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Antwerp's Best Fashion Schools

April 29, 2021
When you ask fashion students where they'd like to study, the city of Antwerp will come up a lot in the conversation. Sure, Paris and Milan are the de facto go-to cities for high fashion, and the schools there are nothing short of exceptional, but through the years, the fashion schools in Antwerp have gotten a lot of attention. Not only did some of the world's leading fashion designers graduate from here, but their curriculums and programs are also some of the best in the world. So if anyone wants to work in fashion one day, these are the schools to check out in Antwerp!
Antwerp's Best Fashion Schools

Royal Academy of Fine Arts

One of the oldest art schools in the world, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts is the most famous of its kind in Antwerp. No less than the famous 'Antwerp Six' have graduated from here! The well-known group comprises exceptional Belgian designers, including Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, and more. Also, the likes of Martin Margiela and Haider Ackermann also studied here! You won't find another fashion school—not in Antwerp, not in Belgium, and possibly not in the rest of Europe either!—that has as many outstanding alumni as this academy. And they're all proof enough of the high-quality education and training a student gets in this school!

Flanders Fashion Institute

Though not exactly a traditional fashion school, the Flanders Fashion Institute does teach and train up-and-coming creatives what it means to work in the industry. Located in the famous ModeNatie building in the Nationalestraat district, it's quite easy to get to via public transport. The institute also has a close affiliation to the already-mentioned Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Founded in 1998, this non-profit organization has the support of the Flemish government, making it one of the regionally recognized institutions on this list. One of its most prominent events is the Flanders Fashion Fuel, wherein a jury will select four young designers that the institute will aid financially and offer guidance.

Antwerp's Best Fashion Schools

Antwerp Management School

It's important to remember that learning about fashion doesn't just revolve around the craft. Even though fashion design makes up a good portion of the industry, there's also the business side too! That's what a school like the Antwerp Management School is on this list! This institution will teach students everything they need to know about running a fashion business. From various corporate strategies to certain tricks of the trade, they'll get to learn the entrepreneurship side of the industry. After all, the fashion industry currently has a net worth of $759,000,000,000.00. Who do you think helped earn all of that? The businessmen/women behind-the-scenes!

Antwerp Business School (UIBS)

If you want more insight into what it takes to run a fashion business, you can also go to the Antwerp Business School! Also one of the finest international schools in Antwerp, this school is all about helping you build your foundation into entering the industry corporate world. One of the best parts is they also invite actual professionals to teach and train their students. When you enroll here, you get to learn under some of the most successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders, and the like in the fashion industry. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you won't see anywhere else!

Antwerp's Best Fashion Schools

Although Antwerp is far from what many would consider a 'fashion capital' when it comes to learning about the industry, its craft, and the tricks of the trade, this city has every other place beat! The institutions here are some of the best of the best!