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The Crime Rate in Frankfurt

September 10, 2021
Frankfurt is, without a doubt, an amazing city. It's both bustling and beautiful, highlighting Germany's history and heritage while pushing the country forward into the future. But with that said, is it a safe city? Will you be safe if you go here? These are questions you won't help but ask no matter how fascinating Frankfurt is. And to know the answers to them, you need to learn more about the city's crime rates. How high is the crime rate here? What crimes have the highest rates in Frankfurt? You'll need to know all of these to make up your mind about how safe you'll be in this city.

The Crime Rate in Frankfurt

The General Crime Rate in Frankfurt

As of September 2021, Frankfurt's general crime rate is 46.87%, considered only moderately high. It's no surprise that a city as bustling and as busy as this would get a mid-range crime rate. With a huge population and so many things happening here, crimes are somewhat to be expected. This is proven by the city's rate of increasing crimes, which is at a high 63.58%. Although this rate seems near to the general crime rate, there's still a stark difference on the scale. The rate of increasing crimes is considered high enough to pose a concern for the residents and tourists in the city.

The Highest-Rated Crime in Frankfurt

With that said, what crimes should those in Frankfurt have to worry about? Well, right off the bat, drug dealing tops the city's list of highest crimes with a rate of 63.33%. The fact that this is actually near the rate of increasing crimes shows that it drug remains a huge problem in Frankfurt. But this, too, is no surprise considering that other is also a major concern in other European cities like Zürich, Antwerp, Tallinn, and more. So drug dealing isn't just an issue in Frankfurt, but rather a huge problem Europe is facing overall.

The Crime Rate in Frankfurt

The Other Top-Rated Crimes in Frankfurt

After drug dealing, vandalism and theft both come at second place in Frankfurt's list of highly-rated crimes. They have a combined rate of 49.37% which, although considered only moderately high, still poses a problem for the city. Especially since Frankfurt, along with many other European cities, takes pride in its preservation of culture and heritage. Having vandalism go rampant, despite how moderate it is, remains a problem. Verbal assault then comes as the third-highest rated crime at 49.16%. Germans tend to get passionate when heated and many take it too far. In order to avoid this, adhering to the country's social customs will do.

The Safety Rate for Exploring Frankfurt

Despite the moderately high general crime rate, Frankfurt remains a safe city for tourists to explore. In fact, the safety rate for walking around the various neighborhoods in the city is 71.20% during the day, which is considered high. It's also higher than both the general crime rate and the rate of increasing crimes respectively. Come nightfall, however, this safety rate drops to 48.44%, which is considered moderate. While this isn't bad, it's still a 22.76% downgrade, meaning you're better off going around while the sun is out rather than at night.

The Areas to Avoid in Frankfurt

Even if Frankfurt is a beautiful city overall, there are still a few areas where you'd do well to avoid. For instance, there's Bahnhofsviertel, the city's red-light district. Although prostitution was legalized in Germany back in 2002, this area still invites a lot of sketchy characters whose actions go beyond nighttime entertainment. Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, the main station and the central point of public transport in the city, on the other hand, is best avoided at night. Unless you go here with other people, you risk falling victim to pickpocketing, drug dealing, and the like.

The Crime Rate in Frankfurt

Even a city like Frankfurt, which is the financial hub of Germany, has to deal with crimes. The crime rates here prove that, while the city is safe overall, it's not that peaceful of a metropolis that you can just do whatever you want without being aware of your surroundings.

If you just stay within safe areas, like the one where your luxury home is, you'll find no trouble spending time in Frankfurt!



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