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Where To Go Christmas Shopping for Unique Gifts in New York

December 12, 2021
Shopping and New York go hand-in-hand. Out of everything that you can do in this bustling city, shopping will probably be one that you'll do most often. Even more so during the holiday season. From the amazing goodies to the great sales, each store in the Big Apple will have you feeling like a magpie surrounded by sparkly objects. But where should you go Christmas shopping in New York? Going to the famous department stores, luxury brands, and the like are all well and good, but if you want to give your loved ones something unique, these are the places you ought to go to.

Where To Go Christmas Shopping for Unique Gifts in New York

Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store

Novelty. That's what makes this Brooklyn shop such a great place for your Christmas shopping. Though its exterior makes it look like a run-of-the-mill 99 cents shop, it's far more interesting than that. This place is actually a treasure trove of unique knick-knacks you won't find anywhere else. Think old 90s and 80s toys, figurines of US politicians, calendars of awkward family photos (of strangers, no less!), and more. The humorous goodies you'll find here will have you and your loved ones laughing up until the New Year. Get all your much-needed giggles in this one-of-a-kind shop!
Where To Go Christmas Shopping for Unique Gifts in New York
Source: Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store Facebook Page


Located in the trendy Chelsea neighborhood in New York, the BLACKBURN shop is all about eco-friendly goodies that will help make your home and lifestyle that much more stylish. From well-crafted tabletop ceramics to adorable plushies to fill your kids' toy chests, all of their items have a pretty charm to them that you can't help but notice. They're not exactly the most famous brands in the world, but they're definitely high in quality, made with love, and the most important part, manufactured in a way that never harmed the environment. For all your sustainable shoppers out there, BLACKBURN shop is for you!
Where To Go Christmas Shopping for Unique Gifts in New York
Source: BLACKBARN Shop Facebook Page

Coming Soon

Despite its name, all the items in Coming Soon, the chic concept store on Orchard Street, are all for the taking. And you'll want to hop on the nearest public transport system and go here right away if you and your loved ones are into kitschy, avant-garde pieces. With a hint of high fashion here and a tinge of contemporary art there, Coming Soon is all about one-of-a-kind modern pieces that scream hip, trendy, and current. These are items that'll let anyone know that you're always on top of the hottest things out there and that your taste is all your own. Do you know people like these to give Christmas presents for this year?
Where To Go Christmas Shopping for Unique Gifts in New York
Source: Coming Soon

Pink Olive

'Whimsical Gifts for Happiness and Home' With a slogan like that, you can't help but be charmed and enamored by Pink Olive, one of the finest concept stores in New York. With three locations all throughout the city, this gift boutique has certainly proved itself as go-to shop for Christmas shopping, especially if you're buying for someone dear to your heart. Imagine how happy your friend will be when she gets a scented candle to help her de-stress from work. Or how your niece would jump with glee when she hugs her new bunny plushie in a flower dress that you bought her.
Where To Go Christmas Shopping for Unique Gifts in New York
Source: Pink Olive Facebook Page

Playing Mantis

Speaking of buying for kids, forget the famous toy stores that'll likely have long lines to them come December. If you want to gift your little ones with special playthings, head on over to the Playing Mantis on 32 N Moore street. Once you enter this bright red boutique, you'll instantly see their prized collection of hand-crafted artisanal toys that your children would go gaga over. While they're not exactly the mainstream names and famous characters most know and love, they all have a certain homemade and unique charm to them that definitely expresses how special they are. Who knows? They might even end up as heirlooms for future generations to play with too!
Where To Go Christmas Shopping for Unique Gifts in New York
Source: Playing Mantis Facebook Page

The Strand

Some may argue that there's no better gift than a book. A book is, after all, one's window to the world no matter where they are. And if you have special people in your life who love reading and you want to give them something special this Christmas, your best bet is to shop at The Strand Bookstore. With three separate locations throughout the city, you won't find it difficult to buy from here. But what makes this place so special? Apart from the famous works and the latest trending releases, the Strand Bookstore also sells a couple of rare titles that are probably impossible to find anywhere else. You might even spot the actual book that your loved one has been looking for!
Where To Go Christmas Shopping for Unique Gifts in New York
Source: Strand Bookstore Facebook Page

Christmas shopping in New York doesn't always have to mean going to the busy department stores and the famous shopping districts. If you truly want to give your loved ones something special that's from the Big Apple, these fascinating concept stores will do!

Here's to hoping your luxury home is big enough to store all the goodies you'll buy from these New York stores.

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