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The Most Prominent Hospitals in Istanbul

April 22, 2021
No matter what you think of Istanbul, one thing is sure: you will be safe here. Safe in the sense that, whatever happens to your health, you can assure that the hospitals, medical centers, and clinics here will take good care of you. Many often focus on the beautiful historic tourist attractions when it comes to the Turkish capital. And while they are incredibly noteworthy, let's not overlook the prominent health institutions in the city too. They're some of the finest in the country, possibly even in the region and in the world. Here are a few worth mentioning.
The Most Prominent Hospitals in Istanbul

Acibadem Hospitals

Established in 1991, the Acibadem Hospitals Group has been one of Turkey's finest for decades now. In fact, it's also the second-largest healthcare group in the world. As you'd expect, the multiple hospitals they have in Istanbul are also some of the best in the city. With thousands of first-class doctors and well-trained nurses in-staff, nothing can go wrong here. It's even proven by the fact that Acibadem Hospitals are some of the go-to institutions for surgeries and important operations. They're world-renowned for their great track record of successful surgeries with high chances of full recovery.

Medical Park Hospital

If you were to ask people in Istanbul which hospital in the city provides the best Turkish healthcare, many would likely answer the ones from the Medical Park Group. On its way to becoming one of the finest healthcare chains in the world, Medical Park Hospitals, both in Istanbul and in other cities in Turkey, have drawn countless patients from around the world. It's likely that, through the group's success, Turkey can become a medical tourist destination someday. It helps that the Medical Park hospitals provide the highest-quality therapeutic and diagnostic services in the city. They diagnose and treat illnesses ranging from breast cancer to Parkinson's disease.

The Most Prominent Hospitals in Istanbul

Medicana International Istanbul

Out of all the fine hospitals in Istanbul, Medicana International Istanbul is arguably the best for toddlers and infants. Of course, it helps that their pediatrics department and maternity ward are some of the best in the city, arguably even in the entire country. However, none other than UNICEF and the World Health Organization themselves have awarded the hospital with its 'baby-friendly' status. And for such prestigious and important entities to recognize Medicana International Istanbul for their treatment of your little ones is really something to remember the next time you need to rush your kid to a hospital here!

The American Hospital

Even though it's one of the smaller hospitals in the city, The American Hospital deserves to be on this list too. Established in 1920, it's one of the oldest healthcare institutions in the city, possibly even in the entire country. And it's because of such longevity that the hospital is also trustworthy. Why else would it be accredited by a ton of prominent international bodies like the European Association of Echocardiography and United Healthcare Global, among many others? Through its countless successful surgeries and treatments. Istanbul's American Hospital remains a go-to medical center for locals and foreign visitors alike.

The Most Prominent Hospitals in Istanbul

Kolan International Hospital

Located in the Şişli neighborhood in Istanbul, the Kolan International Hospital is one of the easiest hospitals to get to in the city. Whether you're going in your own car or by public transport, you can rush to this hospital quicker than you might even realize. And at times, this is more than enough. However, it also helps that the Kolan International Hospital, Istanbul excels in various types of surgery. Ranging from pediatric surgery and neurosurgery to vascular and plastic surgery, no matter what kind of operation you need, you're sure to be in good hands here.

Hisar Hospital Intercontinental

As far as facilities and services go, Istanbul's Hisar Hospital Intercontinental got you covered. What with an area of 35,000 square meters, of course there will be a lot of departments, facilities and the like to aid you when you need medical assistance. Add to that the airport pickup service, free wifi, its own visa service for when you need to renew your Turkis visa, a laundry service, and even a nanny service, it's like you're in a hotel instead of a hospital! But before you think this place is too good to be true, you should also remember that they also excel in various medical fields. They provide quality diagnostic services and treatments that have even been accredited by the US Joint Commission International (JCI)

Florence Nightingale Hospital

Named after the most famous and most historic nurse in the world, the Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul is undoubtedly one of the best of its kind. Also located in Şişli, one of the most affluent among Instanbul's many districts, you can expect quality healthcare and other services in this hospital. It's also an international institution, one of the first to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), so it's also suitable for foreign patients. But whether you're from another country or not, rest assured, you will be well-taken-care-of in this medical center!

The Most Prominent Hospitals in Istanbul

Istanbul is known for a lot of things and it's high time that its fine hospitals and medical centers be one of them. These places are some of the highest-quality healthcare institutions, not just in Turkey, but in the entire world too!

Whether you're getting treated in any of these hospitals in Istanbul or you're recuperating in your luxury home, you'll really get well in this city no matter what!