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Top Style Tips From The Duchess of Cambridge

July 31, 2021
When it comes to royal princesses and duchesses, the UK certainly has no scarcity in beauty and style. Of course, the most memorable of them all was Princess Diana. But since 2011, another woman has taken up her mantle as a major influence in style, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Ever since she married Prince William, the second-in-line to the throne, she's become a fashion icon in the UK and beyond. It helps that she has a distinct style of her own that further proves her regal bearing. Here are some of the top fashion tips from the Duchess of Cambridge herself.

Top Style Tips From The Duchess of Cambridge

Value Simplicity

Gone are the days when royal princesses wore opulent gowns and loads of jewelry. In a time where the relevance of a monarchy remains under scrutiny, it's not exactly PC to constantly look regal all the time. In many ways, the Duchess of Cambridge has always combated that notion by dressing up in simple yet elegant styles. When she was first introduced as Prince William's fiance, for instance, all she wore was a flattering midnight blue dress with no embellishments. The same went when she met the Obamas as well, when she donned a very chic camel-colored dress, embracing the minimalist trend that took over the world at the time.
Top Style Tips From The Duchess of Cambridge
Source: Flickr.com/ Ralgis

Highlight Your Femininity

Most of the British designers the Duchess of Cambridge have worn over the years are known to embrace femininity. From Alexander McQueen to Emilia Wickstead, these brands are beloved for their classic silhouettes, delicate designs, and old-school elegance. And it's through them that the duchess sends a sartorial message to her fashion admirers: don't be afraid of femininity. In a world where women wearing pantsuits have reigned supreme, the Duchess of Cambridge often stands out in her decidedly dainty frocks, pretty color choices, and fairytale-like appeal. Who says a powerful woman can't rule in a dress?
Top Style Tips From The Duchess of Cambridge
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Carfax2

Streamlined and Sophisticated

Although highlighting femininity has become Kate Middleton's sartorial signature, she's also once to continuously don streamlined silhouettes. As a royal, she no longer has the freedom to don all sorts of shapes and styles that London runways and beyond introduce every Fashion Week. She has to constantly look neat and pristine despite what she's wearing. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. After all, the many shops where royals go to offer streamlined silhouettes in the most elegant yet modern styles. And when she stands next to her husband, Prince Willian, who's always decked out in quality men's tailoring, they ultimately look like the perfect royal couple!
Top Style Tips From The Duchess of Cambridge
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Punting Cambridge

Be Bold With Color

In many ways, royals dress to impress by looking as neutral as possible. After all, when they walk into a room, all attention should be on them. They have no need for frills for thrills and other fashion gimmicks to capture anyone's attention. Nevertheless, that hasn't stopped the Duchess of Cambridge to be a little bolder when it comes to her fashion choices. Especially in regards to color. Although her silhouettes remain as streamlined as ever, the beautiful duchess has stepped out in bright pops of yellow, shockingly stark red, distinct shades of blue, and so much more!
Top Style Tips From The Duchess of Cambridge
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Governor General of Australia (attribute gg.gov.au.)

Don't Be Afraid of Prints

Dressing up like a royal doesn't mean you have to forego prints! Sure, the less fuss on your wardrobe, the better, but that shouldn't always be the case. If a royal only dressed up in plain dresses and suits, he/she will hardly influence fashion at all. At least, when it comes to the Duchess of Cambridge, she has experimented with prints, patterns, and all sorts of motifs. A future queen of England ought to dress to impress, after all. From the classic tartan coats that show off her signature British style to gentle patterns in her more free-flowing frocks, Kate Middleton is not one to cower from prints!
Top Style Tips From The Duchess of Cambridge
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Mark Jones

Embrace Different Cultures Through Styles

As a member of the British royal family, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, also often works as a diplomat of sorts. Whenever she goes outside of the UK, she acts as a representative of the nation, regardless of whether she's with her husband, Prince William, or not. And throughout these years of fulfilling this role, one of the most notable things about her is that she continually injects parts of different cultures into her wardrobe. When she visited India, for instance, she wasn't afraid to don patterns and motifs that reflect the country's colorful traditions. Now that's a fashion queen for you!
Top Style Tips From The Duchess of Cambridge
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ British High Commission, New Delhi

Be Comfortable

Above all else, the Duchess of Cambridge exemplifies comfort in her style. Sure, she may look stiff in her tailored suits, streamlined silhouettes, cinched gowns, and more, but one can't deny that she always looks happy and glowing. This only goes to show that, no matter what she wears, she always prioritizes comfort. Her subjects wouldn't want their duchess to look gloomy in discomfort, would they? Of course, not! And Middleton herself wouldn't want to show that side of her anyways. Even when she's on a football field with little kids, she'll trade in her pristine dresses with quality sportswear to show that she values comfort, not just for herself but also for those around her.
Top Style Tips From The Duchess of Cambridge
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Northern Ireland Office

Kate Middleton, most known as the Duchess of Cambridge, has become the ultimate royal fashion icon since she married Prince William. In her various public appearances, she shows off her royal style that continuously influences many to this day.

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