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9 Jewellery Stores in Paris for Tnique treasures

November 14, 2021
As one of the world’s most stylish cities, it’s no surprise that Paris is blessed with a plethora of wonderful jewellery shops full of unique and ornate treasures. From vintage dealers to contemporary designers selling accessories of all shapes and sizes, the French capital is a dream destination for jewellery enthusiasts. So here are 9 of our favourite jewellery shops in Paris.

Mad Lords

You have to make some extra effort seek out Mad Lords, but when you find it, you’ll definitely agree it was worth it. Since the store opened in 2012, the boutique has become synonymous with bohemian, folksy designs thanks to a carefully curated selection of brands like Maria Tash, Jacquie Aiche and Marlo Laz. If you came to Paris wanting to pick up a unique souvenir of your time in the city, then this is the place to shop, because you won’t find many of these designs anywhere else. Head up to the loft-style boutique and be transported to another world while you browse this Aladdin’s Cave of jewelry. 


9 Jewellery Stores in Paris for Tnique treasures

Source: Jewelry Connoisseur 


Junco Paris

Junco Yamada's tiny atelier in Paris is a dream world of precious and semi-precious stones, so if you’re planning on proposing in Paris and want to pickup a unique stone for the one you love, then this is the place to come. The former designer Junco Yamada will be happy to help you choose a thoughtful representation of your relationship. Born in Tokyo, Yamada arrived in Paris in 1987 and her store has since gone from strength to strength. Already proposed and she’s said yes? Then take a look at our top wedding locations in Paris for some inspiration. 


9 Jewellery Stores in Paris for Tnique treasures

Source: Junco Paris


White Bird

In-the-know Parisians flock to White Bird for unique and one-off finds. The three boutiques stock a contemporary collection of jewellery which ranges in price from 80 to 100,000 so visit with an open mind and an idea of how much you’re willing to spend. The refined spaces provide shoppers with an enjoyable browsing experience and knowledgable staff will be happy to help. This is in the little black book of every fashionable Parisian so be sure to visit to get your hands on a slice of French style.


9 Jewellery Stores in Paris for Tnique treasures

Source: White Bird Jewellery 


Stone Paris

In the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, where you’ll find many of the best shops in Paris, is Stone. This small-but-perfectly-formed shop might be minuscule but all the pieces still pack a punch. Look out for the miniature diamond hoops and other earrings that you can mix and match to create a unique look worthy of the stylish locals. 


9 Jewellery Stores in Paris for Tnique treasures

Source: Stone Paris


Médecine Douce

Elegant, bohemian and unapologetically Parisian, Médecine Douce boasts that unique brand of French cool. Stark, warehouse-style white and grey walls provide the perfect backdrop for the hip pieces, all designed by Marie Montaud, who launched her brand in 2000. Delicate gold jewellery features pastel stones and details for a discreet but stylish finish. Considering the pieces are locally made and designed in-house, the prices are very fair with earrings starting at roughly €90, making it a great place to buy gifts. For more gift ideas, read our guide to the best perfume shops in Paris


9 Jewellery Stores in Paris for Tnique treasures

Source: Shop Ikon


L'Atelier Haut Perché

For affordable jewellery that’s unique and one-off, visit L'Atelier Haut Perché. The trendy little boutique is a treasure-trove of accessories that you’ll be wanting to take home with you. If you want something custom-made, you can even work with the designer directly to create a bespoke piece. The shop is a joy to rummage through, so set aside half an hour and spend some time perusing the shelves and cabinets.  


9 Jewellery Stores in Paris for Tnique treasures

Source: L'Atelier Haut Perché



While the name might be misleading, the face behind Monsieur is actually female. Nadia Azoug, designs striking, unisex, Art Déco-inspired gold and silver bands and chains in a minuscule boutique on rue Charlot. We love the off-kilter vibe of Azoug’s designs. She creates classics with a twist that are perfect for mixing, matching and layering. You don’t need to be a millionaire to shop here either. Simple pieces start from just €60. 


9 Jewellery Stores in Paris for Tnique treasures

Source: Monsieur


Paulie and Me

Paulie and Me is a platform for up and coming designers to showcase their pieces and they’re particularly interested in home-grown talent, so when shopping here, you’re likely to pick up a piece of French design. Every six months the collections will rotate, bringing in a whole new set of talent. The store is located in the second arrondissement close to some of the most charming covered passages in Paris


9 Jewellery Stores in Paris for Tnique treasures

Source: TripAdvisor



With four stores dotted around the city, you won’t have any trouble visiting Birdy during your time in Paris. A distinctly bohemian aesthetic runs through all the collections and the prices are very affordable with some pieces starting from slow as €10. Pick up charms, miniature hoops and pendants to give your outfits an update. 


9 Jewellery Stores in Paris for Tnique treasures


Source: Birdy




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