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Romania Post-Pandemic: Updates on Travel Restrictions

May 21, 2021
Just how much has Covid-19 affected Europe? Even a country like Romania, which has always seemed so disconnected from the rest of the world, had to close its borders and go into lockdown. For most of 2020, the country followed suit of other nations in closing down its economy and banning both domestic and international travel. But now, in 2021, with vaccines helping slow down infections left and right, there are now signs that Romania may reopen its borders once again. Here are the latest updates on the country's travel restrictions.

Romania Post-Pandemic: Updates on Travel Restrictions

Since Romania is part of the EU, the country joins the Union's unanimous decision to reopen the region's borders to vaccinated travelers. As reported by Reuters, the member states agreed last May 19, 2021, to ease travel restrictions to those who can show proof that they've been vaccinated. Travelers coming from what the EU deems as low-risk will now be able to enter any Schengen country without having to quarantine upon arrival. However, according to USA Today, the Union has yet to set a specific date on which this new decision will be implemented.

This decision comes after the EU announced its new Digital Green Certificates back in March. This new vaccine passport system is aimed to allow free travel within the EU member states. The 'certificates are electronic documents, can be opened through an app, that will serve as proof of a traveler's vaccination, negative PCR test, or that he/she has fully recovered from Covid-19. Alongside one's Schengen visa and valid passport, it will be another requirement in order to enter Romania and other EU countries. The Union plans to fully implement this by June 2021.

Despite this, the EU countries still reserve the right to go against this decision and implement their own travel restrictions if they see fit. For now, Romania has started to ease its own domestic travel restrictions. According to GardaWorld, the country started lifting its night curfews and facemask mandates in various parts of the country. Public gatherings are now also allowed but for only up to six people in total. And numerous attractions, ranging from museums to libraries, can now reopen provided they adhere to strict health protocols and require social distancing.

Romania Post-Pandemic: Updates on Travel Restrictions

With all the latest updates, both from within the country and from the EU at large, it won't be long now until travelers can once again go to Romania. The latest developments here seem to show that things are getting back to normal!



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