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Where To Learn Italian in Zürich

July 07, 2021
Buongiorno! If you know anything about Switzerland, you shouldn't be surprised to hear locals greet each other with this! After all, Italian is one of the country's main languages. And yes, even if you're in the Italian region of Switzerland, you'll still hear many Swiss speak Italian. Even in Zürich, the country's capital city located in the German Canton of the same name, Italian is just as common here as the other languages. In fact, there are even a handful of language schools that offer to teach you Italian while you're here!

Where To Learn Italian in Zürich

Alpha Sprachwelt AG

First of all, Alpha Sprachwelt AG's location in the Stadelhoferstrasse area of Zürich already makes it popular. This place is easy to get to via public transport, allowing students to go here with no problem at all. Secondly, the institution tailors its courses to what the student needs. It offers specific programs to high school students, corporate courses for working adults, and part-time classes for those who don't have time to go here regularly. Thanks to this, Alpha Sprachwelt AG is able to welcome all sorts of students, no matter their age, background, and lifestyle.

LSI Zürich

In the same vein, LSI Zürich also offers a diverse set of programs depending on who the student is. This school also offers courses in other languages such as French, Spanish and more. Italian, of course, is one of their main courses, especially since there are a ton of Italian speakers in the Swiss capital. Nonetheless, no matter which language you choose, you get to decide which form of it you want to learn. If you simply want to speak Italian to be able to converse and socialize with locals, you can go for their intensive courses. Corporate classes, on the other hand, will help you with your work here.

Where To Learn Italian in Zürich

Inlingua Zürich

Sometimes, it's not enough that you get an instructor teaching you how to speak and understand the language you're learning. Especially with a complicated language like Italian, you'll need more than just a teacher in a classroom speaking and writing on the board. This is one of the main reasons why Inlingua Zürich has proven to be a popular language school. They don't just offer classes, but they include visual aids, online sessions, and more to really help the students. At times, you simply need more assistance and this institution is ready to give you everything you need!

Supercomm Langues & Communication Suisse

If the Covid-19 global pandemic taught the world anything, it's that going virtual has become more necessary nowadays. That's true in learning languages as it is in other endeavors. That's why the Zürich-based school, Supercomm Langues & Communication Suisse, has become a great option for learning different languages, even Italian. They have a centralized system and a strong foundation of online classes, allowing for students to learn and study no matter where they are. Of course, if you're in the Swiss capital yourself, you can still go to their main campus as well. Rest assured, the quality of education remains high in both programs.

Sprachen Akademie

If you've been to Zürich more than once, or even if you've lived here for a long period of time, you'll know that the costs here are no joke. It shouldn't really surprise anyone that the capital city of one of the wealthiest countries in the world is rather expensive. However, at least, when you want to learn Italian, it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Sprachen Akademie, one of the finest language schools in Zürich, offers Italian courses that are affordable. Whether it be in-person classes, private tutoring, or online sessions, you don't have to empty your bank account to enroll here!

Where To Learn Italian in Zürich

Learning Italian in Zürich isn't so bad if you enroll in any of these noteworthy language schools. Some offer courses that fit your needs, others are convenient to your lifestyle and your daily schedule, while a few are actually surprisingly affordable too!

If you can speak proper Italian here in Zürich, you'll have an easier time here! Even when you're just relaxing in your luxury home!



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