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Frankfurt's Most Noteworthy International Schools

September 09, 2021
You probably don't need anyone to tell you that the education in Frankfurt is pretty high-quality. For a city that serves as Germany's financial hub, of course, the schools, colleges, and universities here are top-notch! Many of them are even international institutions. As Frankfurt's international community grows and grows, more and more schools keep welcoming students of different nationalities, races, backgrounds, and more. They provide quality education, both local and foreign, to broaden their horizons and help them realize their true potential. Among the many well-respected educational institutions in Frankfurt, here are the finest international schools.

Frankfurt's Most Noteworthy International Schools

Metropolitan School Frankfurt

When talking about the most prestigious schools in Frankfurt, the Metropolitan School Frankfurt often comes up in the conversation. After all, it's the only fully accredited educational institution in the city that combined both the International Baccalaureate program with that of the Cambridge International program in the higher grades of its secondary education level. This means graduates from this school have a good chance to get into the University of Cambridge, the most prestigious university in the UK and the entire world. That alone is enough to convince you to enroll your little ones here if you can.

ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

Although the ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main is a private school that welcomes all nationalities, it primarily holds classes in English, encouraging its students to learn more and get used to the universally used language. From its kindergarten and pre-school levels up to Grade 12, the highest in its secondary education level, English is used and taught in all classes. This will help them not only navigate their internationally-designed curriculum and lessons but also take the world stage by storm. The institution is, after all, an International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) World School, despite its exclusivity.

Frankfurt's Most Noteworthy International Schools

Frankfurt International School

Another educational institution that primarily uses English as its first language is the Frankfurt International School. Established in 1961, it's one of the oldest and well-known English-language schools in the city. It also offers an International Baccalaureate program, ensuring quality education to its 1,800 or so students from all around the world. But while it focuses heavily on academics, the school has also highlighted its extra-curricular activities. From the arts to athletics, this school has long emphasized a well-balanced development of the two, allowing students to realize their potential in various or specific fields.

Swiss International School Frankfurt

The Swiss International School Frankfurt prides itself on its cultivation of a diverse cultural environment. Though it only uses two languages, English & German, the school's main focus is to highlight all the international communities within its student body and beyond. They help foster healthy relations and strong bonds between different nationalities and ethnicities, setting forth a straightforward path to globalization. This doesn't, however, sacrifice any attention towards academics. The Swiss International School Frankfurt also puts heavy emphasis on subjects like science, math, and literature, ensuring that all their students learn enough to handle the world on their own after graduation.

Frankfurt's Most Noteworthy International Schools

International Bilingual Montessori School

Speaking of bilingual schools, the International Bilingual Montessori School has certainly proven itself as a fine educational institution for younger kids. Teaching in both English and German, help their students foster a more international understanding straying away from learning more about Germany at large. But what's most notable about the International Bilingual Montessori School is that it uses playtime to educate its students. From 18 months to 10 years old, the school's young students get to play and have fun all while they learn, grow curious, and better understand their environments. Through this, they get more comfortable with studying and maintain an appreciation for learning.

Phorms Bilingual School Frankfurt

Although Phorms Bilingual School Frankfurt is a bilingual private school, the way it has fostered a comfortable and immersive environment over the years makes it seem more than that. The educational institution itself, despite all of its accomplishments and accolades, doesn't have a stuffy air about it. While they do emphasize the value of education and expect a lot of their students academically, it's not to the point that the young ones get suffocated and will easily feel overwhelmed. On the contrary, the Phorms Bilingual School Frankfurt encourages its students to get more immersed with what their learning, helping them understand better instead of simply aiming to pass.

Frankfurt's Most Noteworthy International Schools

Is Frankfurt the academic center of Germany? Though not officially, there's a good chance that it can be. After all, the city takes pride in its international schools where all students from around the world continue their studies and grow while in Frankfurt.



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