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The Finest Hospitals in Frankfurt

September 09, 2021
Since Frankfurt is home to hundreds of thousands of residents, it's hard to think how much the city can take care of all of them. German healthcare is already lauded as one of the finest in the world, but does that necessarily mean as good as it sounds to those in the country? In a nutshell, how are the hospitals in Germany? Or more specifically, those in Frankfurt? The truth of the matter is that this city has its fair share of notable healthcare institutions, most of which can easily treat most, if not all patients, Here are those you need to know.

The Finest Hospitals in Frankfurt

Nordwest Hospital

Established in 1963, Nordwest Hospital is one of the most well-known healthcare institutions in Frankfurt. It helps that they treat approximately 22,000 inpatients and 40,000 outpatients, totaling around 62,000 patients per year. For a city that has over 700,000 residents in its population, that's already a noteworthy annual feat. But even beyond that, the German Cancer Research Center has also certified Nordwest Hospital, which is part of the University Cancer Center of Frankfurt (UCT), as a central institution for tumor therapy. This alone has helped the hospital gain prominence, not just within the city, but in the entire country as well.

University Hospital Frankfurt am Main

Now, when it comes to teaching hospitals in Frankfurt, one of the most notable is undoubtedly the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main. With 32 different departments and clinical institutes, as well as 20 research facilities, one could say it's the most 'complete' out of all the hospitals in the city. It's certainly one of, if not the largest, covering around 424,931 square meters allowing for a whopping 1,500 bed capacity for inpatients. Thanks to this, the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main is able to treat 51,000 inpatients and 45,000 outpatients every year, mainly revolving around its specialties of cardiovascular medicine, cardiac surgery, and neuroscience.

Sachsenhausen Hospital

Just as its name says, Sachsenhausen Hospital is located in the Sachsenhausen district, one of the more popular neighborhoods in Frankfurt. It was found all the way back in 1968 but it remains one of the top healthcare institutions in the city. As far as its specialties go, Sachsenhausen Hospital covers a wide range of them, ranging from diabetology and obesity treatments to cardiology. Add to that the institution's sleep laboratory, one of the largest in the country, which further studies cases like insomnia and how it affects a person's other health conditions. You won't find a similar hospital anywhere else.

The Finest Hospitals in Frankfurt

Hospital of the Holy Spirit

Located in downtown Frankfurt, the Hospital of the Holy Spirit is the oldest healthcare institution of its kind in the city. It was established in 1815, which means it has treated patients for around 209 years now. Despite its longevity, however, the hospital has also remained one of the smallest, offering only 276 beds and 20 emergency beds. But that does not, in any way, mean they lack in quality of healthcare. After all, the Hospital of the Holy Spirit also acts as one of the only six designated indispensable emergency locations in the city. Not to mention that it's also widely considered as Frankfurt's cleanest and most sanitized healthcare institution.

The Finest Hospitals in Frankfurt

St. Catherine Hospital

As part of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, the Sankt Katharinen Hospital, or St. Catherine Hospital, is among the finest teaching hospitals in Frankfurt. It's also an acute care institution, regularly treating a myriad of short-term illnesses. Despite this, the hospital still has a ton of medical departments on offer too, ranging from internal medicine and geriatrics to neurology to urology. Its most notable characteristic, however, is that it's a Christian institution, under the guise of the Katharin Sisters. Because of this, this hospital has often shown its charitable side to those who are in need of special treatment regardless of the medical costs.

Clementine Kinderhospital

You can probably already tell but Clementine Kinderhospital is a children's hospital, arguably the most popular of its kind in Frankfurt. From the time of their birth up until they reach adulthood, this institution has taken care of the city's children for a long time now. Its fine maternity ward makes it the go-to healthcare institution for expecting mothers, while its pediatrics department has long upheld its reputation as one of the finest in the city. And even beyond that, Clementine Kinderhospital prides itself on its mental health facility for the youth too!


Now, although Clementine Kinderhospital has taken up the mantle as one of the best places for expecting mothers to give birth in Frankfurt, its fiercest rival is Bürger­hospital. The maternity ward here is almost second to none, equipped with advanced medical technology, well-sanitized delivery rooms, and doctors who have extensive experience with childbirth. Those who will give birth for the first time might benefit from going to this hospital instead of any other in the city. Here, mothers and their babies will undoubtedly be in good hands. There's no doubt about that.

The Finest Hospitals in Frankfurt

As far as fine hospitals and notable healthcare institutions go, the city of Frankfurt certainly does not lack any! The hospitals here are some of the best, not just in Germany, but arguably, in all of Europe as well.

As fine as these Frankfurt hospitals are, let's hope you stay as healthy as possible while you're in the city. You won't want to trade in your luxury home here for a hospital room, would you?



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