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Phuket's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots

November 18, 2021
Going to Phuket may be a dream come true for many but for foodies, it's a whole new level of euphoria! Thailand is already known for its tantalizing cuisine, what with its spicy dishes, delectable delicacies, and super sweet desserts. But here in Phuket, not only do they specialize in certain food but they also have a ton of great places to eat. Some are upscale and live up to the country's culinary reputation while others are more worthwhile for the other-worldly ambiance they provide. In any case, they certainly don't lack in delicious food that your taste buds will never forget!

Phuket's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots

Blue Elephant

You can't have a list of top foodie hotspots in Phuket—or in all of Thailand, for that matter!—without mentioning Blue Elephant. This place is one of, if not the most famous restaurant brand in the country. Not only has it dominated Thailand's culinary scene, but it has also made its way into 12 different countries (and counting) too! Blue Elephant is known for providing a sophisticated touch to traditional Thai cuisine. It puts local dishes and delicacies on a global scale, hence, its eventual international popularity. The one in Phuket is located in the popular Mueang Phuket District.
Phuket's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: Blue Elephant


Located in Downtown Phuket, making it easy to get to via public transport, Suay restaurant is a no-frills type of hotspot that serves local cuisine at its finest. Imagine getting the authentic taste of street food within a sleek and modern space. That perfectly sums up what Suay is all about. You can indulge in the finest of Thai cuisine, ranging from the nuttiest Pad Thai to all kinds of curries, all while enjoying a comfortable stay within this relatively luxurious ambiance. And while the place does look upscale, its prices, on the other hand, aren't that high. Suay restaurant is a mid-range foodie hotspot at best.
Phuket's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: Suay

Raya Restaurant

Housed inside a renovated Sino-Thai mansion, evoking a nostalgic early 20th-century vibe, the look of Raya restaurant alone already makes it a worthwhile hotspot. The place takes you back to the 1930s and 1940s, what with the vintage-style ambiance and, of course, the deliciously authentic menu of Thai cuisine. From its spicy Ton Yum Goong to its delectable crab curry, every mouthful feels as if you're tasting the history of Phuket. It's a fine culinary experience that you won't find anywhere else; not in other parts of Phuket nor other places in the country.
Phuket's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: ระย้า Raya Restaurant Facebook Page

Black Ginger

All this talk about enjoying a Thai feast in Phuket, why not have one with a feast for the eyes too? In the Thalang district's famous The Slate Phuket resort, their in-house restaurant, Black Ginger, is a stunning foodie hotspot worth going for its incredible ambiance alone. Its architecture looks like a small temple or an old-school Siam mansion, while its candle-lit interior reeks of Southeast Asian elegance. And of course, don't forget the stunning lakeside serenity that's unlike any other. As for the food, it's all about traditional Thai cuisine at its finest. What's not to love?
Phuket's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: The Slate Phuket

Mom Tri’s Kitchen

Rivaling The Slate Phuket's Black Ginger is Villa Royale Phuket's own Mom Tri Kitchen. However, the latter has a more tropical feel. Thanks to its seaside location, guests can dine while enjoying the coastal view the resort offers. Imagine how incredible it'd be to indulge in delicious Thai food while feeling the sea breeze blow through your face and hearing the waves go by. Come nightfall, you can enjoy the sunset while sipping wine from their fine selection. And for the morning after, a delicious array of comfort food will cater to your breakfast needs.
Phuket's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: Villa Royale Phuket

Kan Eang@Pier

What separates Phuket's hotspots from, say, those in Bangkok is that the former has a ton of coastal places to offer that you won't ever find in the Thai capital. Another one of these immaculate restaurants is Kan Eang@Pier. With a stunning view of the sea to match, you can indulge in the most delicious seafood dishes to your heart's content. Bite into the grilled fish to taste the salty goodness of the sea. Crack open a crab or lobster and slurp up what's inside. And don't forget the spicy soups and curries that they have to offer too! Top all of that off with a nice cocktail and you've got yourself a winner!
Phuket's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: Kan Eang@Pier Facebook Page

DeDos Restaurant

After going to all of these heavenly Thai restaurants in Phuket, you're probably up for another cuisine, aren't you? In that case, head on over to DeDos Restaurant in the Thalang district's Cherngtalay area. Run by the prominent Bolivian chef, Pablo Blattmann, this place is a fusion of Mediterranean, Japanese, and of course, Thai cuisines. The rich flavors of the Mediterranean, the delicacy of Japanese cuisine, and the spiciness of Thai food all blend together into one exciting menu that you won't find anywhere else. One bite from their many bestsellers, such as Frog Legs Tamarind or Gambas al Ajillo, and your taste buds won't want anything else!
Phuket's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: DeDos Restaurant Facebook Page

La Gaetana

Speaking of Mediterranean cuisine, La Gaetana restaurant in Muang District's Talat Yai area is one of the finest Italian places in all of Phuket. The most delicious dishes that come from the European country are given a delectable Thai spin here. Think different kinds of pasta, all spiced up with local herbs to help pack a zestier punch. Exotic meats—at least, in Thailand, they're exotic— such as lamb and beef tenderloin are also offered, offering an authentic taste of what Italy's culinary scene is all about. And, of course, you can't forget the seafood too!
Phuket's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: La Gaetana

A feast in Phuket is a feast in Paradise. Beyond its stunning shorelines and paradisical appeal, Phuket is also home to a good many foodie hotspots. From high-class restaurants to humble diners, there's a lot to explore in Phuket for foodies!

Though not exactly a hotspot, your luxury home in Phuket can be a great place for you to indulge in delicious food if you're a good enough cook!

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