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The Biggest Mobile Networks in Morocco

May 06, 2021
Many people seem to forget that Morocco is as modern a country as the next one! Sure, the ancient temples, the historic mosques, and the old-school souks all look so fascinating and novel, but they don't define what Morocco is. At least, what the country is in this day and age. Those wanderlust-inducing places are only part of what makes this place so great. For those living here, Morocco is contemporary with all of the modern-day conveniences you see in other countries. It even has a few mobile networks you can join so that you can stay connected and online while you're here!
The Biggest Mobile Networks in Morocco

Orange Morocco

Formerly known as Meditel, Orange Maroc is currently the country's biggest mobile network. It officially became what it is today when Orange, the French mobile network that also operates in various other countries, merged with Meditel back in 2016. And because of this, the network grew even bigger, no covering around 99% of the country's entire population. Today, the telecommunications company serves approximately 14.2 million subscribers nationwide. This alone should convince you to join Orange Maroc. You'll have an easier time communicating with most locals since there's a 99% chance that they've also joined the same network!

Maroc Telecom

Maroc Telecom, on the other hand, has been the country's second-biggest telecommunications company since the early 2000s. It's also the biggest local mobile network today since its former competitor, Meditel, merged with a foreign telecom company. Today, Maroc Telecom's network covers around 97% of the country's population, reaching 12.5 million subscribers throughout Morocco and other countries in Africa too. How has it gotten this big? It's probably because of its 4G+ service, which they launched in 2015. With such strong wifi data, this network allows you to stay online wherever you are! Be it in Marrakech, Casablanca, or any other Moroccan city, with Maroc Telecom, you're covered!


Finally, there's Inwi, the third biggest mobile network in Morocco. Also known for its strong wifi data, it has garnered millions of subscribers since it was founded in 1999. But perhaps what separates it from the other two mobile networks is that it's the most customer-friendly among the three. With its own official app and many ways to contact customer service, whatever type of assistance you need with your local SIM card, Inwi will help you in a flash. And for lots of people, this is a deciding factor to joining a mobile network!

The Biggest Mobile Networks in Morocco

For those who don't know, there are three big local mobile networks you can join in Morocco. Any of them will suit your mobile needs and come with great packages, have wide reaches, and strong wifi data you wouldn't believe!