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Where to Eat in Hydra

November 11, 2021
Despite how underrated Hydra is, the island still has a lot to offer. There are its stunning views, its paradisical coasts, its rustic Greek charm, and more. Not to mention, of course, a handful of exceptional foodie hotspots too. Although Hydra isn't as cosmopolitan as Mykonos or as bustling as Santorini, it still has its fair share of must-try restaurants, taverns, bars, and the like. Even if you have to walk for miles to get to them, you'll know that all your effort to travel will be worth it. Most especially if you check out these notable standouts.

Where to Eat in Hydra


When you planned to go to Hydra, you were probably expecting that you'll dine in rustic yet humble taverns, didn't you? The kind that you saw in movies? Well, although Hydra has a lot of these sorts of establishments, there are a lot more that are completely different. Take Castello, for instance, which is located in the Kaminia, one of the more popular towns on the island. You can probably already tell from its name but this is the only cafe and bar situated inside a grand old 18th-century castle. As you enjoy Mediterranean dishes at the beachfront, you get a stunning backdrop that you'd normally find in fairytales and the like.
Where to Eat in Hydra
Source: ​​Castello


Going back to the more traditional type of Greek taverns that are common in the Greek Islands, Kaminia's own Kodylenia's is certainly one of the best. It's a typical fisherman's house that serves local cuisine, particularly of the seafood variety. As you sit down by the gingham-covered tables, you can already smell the culinary goodness that's coming out from the kitchen. Fresh fish, squid, and juicy crustaceans, as well as some hearty meats, await those who want to indulge in the best traditional food Hydra can offer. What's not to love?
Where to Eat in Hydra
Source: Kodylenia's Hydra Instagram Page

Pirofani Taverna

Another archetypal Greek tavern in Kaminia you simply shouldn't miss is Pirofani Taverna. With its whitewashed walls and stake blue seating, you'd think this was a hotspot in Satonrini or something. But their hearty meat dishes and scrumptious seafood selections remind you that you're in Hydra all the way! Think chicken souvlaki, grilled salmon, and pork fillet with Roquefort cheese for your main course. These are the bestsellers that have both locals and tourists coming back for more. Also, on certain occasions, the tavern plays classical music or holds poetry readings, making it a great spot for couples to enjoy a romantic date.
Where to Eat in Hydra
Source: Pirofani Taverna


Speaking of romantic foodie hotspots, Plakostroto is another great contender for first place on the island. Located along the harbor of Hydra Town, this cozy restaurant, despite its popularity and location, is actually a peaceful haven for couples and foodies alike. Its vine-covered terrace area is the go-to spot for a romantic date, especially at night when all you have for lighting are the candle on your table, a few hanging lightbulbs, and the Mediterranean moonlight. As for what to order, you'll face a varied menu that includes burgers with goat's cheese, fresh pomegranate juice, and everything in between.
Where to Eat in Hydra
Source: Plakostroto Hydra Facebook Page

Il Casta

Craving for some Italian? Since you're already in Hydra Town, why not check out Il Casta instead? This is one of the premier Italian restaurants in all of Hydra, thanks in large part to its revered menu of South Italian dishes to look forward to. Different types of pasta await you, whether it'd be the creamy variety, oil-based goodness, or those with rich red sauce! They'd pair well with their fine selection of red, white, and sparkling wine, perfect for replicating the heavenly culinary experience that Italy is known for. However, this is still Greece, or more specifically, Hydra, so expect that many of their ingredients are fresh, organic, and will taste outstanding!
Where to Eat in Hydra
Source: Il Casta Facebook Page

Bratsera Restaurant

In Hydra's famous Bratsera Hotel, their in-house restaurant has certainly proved itself as one of the finest foodie hotspots on the island. The ambiance alone—an intimate setting by the pool—reeks of high-class sophistication. With bougainvillea trees proving some much-needed pop of color, you can sense, even before you take a bite, that you're in an upscale place that's definitely worth your money. And speaking of food, one of the great things about Bratsera restaurant is that it serves up a seasonal menu, allowing only the freshest and most appropriate dishes for the times. You're in for a surprise here, that's for sure!
Where to Eat in Hydra
Source: Bratsera Hotel & Restaurant Hydra Facebook Page


Omilos is, without a doubt, one of the most popular places to eat in Hydra. Perched atop a cliff b the cost of Hydra Town, the views you'll see from this place enough are nothing short of breathtaking. What more when you indulge in what they have to offer? Since Omilos operates as a cafe and bar, you can expect great coffee and delicious comfort food on the menu, the type that will have you feeling full and satisfied yet craving for more. Later on, the place becomes the hottest spot for a cocktail or two as you watch the sunset in its full glory!
Where to Eat in Hydra
Source: Omilos

Sunset Restaurant

Although if you truly want to go to a great place to eat just to watch the sunset, look no further than Sunset Hydra. Also referred to as 'Sunset Restaurant,' the place lives up to its name come early evening. The views of the Hydra coast and the setting sun from this place are second to none but the food is even better. Satisfying meat dishes and delectable seafood delicacies await your palette, each prepared with a local twist that you can only expect in Hydra. Moreover, these gastronomical works of art go extremely well with their fine selection of wine, perfect for an intimate culinary experience.
Where to Eat in Hydra
Source: Sunset Hydra Facebook Page

Who would've ever thought that a trip to Hydra might unleash your inner foodie? This Greek island offers a ton of great places to eat, complete with stunning ambiance and amazing views that only a paradise like this one can offer!

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