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The Top Five Pubs in Frankfurt

September 23, 2021
With all the hustle and bustle in Frankfurt, the financial center of Germany, it makes sense that the pubs and bars here are some of the most beloved hotspots. After a hard day's work, won't drinking your troubles away be perfect? It's a great way to let loose and recharge, after all. Fortunately, Frankfurt has a handful of pubs that'll be perfect for just that. Some of them are classic pubs that have to preserve their ambiance from centuries ago, while others have a more modern appeal that's more akin to a bar. In any case, here are some of the best of the best.

The Top Five Pubs in Frankfurt

Hunky Dory Bar

In a city like Frankfurt, where big money and big business reign supreme, it's places like the Hunky Dory Bar that get people loose and having fun. This quirky bar along Baseler street serves as the best after-work escape for the tired professional. The antique-filled pub, which looks more like someone's grandmother's attic than a standard bar, offers up 22 seats at the bar and many others at other tables. Apart from craft beer, a variety of concoctions allow them to 'zhuzh' it up after a hard day's work. Just be careful of the trinkets that are scattered all over the pub.
The Top Five Pubs in Frankfurt
Source: HunkyDory Facebook Page

Naïv Bar

Up for some beer? Look no further than Naïv Bar located in Innenstadt, one of the central neighborhoods in Frankfurt. Nestles within the many symmetrical buildings in the district, this place is a shrine to craft beer. It offers a whopping 100 varieties from all around the world, ranging from Hawaii to Norway and back. Think wheat and honey lagers that help soothe your parched throat after a long day of work. Light glasses of pale ales that are perfect for catching up with old friends. And some classic Guinness for good measure too! These and more are up for grabs at Naïv Bar.
The Top Five Pubs in Frankfurt
Source: Naïv Bar

Plank Cafe-Bar-Studio

It's easy to overlook Plank Cafe-Bar-Studio if you go to it in the early afternoon. By day, the place serves as a hip cafe where hipsters hang out and young professionals type away at their laptops, barely sipping their lattes between paragraphs. It's only after 18:00 (6:00) pm does it transform into one of the best pubs in the city. Their delectable list of cocktails and drinks weigh on the gin-heavy side, enough to have you going wild even before the clock strikes midnight. Meanwhile, the wine selection is just as top-notch, with most pairing well with their menu of delicious pastries and German delicacies.
The Top Five Pubs in Frankfurt
Source: Plank Cafe-Bar-Studio

Chinaski Tagesbar

Chinaski is yet another two-in-one hotspot you won't want to miss in Frankfurt. Located in the hip Bockenheim district, it's fairly easy to get to via public transport. If you go here during the day, just look out for the dainty bistro complete with floral decor and chic velvety velour seating. You wouldn't have guests that, by nightfall, the place transforms into the hippest hangout in all of the city's financial district. Apart from its dynamic drinks and cocktails, it hosts live music sessions every Wednesday and offers free sushi with every drink. Sounds like a good time, doesn't it?
The Top Five Pubs in Frankfurt
Source: Chinaski Tagesbar Facebook Page


On the other side of the spectrum, there's Logenhaus. While Chisanky Tagesbar tends to get down and dirty, this pub is all about classic sophistication. It's housed in a historic villa in Finkenhofstraße and its interior boasts an elegant pre-war European ambiance. Intimately lit with waiters and bartenders dressed appropriately, you can't help but feel the high-class energy from every corner. As for what to drink, expect that most of their cocktails have a little bit of gin in them. That is what most of its loyal customers go for, after all. While others? They just love the nostalgic novelty of the place.
The Top Five Pubs in Frankfurt
Source: Logenhaus

Don't think that Frankfurt is so serious that it barely has places where people can drink and have fun to their heart's content. These top five pubs in the city, each more fun than the next, argue otherwise!

Hopefully, your luxury home in Frankfurt is near enough to any of these pubs to ensure you get home safe and sound at the end fo the night!



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