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How To Get A Turkish Visa

April 21, 2021
Traveling the world sure is amazing, isn't it? To see what this planet offers in terms of cultures, food, and even natural wonders. It's no surprise that more and more people are choosing to let go of their own comfortable livelihoods and take the risk of going nomadic. However, as awesome as it'd be to freely jump from one country to the next, unfortunately, that's not how it works. In many countries, you'll need to get a visa in order to enter. If you want to go to Turkey, one of the most fascinating places in the world, you'll need to get apply for a Turkish visa!
How To Get A Turkish Visa

Different Types of Turkish Visa

First thing's first, you need to know which type of visa to get that's right for your trip. Apart from those that allow you to move here, there are two types of visas you need to know. Firstly, there's the Type C visa for short-term stay. This type has a lot of other sub-categories to look into depending on the nature of your trip to Turkey, They range from standard tourism and temporary business visas to special visas that allow you to attend sports events, visit family, and/or participate in conferences. Type D visa, on the other hand, is for long-term trips. Typically this is more so for students and diplomats.

Which Countries Need A Visa

Do note that not all countries need a visa to get to Turkey. In fact, there are even some, mostly European countries, that all it takes to gain entry is to show your National ID. However, since Turkey isn't part of the EU, your Schengen Visa won't work in this country—keep that in mind! If you want to know which countries are required to get a Turkish visa in order to gain entry, visit the official website of Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some notable ones include the UK, USA, Canada, the UAE, India, Australia, and more.

How To Get A Turkish Visa

Applying for an E-Visa

Typically, getting a visa requires you to visit your the country's embassy in your home country. But for applying for a Turkish visa, it's a little different. You get the alternative of applying for an e-visa instead. Just go to its official website, follow the instructions laid out, fill in everything needed to be filled in, and you're good to go! Unlike in getting traditional visas, this process will only take minutes. In fact, after you've filled in everything and submitted the required documents, you'll know whether you get the visa or not right then and there.

Required Documents For Your Application

Speaking of required documents, the list differs from country to country. Applying for a traditional Turkish visa will also require you to submit a list of documents that's a little different from those needed in applying for an e-visa. For the most part, most of these lists include your valid passport, filled-in application form, proof of sufficient funds, proof of accommodation, a return ticket, and other supporting documents. As long as you have all of these—and they're all valid and legit—you'll be fine! Also, make sure you photocopy each of them at least twice just to be safe!

How To Get A Turkish Visa

Different Types of Requirements

As there are different types of Turkish visas, it's only natural that some of them require additional documents. For those getting a Type D long-term visa to study in Turkey, you'll need to present valid documentation of your enrollment and a certificate of no objection from the school's management office. For those who need a work visa to transfer to Turkey, you'll need to show your employment contract, bank statements from the last six months, an official letter from your employer, and your ITR as well. Now, what if you're unemployed? Proof of sufficient funds will do!

What If You Get Rejected?

Don't think that just because you followed every step by the book and submitted all the required documents that you'll definitely get a Turkish visa. The Turkish embassy in your country reserves the right to reject your application if they see fit. Nevertheless, they will notify you of the reasons why your application was rejected. Now, if your traditional Turkish visa was rejected, you can always apply for an e-visa instead. The latter accepts a lot more applications than the former. And if that doesn't work (which is rare), you can always submit an appeal. Good luck!

How To Get A Turkish Visa

Want to go to Turkey? You'll need to get a Turkish visa to gain entry! Don't worry! You'd be surprised at how easy it is to get one. Be it an e-visa online or a traditional visa from the embassy, there's no harm in applying for one if you need to!

Only when you've got the appropriate Turkish visa will you be able to go to Turkey and enjoy staying in your luxury home here!