At least, the living room is spacious enough with two comfy sofas. For dining, there are two available as well. There's the more traditional wooden six-seater as well as the more modern four-seater island in the middle of the kitchen. The former is where you can enjoy a meal with the entire family while the latter is where you can have fun preparing the food. As for the bedrooms, each kid can get his/her own twin bed accompanied by a sibling in each room. Comfy, right?
Our Most Family-Friendly Luxury Homes in Morzine

Efanle 1

Situated near the Pleney slopes, the Efanle 1 luxury Morzine home is yet another great option that gives you amazing views. Just look out the window or go to the backyard and it's as if you entered a whole new world! Speaking of that backyard, many would say that that's the pièce de résistance of the home. It's perfect for some family fun time! When it's snowing, you can make snowmen, snow angels, or even hold a snowball fight. And when it's sunny, there's nothing stopping you from hosting an outdoor picnic. Either way, just make sure you're appropriately dressed with all the right layers since it's always cold here!
Our Most Family-Friendly Luxury Homes in Morzine

Neige et Soleil

One look at this loft-like Neige et Soleil luxury home in Morzine and you can already tell that you and your family can have some fun here! Firstly, each room is spacious enough that no one will feel too tight and uncomfortable here. The kitchen is well-equipped enough that you'll have no problem preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the entire family, no matter the menu. And finally, the view from here is also spectacular. It looks out unto the more residential area of the city so all you'll see here are snow-covered rooftops and the beautiful slops in the background.
Our Most Family-Friendly Luxury Homes in Morzine

Omaroo II

Now, if you want to talk about space, this exasperatingly luxurious Omaroo II chalet is your best bet! If you have little ones that love to run around, they can go as wild as they can hear and they'll still have lesser chances to bump into anything compared to the other luxury Morzine rentals on this list. From the living room with the island fireplace to the dining area that's as open as can be, legroom is what makes this option such a heavy favorite for families. Especially big families! but of course, you can't count out the incredible views from here too!
Our Most Family-Friendly Luxury Homes in Morzine

Ploche 6

Charming with its stark red color scheme, this Ploche 6 luxury home is perfect for a family of either four or five. Six too if the youngest is an infant that sleeps with the parents! Admittedly, it's not the most spacious home on this list. But it has such a homely charm to it that you can't help but envision a happy family living their best lives up in the slopes here. And while mom is preparing meals in the kitchen, the dad can enjoy a nice cup of coffee on the terraces. Meanwhile, the kids are probably watching TV in the family room! So charming!
Our Most Family-Friendly Luxury Homes in Morzine

You don't have to hold back when renting a gorgeous place in Morzine with your entire family. There are many amazing luxury homes here in this ski resort that can cater to families with little ones and more!

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