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Antwerp's Top Hospitals & Clinics

April 28, 2021
You can tell how good a city is by its hospitals. When the healthcare institutions in a city are well-equipped with the latest medical technology and a staff of experts and professionals, there's no need to worry about being there. You don't have to be so concerned about what might happen to you and what you should do in response, these institutions will do it for you. Take Antwerp, for instance. Now here's a city with fine hospitals and clinics. They can take care of anyone and everyone and help them recover no matter what. And here are some you ought to know about!
Antwerp's Top Hospitals & Clinics

ZNA St. Elisabeth

Among those living now, who are the most vulnerable to all sorts of health problems? The young and old! Senior citizens and infants and toddlers are arguably the most delicate in the human race. They require more care than your average adult, which is why Antwerp's ZNA St. Elisabeth is a popular medical center. This place is a specialized hospital that specializes in geriatrics and pediatrics. Its fine rehabilitation center is one of the best in the city, allowing for the oldest and the youngest in the city to get well and recover as fast and as best they can!

ZNA Stuivenberg

When it comes to providing first-class Belgian healthcare in Antwerp, ZNA Stuivenberg arguably has everyone beat! The places specialized in a variety of medical fields, ranging from cardiology and endocrinology to dentistry and even plastic surgery. With all of their fine departments in top form, there's no health problem this institution can't face! Notably, ZNA Stuivenberg also has the best burns center in all of Antwerp. So if your body gets into this sort of trouble, you already know where to rush to! All in all, no matter what your illness or ailment is, this hospital will surely aid you every step of the way!

Antwerp's Top Hospitals & Clinics

ZNA Middelheim

ZNA Middelheim is the largest hospital in Antwerp. This alone should tell you just how important an institution it is. At the very least, as long as you're covered, you're guaranteed ample space to recover in this medical center! But what are its specialties? Practically everything under the sun! From general surgery to intensive care, if there's any type of medical assistance you need, rest assured, ZNA Middelheim will help you no matter what. Notably, the hospital is a particularly good place for expecting mothers to give birth. They have fine maternity wards, a center for reproductive medicine, and the like!

Antwerp University Hospital

Don't think that just because the Antwerp University Hospital is a teaching hospital that it's any less of a healthcare institution compared to the other places on this list! In fact, the hospital is even known for its tertiary care, welcoming patients from all over the world. Before long, this institution will help establish Antwerp as the next medical tourism destination in Europe. Just how trusted is the Antwerp University Hospital? Well, an average of 27,000 patients spends the night here every year. And a total of 600,000 patients visit its specialized units annually. Now that's impressive!

Antwerp's Top Hospitals & Clinics

ZNA Queen Paola Children Hospital

Just as its name conveys, the ZNA Queen Paola Children Hospital is one of, if not the best medical center for kids in Antwerp. From infancy to 15-years-old, parents entrust their kids' health and welfare to this hospital. For one thing, their children's emergency rooms have permanent surveillance. From the earliest hours of the day to late at night, the hospital's staff of medical experts are taking care of the little ones 24/7. Of course, they also specialize in a variety of child-related fields, such as pediatric cardiology, metabolic diseases, and the like. Also, thanks to its central location near the Middelheim neighborhood, it's quite easy to get to via public transport!

o2 Clinic

While all the other hospitals take care of the more severe health problems, o2 Clinic, on the other hand, focuses on aesthetic medicine. After all, though it's not a necessity, people still have the right to change their look no matter how they want. Also, for those whose physical appearance changed due to injuries, diseases, and other health problems, getting their faces and bodies back together can often take top priority. That's why o2 Clinic remains a popular institution in Antwerp. It carefully assists those who want plastic surgery and responsibly takes on their requests.

Antwerp's Top Hospitals & Clinics

Antwerp doesn't fall short of fine hospitals and clinics! In fact, the city has tons of potential to actually become a top medical tourism destination, not just in Belgium, but in all of Europe! That alone says a lot about healthcare here!