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Where to Learn Dutch in Brussels

April 30, 2021
For those who don't know, Belgium doesn't have one main language. The country is comprised of different regions with different communities coming from different countries. There's the French community that speaks French, the German community that speaks German, and the Flemish community that speaks Dutch. Although you'd think that with so many languages, people in this country won't be able to understand each other, there are still language schools. Each country has its own fair share of institutions that can teach them how to speak another language. And here in Brussels, if you want to learn the Dutch language, here are the schools to go to!
Where to Learn Dutch in Brussels

Amira Language School Brussels

The Amira Language School Brussels is argubaly the most prominent of its kind in the Belgian capital. Offering both group lessons and private individual tutorials, you get the option that's most suited for your lifestyle and will fit in your schedule. But it's not only this sort of convenience that makes the school worthwhile. Here, you'll be taught by native speakers and well-trained instructors, allowing for quality education that's bang for your buck. Apart from Dutch, the school also teaches French, Italian, Spanish, and German. And before long, you'll be so fluent, you'll sound as if you're actually a native speaker yourself!

ABC Langues

Learning via application. This is what sets ABC Langues apart from all the other language schools in Brussels. Although this place will still teach you the standard way—classroom sessions, providing resources, and the like—its main ammo is to let you speak Dutch until you get the hang of it. On their website, they even refer to it as 'self-hypnosis.' By speaking the language as often as you can, no matter how well you know it, you're not only getting used to it but you're also letting go of your fear, anxiety and apprehension when it comes to your skills. That’s what they do here at ABC Langues.

Where to Learn Dutch in Brussels


Berlitz is a well-known international language school that has campuses all over the world. And, of course, it has one in Brussels too. Located along Avenue Louise, it's fairly reachable via public transport. But its convenient location isn't what makes it such a great school. Berlitz knows that in order to learn a language to speak it fluently, one must go about it carefully. That's why this school has divided its courses into multiple levels, allowing for detailed lessons and meticulous study to reach each one. By the end of it, you won't just be fluent, you'll be an expert in the language!

Call International

Founded in 1987, Call International is one of the oldest language schools in the Belgian capital. Here, they teach various languages including EnglishFrench, Italian, Spanish, and, of course, Dutch. What's so great about this school is that they tailor their courses to fit a student's specific needs. For a medical student who's studying in the city and wants to work in a hospital here someday, this school's medical terminology course is what will suit him/her best. Aiming to reach the top of the corporate world in Belgium? The business language course is what you should go for!

Where to Learn Dutch in Brussels

Europa Language School

For a non-profit organization that teaches around 15 different languages, Europa Language School has certainly gained prominence over the years. And why not? The way they teach Dutch and other languages are easy, understandable, convenient, and works at the student's pace. No matter how slow you may be in picking up Dutch, you won't get left behind! Moreover, what really makes Europa Language School such a popular option is that it's one of the most affordable in the city. Costing only about €40.00 to €60.00 for one-hour courses, you get the better end of the deal here!

F9 Languages

Known as Fondation 9, F9 Languages is one of the most popular institutions on this list. It has partnered with the Université Libre de Bruxelles and Brussels Chamber of Commerce, further proving its legitimacy as a prominent language school. Just like in other places, F9 Languages tailors their courses to fit a student's needs. Whether your reason for learning Dutch is merely for socializing or to get ahead in the business world, this school will teach you everything you need to know and more. Nowadays, it even has an online option for your convenience!

Where to Learn Dutch in Brussels

Since Dutch is one of the main languages of Belgium, you'll benefit a lot from learning it while you're here! Lucky for you, there are a ton of excellent language schools to help you with that! Choose the one that fits best for your needs!

If you're able to speak Dutch in Brussels, you'll have an easier time getting a lot of things! Not the least of which is finding your own luxury home here!





Brussels, Belgium
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4 bedrooms2 bathrooms8
Brussels, Belgium
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2 bedrooms2 bathrooms5-2
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