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Where To Eat in Cinque Terre

August 16, 2021
What defines a city as a 'food capital' of the world? Is it its local cuisine? The foodie hotspots they offer? How well do they take on foreign cuisines? Or is it simply that there's a lot of culinary excellence to look forward to in these places? Well, if the latter is the only criteria, it'll be easy to argue that Cinque Terre deserves to be called a 'food capital' too! Although it's more known as a string of charming countryside coastal cities by the Italian Riviera, there's still a lot of culinary excellence to expect here too! Particularly, in these must-try hotspots!

Where To Eat in Cinque Terre

Nessun Dorma

If there's one place that you've probably already (or should have already) heard of before going to Cinque Terre, it's Nessun Dorma! One of the most romantic spots in the area, it's a famous restaurant in Manarola, one of the main towns of Cinque Terre. The views here are spectacular, giving you a stunning look at the region in all its Italian countryside glory. But of course, the food ain't bad either! Nessun Dorma serves up a delicious Mediterranean menu of local delicacies, ranging from different types of cheeses to the best freshly caught seafood in the area!
Where To Eat in Cinque Terre
Source: Nessun Dorma Cinque Terre Facebook Page

A Pie’ de Ma’

Just as, possibly even more famous than Nessun Dorma, A Pie’ de Ma’ is a culinary hotspot in Riomaggiore worth checking out. Firstly, just like its main rival in Cinque Terre, the views from here are breathtaking! Perched atop a high cliff by the coast, all you have here are your food and the waves. And speaking of the food, the pastas and seafood here are something else. Deliciously local yet fresh at the same time, you get to taste the true flavors of the destination with every bite. Now, imagine seeing the sunset while doing so!
Where To Eat in Cinque Terre
Source: A Pie’ de Ma’ Facebook Page

Ristorante Miky

In Monterosso, there's a foodie hotspot that has remained a popular place since 1980: Ristorante Miky. Located in the New Town area of Monterosso, this is a homegrown restaurant run by Chef Miky De Fina and his family, it offers the taste of Monterosso. Think of all the Cinque Terre dishes and delicacies and you're sure to get it here! As for its bestseller, the L'Acciugata alla Monterossina, or anchovy spaghetti, is a definite must-try! Taste the harmony between the freshly-caught local fish and the rich red sauce! After your first taste, you'll want to go back for some more!
Where To Eat in Cinque Terre
Source: Ristorante Miky

Osteria a Cantina de Mananan

Another Cinque Terre culinary mainstay is Osteria a Cantina de Mananan. In the beautiful town of Corniglia, which is the easiest place to get to when traveling to Cinque Terre, this foodie hotspot revels in feeding both locals and tourists the finest Italian feasts. Think seafood pasta, drenched in oily sauce to further bring out the flavor of the fish and shrimp. Or walnut ravioli, a rustic dish that truly offers the taste of Cinque Terre. And for dessert, a classic panna cotta to lighten up your mood! Is your mouth already watering from all of that?
Where To Eat in Cinque Terre
Source: Osteria a Cantina de Mananan Facebook Page

Gastronomia San Martino

Who would have ever thought that a place like Cinque Terre can offer gastronomy? Well, that's exactly what you'll get in Gastronomia San Martino. In this humble little hotspot along Via San Martino, nestled on the narrow pathway in Monterosso, this place is a shrine to authentic Italian cuisine. It serves up the best of the best of the country's food, such as the different types of pasta, local seafood, sweet desserts, and more. And staying true to its name, you can expect that all these dishes were prepared carefully and meticulously, ensuring a divine taste in every mouthful!
Where To Eat in Cinque Terre
Source: Gastronomia San Martino Facebook Page

Trattoria Dal Billy

Pesto pasta has become such a universally known dish in Italian cuisine that it's almost impossible that a certain place can claim it as its own. With that said, however, Trattoria Dal Billy in Manarola can argue that theirs is the best, at least, in the Cinque Terre! Having become their main bestseller over the years, there's no denying that this place's pesto pasta is exceptional. The texture of the sauce, paired with the right seasoning, and with some local cheese added to give it more of a kick—these are what made Trattoria Dal Billy's pesto pasta stand out against the rest!
Where To Eat in Cinque Terre
Source: Trattoria Dal Billy

Agriturismo Missanega

Perched atop a hill in Cinque Terre, Agriturismo Missanega almost feels like it's a slice of heaven. The peace and serenity here are unlike any other, giving you a sense of calmness that you won't find anywhere else. However, that's only half of why you ought to check this place out. The other half is, of course, the food! While the other places on this list highlight their seafood, Agriturismo Missanega puts fruits, vegetables, and a little bit of meat at the forefront instead. Since this is still a farm, you're ensured of a delicious dish made with 100% fresh ingredients. What's not to love?
Where To Eat in Cinque Terre
Source: Agriturismo Missanega

Rio Bistrot

Plump pieces of scampi drenched in rich sauces and mixed in delicate pasta. Crunchy calamari dipped in light tartar sauce with a salty flavor that's second to none. And all of that paired with some of the best bottles of red in Cinque Terre. If you think this place sounds too good to be true, you're mistaken! All of that culinary goodness are what Rio Bistrot offers. This beautiful terrace restaurant in Riomaggiore serves up tantalizing Italian dishes in a relaxing ambiance by the Italian Riviera. You'd do well in coming here and tasting the best of what they have to offer!
Where To Eat in Cinque Terre
Source: Rio Bistrot Facebook Page

Although Cinque Terre is not known for its food or places to eat, that doesn't mean they lack in any of them! On the contrary, within this string of charming coastal towns, there are culinary hotspots you just have to try while you're here!