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The Top Five Most Romantic Things To Do in Hydra

November 17, 2021
As far as honeymoon destinations go, the Greek island of Hydra ought to be a contender for number one. Is it as luxurious as Mykonos? Not necessarily. Is it as popular as Santorini? Not exactly. And is it as busy as Crete? Not at all. Because of these reasons, Hydra is often overlooked as a great place for a couple to spend their honeymoon. However, for a lot of newlyweds out there, it's the fact that Hydra is more humble, underrated, and peaceful that it's perfect for a honeymoon. Especially if you and your significant other experience these top romantic things do on the island.

The Top Five Most Romantic Things To Do in Hydra

Go Horseback Riding

Wouldn't riding horses with your lover on a beach on a Greek Island look straight out of a romance novel? Well, that's what you'll get when you go to Harriet’s Hydra Horses in Hydra. Local Harriet Jarman set up the business in 2014 and it has since become one of the best things to do on the island. It helps that Harriet and her staff take care of the horses themselves, ensuring that they're tame enough for anyone to handle even as you ride like the wind. See the natural beauty of Hydra on horseback with your partner! That'll definitely be an experience you will never forget!
The Top Five Most Romantic Things To Do in Hydra

Stroll Through The Towns Hand-in-Hand

Although it sounds cheesy, strolling through a town in Hydra hand-in-hand with your significant other is priceless. Priceless in the sense that it'll be one of the biggest memories of your trip and priceless in the sense that it won't cost you a single penny. It helps that the many towns on the island are all beautiful and charming in their own way. There's Hydra Town, for instance, which is an archetypal harbor town with all the hustles and bustles of Greek countryside life. Kamini, on the other hand, is more known for its Medieval flair and peaceful scene.
The Top Five Most Romantic Things To Do in Hydra

Relax on a Beach

Hydra is home to many coastlines, each more stunning than the next. And it's no secret that going to the beach is a great way to spend time and bond with your significant other, especially if it's a remote beach at that. Now, if that's what you're looking for in Hydra, you're in luck! Not only does Hydra have amazing shorelines, but a number of them are pretty remote and untouched. If you're truly lucky, you might get one of them all to yourselves and you're free to do whatever you want there! It's up to you what kind of fun you want to have on the beach!
The Top Five Most Romantic Things To Do in Hydra

Sail Away

On the second thought, why stop at the beach? Sure, the sand and sea are all well and good, but why not just enjoy the sea? You might be surprised to know but it's pretty easy to rent a boat and to sail off in the open Aegean Sea in Hydra. As far as public transport on the island goes, taking a sea taxi is one of only two ways to get around here (the second is riding a mule!). Because of this, many local rental services have boomed, offering up sailboats and the like for those who not only want to explore Hydra at their own pace but also want to sail off to the sea on their own!
The Top Five Most Romantic Things To Do in Hydra

Enjoy a Sunset Dinner

Hydra boasts a ton of great foodie hotspots and a good many of them are located by the sea. There are beach bars, cafes perched on a cliff, and the like. And beyond the delicious food they serve and the fine wine they offer, they're also the best places to watch the sunset. Now, wouldn't be the height of romance to enjoy a good dinner as you watch the sunset. Just imagine you and your partner, bathed in the orange tones of twilight, indulging in local Greek cuisine and drinking expensive champagne. Such a scene almost seems like a dream, doesn't it? Well, it's a reality here in Hydra!
The Top Five Most Romantic Things To Do in Hydra

Want to take a trip with your lover to Greece? If you're still choosing which Greek Island to go to, why not Hydra? You'd be surprised at how many romantic things you can do on this island! They're experiences you and your significant other won't soon forget!

Don't forget, relaxing and spending some time with your partner in your luxury home would be another romantic thing to do in Hydra.



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