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The Best Spots in Brussels to Celebrate New Year's Eve

December 24, 2021
Brussels isn't what many would exactly call a 'lively' city. This isn't to say that the Belgian capital is a boring destination either! It's just that, when you compare Brussels to the likes of Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam, and the like, the latter cities are more known for their many hotspots and nightlife scenes. Make no mistake, however, because even Brussels can turn up the party, especially on New Year's Eve. If you're spending this special holiday in the Belgian capital, you'll want to spend time and ring in the new year in some of these incredible hotspots.

The Best Spots in Brussels to Celebrate New Year's Eve

UPDATE: Due to the Omicron variant of Covid-19, many of the events listed in this article have been canceled. Please be advised.

Place de Brouckère

Did you know that Brussels has its own Ball Drop moment of its own every New Year's Eve? Though there's no actual ball to speak of, the year-end bash at Place de Brouckère, which is structured pretty similarly to New York City's famous Times Square, leads many to compare the two. The scale and scope between them, of course, are far too different, but that doesn't make the fireworks display in the Belgian capital any less amazing. The spectacular sparks set off behind Place de Brouckère's iconic Coca-Cola billboard, making for a bright and cheerful start to the new year!
The Best Spots in Brussels to Celebrate New Year's Eve
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Zairon


When you think of European landmarks, churches, castles, palaces, and the like often come to mind. In Brussels, however, there's one that reflects the country's innovative creativity for all the world to see: the Atomium. Though the sculpture itself goes all the way back to the 1958 Brussels World Fair, no one can deny that the piece looks like a modern work of art. And the monument looks even more astounding against a backdrop of colorful fireworks on New Year's Eve. Paired with both lighting decors, live DJ sets, and a huge party to boot, this amazing landmark becomes one of the hottest spots in Brussels every December 1st.
The Best Spots in Brussels to Celebrate New Year's Eve
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Hard Rock Cafe

The famous Hard Rock Cafe in many cities, from Venice to Manila and back, often hosts an exciting New Year's Eve bash worth attending! And the one in Brussels is no exception! Every year, without fail, this world-famous hotspot offers a year-end extravaganza complete with an American-style dinner, live music, incredible DJ sets you just want to dance to, free-flowing drinks, and more. It's no secret that Americans know how to party and if you want to go as wild as they do on New Year's Eve in Brussels, this place is your best bet.
The Best Spots in Brussels to Celebrate New Year's Eve
Source: Hard Rock Cafe Brussels Facebook Page

Palais de la Dynastie

You probably prefer a more local 'Brussels'-type New Year's Eve celebration than going all Americanized in the Hard Rock Cafe, don't you? In this case, the party you have to go to is at Palais de la Dynastie in Mont des Arts, Brussels. Starting off with a year-end feast of both traditional dishes and foreign cuisine, the party doesn't start until later on in the night. Argubaly, the best part about it is the music. If you expected heart-thumping EDM like in other parties, think again! Palais de la Dynastie's year-end bash is famous for playing past chart-toppers from the 1980s, 90s, early 2000s, and the like. It's a final hit of nostalgia before starting yet another exciting year.
The Best Spots in Brussels to Celebrate New Year's Eve
Source: Plein Publiek BXL Facebook Page

The Music Village

If you prefer a more chill and relaxed New Year's Eve, then head on over to The Music Village near the famous Grand Palace, located right at the heart of Brussels. A night of jazz, fine dining, and even finer wine await those who choose to start the new year in a cool yet still electrifying way. What's great about their New Year's Eve celebration is that it feels just like any other night: prominent local jazz artists performing live, delicious food served left and right, and they retain their signature chill ambiance. The scene is a far cry from the more crowded parties in other parts of the city!
The Best Spots in Brussels to Celebrate New Year's Eve
Source: The Music Village

Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Hotel

Now, what about something a little more elegant? If you go to Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Hotel for New Year's Eve, you'll get to experience their one-of-a-kind 'Casablanca Night' held at their grand ballroom. The hotel is located on the prominent Avenue Louise and yes, it's as glamorous as it sounds! Dressed to the nines, guests get to enjoy delectable hor d'oeuvres, fine Belgian chocolates and other treats, live orchestral music, and toast to the new year with free-flowing champagne. It's the very definition of a luxurious New Year's Eve in the Belgian capital! What's not to love?
The Best Spots in Brussels to Celebrate New Year's Eve
Source: Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Hotel

You'd actually be surprised at how lively and loud Brussels can get on New Year's Eve. The holiday brings about the best in various hotspots and you'll want to hang out in any or all of them to ring in the new year right!

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