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Zagreb's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots

May 28, 2021
There's a lot about Zagreb that people ought to know about. How beautiful the sights are here, the wonderful people, and the most delicious food! It's a shame that the Croatian capital isn't as famous as other European capitals, so many people are missing out on all the fun because of it. Foodies, in particular, are overlooking just how amazing the many hotspots in the city are. From traditional food to foreign cuisines, Zagreb has its own fair share of exciting restaurants, must-try bistros, and a myriad of great cafes! Here are some you ought to know about!

Zagreb's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots

Croatian Food Heritage

Along the beautiful Petrinjska Ulica street, a stark dark-blue sign will catch your attention. It proudly displays the word 'HERITAGE' in all caps with the subtitle 'Croatian food' right below it. From the outside, it seems like the place is a tiny place but inside are all of Croatia's best traditional food! Offering up dishes from different parts of the country, it's only in Croatian Food Heritage will you get to taste what Croatia is all about. Truffles, local cheeses, and craft beers reign supreme in this street food-esque culinary haven. You won't want to miss this!
Zagreb's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: Croatian Food Heritage Facebook Page


If you prefer fine dining, however, look no further than Baltazar! Located in the historic Nova Ves street in Kaptol, one of the central districts of Zagreb, this place is all about the ambiance as much as it is about the food. A beautiful courtyard awaits those who want to dine in luxury and nostalgia, going for a scene straight out of a romance novel. As for the food, a healthy balance of meat and seafood will tantalize your taste buds in more ways than one. From the finely smoked steaks to the fresh scallops, you wouldn't know what to order! Why not all?
Zagreb's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: Baltazar

Bistro Apetit

Although it's not the largest bistro in the city, Bistro Apetit can fit many European countries inside! Specifically, Croatia, France, and Italy. This elegant hotspot's diverse menu consists of Mediterranean cuisine coming from these foodie-famous nations. Weirdly enough, however, prominent Austrian chef Christian Cabalier established the restaurant and still heads its kitchen to this day. So, just how popular is this place? Well, it was once voted as the best restaurant in the city back in 2012. But if that's not enough to convince you, perhaps its scrumptious selection of seafood will?
Zagreb's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: Bistro Apetit

La Štruk

Still up for some Croatian cuisine? Head on over to La Štruk to try some of the country's best dishes? The most popular is the Štrukli, a lasagna-like pastry made with cheese, truffles, apples, berries, and nuts. It combines both sweet and savory flavors into a deliciously melodious mix that will have you wanting more! As for its ambiance, its backyard garden-like space will make you feel right at home. It's the right balance of cozy and chic that's slightly novel in the city of Zagreb. Definitely perfect for an intimate dinner for two!
Zagreb's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: La Štruk Facebook Page

Ožujsko Pub Tkalča

Located along the city's most famous street, Tkalčića, Ožujsko Pub Tkalča is definitely not one to miss. Because of its central location, it's pretty easy to get to via public transport. But if you're already near enough, just walk to the place and enjoy the beautiful sights and charming scenes that you'll see along the way! Once you get here, you'll get treated to a mouthwatering menu of steaks, burgers,ribs and even a few pizzas too! Pair them with any of the local craft beer on offer and you've got yourself a spanking' good time! This is a pub, after all! Having a good time is what it's all about!
Zagreb's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Lari & Penati

Even though it's become a trendy place for locals, tourists, and foodies alike, Lari & Penati is actually quite affordable. And based on the costs here in the city, that alone should pique your interest straight away. With intimately-lit ambiance and terrace area on offer, it has a quintessential European flair to it that you'll recognize from the other more famous cities in the region. But once you taste the delectable soups, satisfying sandwiches, and sweet desserts here, you'll definitely taste its true Croatian touch! Notably, this is the type of place where you'll just want to hang out with friends!
Zagreb's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: Lari & Penati Facebook Page

Ginger Sushi

You can probably already tell by its name what Ginger Sushi is all about. Now, you may think, 'I'm here in the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb. Why would I go for a foreign cuisine instead?' Well, firstly, sushi has become so beloved that it's practically become a worldly delicacy, even though it remains intrinsically Japanese. Secondly, don't you want to find out just how Croatians will approach taking on such an iconic and familiar dish? That's ultimately what's so fascinating about going to places that offer foreign cuisines! Take your taste buds on a trip to the East and back in this Japanese hotspot in Zagreb!
Zagreb's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: Ginger Sushi Facebook Page

Ivica & Marica

In Croatian, this place's name is actually 'Hansel & Gretel.' The fairytale of little kids who eat a house made of candy that belonged to a witch. Get it now? If you're craving something sweet, there's no better place to visit than in Ivica & Marica. This place amps up its fairytale-inspired identity with a cottage for a space that looks similar to that in the story. However, the sweets aren't what the house is made of; it's what's inside! For the little ones, cookies, cakes, and other treats are all on offer. While for the adults, a vegan menu to keep you healthy awaits!
Zagreb's Most Delicious Foodie Hotspots
Source: Ivica i Marica Facebook Page

There's no denying that Zagreb's popularity isn't because of its food. However, once you get to try some of these amazing hotspots and what they have to offer, even you'll admit that this city has the potential to be a 'food capital.'

Any of these fine Zagreb hotspots will satisfy you when you don't feel like cooking for yourself in your luxury home here!



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