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The 12 best pizzas in Paris

October 29, 2021
Italian food in the French capital? Hear us out. Paris is literally a Mecca for all things food meaning it has some of the best pizzas outside of America, and even Italy. With access to the best produce in Europe, including fresh vegetables, local charcuterie and Italian imports it's no surprise that the Parisian pizza scene is thriving. Here's where to find the 12 best pizzas in Paris.

Da Vito

This 'blink and you'll miss it' classic trattoria style pizza place is often overlooked as just the entrance to 'Moonshiner' – a speakeasy hidden within it's refrigerator. But hang around for a slice of pie and you'll be delighted with what's on offer – authentic wood fired pizzas with traditional flavours like three cheese with an umami-rich smoked Scamorza, the 'bufala' with fresh fior de latte, and the 'lipari' featuring savoury mushrooms and mouth-watering Parisian cured ham. The antipasti aren't bad either. The perfect pre-cocktail drink, or post-session alcohol soaker-upper.

Source: Thrillist

Pink Flamingo

If you're a pizza purist, this may not be the place for you. Tradition goes out of the window at Pink Flamingo, but when it tastes this good it really doesn't matter. We love the names almost as much as the flavour here too – the 'Obama' is a Parisian twist on the ham and pineapple pizza, whilst the 'Basquiat' is a modern day masterpiece worth of the artist himself that marries Gorgonzola with figs and jambon cru. The pizzas are expertly made from organic flour and feature a thin base which comes out the oven wonderfully crispy. As the name suggests, Pink Flamingo channels the perfect 80's pizza parlour aesthetic with neon pink walls, signage and signature boxes. Chase down a cold one from their excellent selection of beers, or alternatively at their Canal Saint-Martin branch ask for a balloon and wait in the park or on the canals for your pizza to be hand delivered to you. Just don't forget to tip your delivery person, when you bite into the pizza you'll be glad you did.
Source: messynessychic.wordpress.com

Pizzeria Lovine’s

Don't tell your Italian friends, but we think the pizza at Lovine's rivals the best in Naples. Their classic Neapolitan style pizzas are made with the freshest toppings and characteristic thin crust, nothing more nothing less. We like to order classics like the margarita or marinara which really let the ingredients and expertly made pizza dough be the centre of attention. Just like the menu, the minimalist interior is straight and to the point, and the staff are friendly and patient with non-French speakers. What more could you want? It's cheaper than a ticket to Naples too!
Source: thefork.com

East Mamma

There's a reason why people queue up every day to dine at Big Mamma Group restaurants. The hipsters choice, BMG's three restaurants – East Mamma, Ober Mamma  and Pink Mamma – are staffed by young, cool Italian's and are designed to with the Instagram generation in mind. A sandstone interior, barrels of olive oil, avant-garde copper bowls and plates, and display pieces adorned with the finest Italian imported cheese and meat are just some of the details you'll see all over East Mamma's geotag. But enough about the decor, the pizza here is seriously good. In 2016, they won the 'Best Pizzaiolo' award at the Palermo championships so you know you're in good hands. If there's one thing that food bloggers and Instagrammers agree on, it's what to order when you get here – stringy, creamy, fresh burrata as a an appetiser or on a pizza with balsamic glaze and figs, followed by soft crust margarita pizza, and perfectly al dente pasta complete with generous shavings of black truffle. If you have any room left, the Tiramisu is not to be missed either. The cocktail menu is outstanding too, if you're feeling brave reach for the bloody mary made with the same tomato base as on the pizzas, it's basically a meal in itself. 
Source: Timeout

Louie Louie

Started by the team behind 'Moonshiner', Louie Louie shares the same sleek Scandinavian aesthetic as the speakeasy the proceeded it. We like to think of this place as 'pizza with ambience'. When Louie Louie is fully booked, as is often the case, it can get rather feisty, and only gets livelier as patrons start to make their way through the impressive cocktail menu. The pizzas veer on the more adventurous side, there's a diavola pizza with honey, and an old fashioned pizza that tastes every bit as good as the cocktail with the same name. With daily specials on both the food and drinks menu, there's bound to be something novel to taste on every visit. The desserts here are to die for too, don't miss the pavlova, profiteroles or chocolate mousse
Source: AirBNB


Bricktop is spreading its message of ‘pizzanism’. What is it exactly? A cult-like obsession with pizza made from the freshest produce in a cool relaxed environment. And Bricktop makes exactly that. This small restaurant churns out pizza with big flavour. Expect to consume the finest Neapolitan style pizzas whilst sat shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow diners. Their garlic bread is just as good as the pizza, especially when washed down with either their own brand beer or their delightfully tart homemade lemonade. What makes Bricktop stand out amongst the others in this list is the fact you can build your own pizza, or add toppings at will! Just like Pink Flamingo, grab a pizza to go and eat it on the canals. 
Source: Septembre Architecture


Tucked away in the Latin Quarter, Arrivederci is a small Sicilian run pizzaria that’s worth the journey. Popular with locals, this quaint little restaurant fills up quickly so make sure to reserve. The dining room feels full but never cramped, and with the staff as friendly as they it's almost like dining with your adopted Italian family. The pizza’s are fluffy and decently sized, whilst salads and starters come with a delectable homemade foccacia bread. If you’re not in the mood for pizza, opt for freshly made ravioli, the black truffle being our personal favourite. Oh, and enjoy the post-dinner lemoncello, it’s on the house!
Source: The Fork

Amici Miei

Amici Miei or ‘My Friends’ as it translates in Italian is a cozy Sardinian trattoria. Adored by locals and tourists alike, Amici Miei feels every bit like the friendly neighbourhood Italian restaurant that it's name suggests. Get lost in the rhythm of the open kitchen as it churns out an array delicious salads, pastas and pizzas, each made with Sardinian ingredients. Whist the pizzas are excellent, we also loved the unique regional dishes on offer like the octopus carpaccio, and culurgione which is the even more delicious variant of ravioli. Also, have no fear should the restaurant be fully booked, enjoy a glass of Sardinian wine on their heated terrace, alongside a bowl (or three) of their seriously addictive olives.
Source: Flickr


Another gem from Sicily, Sette is situated on a trendy street in the 10th Arrondesmont making it perfect for people watching. Their bubbly crusted wood-fired pizza's are finished with a dash of toasted semolina on the underneath giving the perfect mouth feel, we liked the bresaola and eggplant and pine nut pies the most. We also think you'll regret not ordering the arancini and grilled vegetable sides, so make sure you don't mis out. Order to Eat-in or takeaway, or for real bargain hunters there is a very reasonable combo menu (pizza, drink and dessert).
Source: Les Petites Tables

La Briciola

If you find yourself hankering for a pizza in the hip neighbourhood of La Republique or Upper Marais, then you can do no better than La Briciola. Their calzones and white pizza's are the main attraction, but even their classic pizzas are amongst the best in Paris. In the summer, the huge open windows make the restaurant feel like it's spilling out onto the street, and the exposed brickwork interior gives the restaurant a rustic Italian look and feel. The staff here are very accommodating too. La Briciola is known to cater for all kinds of requests and is popular with families as they create children's pizzas in all sorts of fun shapes.
Source: Facebook

Hank Pizza

Hank Pizza is the sister restaurant to Hank Burger, and both serve the best vegan fast food in Paris. Pop-in for a slice of 'I can't believe it's vegan' pizza, and I swear you won't be able to tell the difference, it's that good. With five daily pizzas topped with vegan friendly cashew cheese options, and meat substitutes like 'Beyond Meat' available there's so much to choose from. We love this space for quick fix of cruelty-free pizza – the wi-fi is fast and free, and there's ample facilities should you need a pitstop. Their 'petit menu' is scarily low priced too – for €15 you can get a drink (a selection of organic soda's and beer), 2 large rectangular slices of pizza, and either a side or a dessert. The vegan brownies and cookies are worth the price alone.
Source: Happy Cow

The Brooklyn Pizzeria

The Brooklyn Pizzeria is one of the latest, and one of the most edgy pizza places to arrive in Paris. More New York loft than Parisian apartment, Brooklyn Pizzeria transports you to the Big Apple with it's Americana-inspired industrial fixtures, red brick walls and exposed piping. The centrepiece of the whole restaurant is the rock 'n' roll themed pizza oven, which belches out some of the best pizza in the area. The 'Parma Big Love' comes out on a heart-shaped base and is packed with several DOP products, whilst their €4 margerita might just be the best deal on pizza in Paris. If eating charcuterie boards and drinking Aperol Spritz on a table made from transport palettes isn't your thing, then ask to be seated on the cute patio which is perfect for sunny days (just expect to inhale a lot of second-hand tobacco smoke).
Source: Time Out Paris


The chicest pizza place on our list, Daroco is spread across a two floored building that was once a Jean Paul Gaultieur boutique. Largely unchanged from it's time as a fashion retail space, the owners of Daroco decided to continue JPG's nautical-themed aesthetic, even going as far as dressing the service staff in the blue and white striped clothing reminiscent of those designed by French fashion's infant terrible. The pizza on the other hand seems more interested in the future. Daroco is refreshing in that it's ingredients are distinctly Pugliese  amongst a sea of Sicilian and Neapolitan pizzerias. Daroco really does fires on all cylinders; alongside a stunning interior and amazing pizzas, their cocktail menu is made by one of the most talented French mixologists. 
Source: The Fork



Paris, France
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2 bedrooms1 bathroom4-2
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2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4
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2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-2
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4 bedrooms3 bathrooms8-2

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3 bedrooms1 bathroom5
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2 bedrooms1 bathroom4
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1 bedroom1 bathroom3-2
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3 bedrooms2 bathrooms6
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1 bedroom1 bathroom4