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Istanbul's Finest International Schools

April 22, 2021
With a city as historic as Istanbul, where else would a student study, right? Just imagine the resources one can get while researching, especially when it comes to history! With that said, it's really a shame that the Turkis capital doesn't get as much credit as it deserves when it comes to education. Sure, some of the top schools in the world are located in other countries, but that doesn't mean that Istanbul pales in comparison. What this city lacks in popularity, it makes up for in offering high-quality education, even to foreign kids. Here are some of the finest international schools in Istanbul.
Istanbul's Finest International Schools

Istanbul International School

By its name alone, you almost can't tell what kind of institution Istanbul International School is. Is it American? French? Middle Eastern? Well, it's actually a British school located at the heart of the Turkish capital. Catering to students aged 3 to 18, it's a place where kids can grow, develop, and study hard to get to where they want to be. All while fostering an open, global community that celebrates diversity, multiculturalism, and the like. It's no secret that Turkey is quite guarded when it comes to its culture and heritage, from their traditions down to their own social customs. So it's a good thing such a school like the Istanbul International School exists in the capital city.

Jasmine International School

Although most international schools welcome students of all origins, more often than not, they only really teach one type of education. If an institution was established by a British group, it offers the British curriculum. The same goes for the Americans, the French, and others as well. This is why, among the many international schools in Istanbul, the Jasmine International School is a cut above the rest. The place combines both the Arabic Palestinian curriculum and the British Edexcel curriculum for all students. And since the former is more in line with Turkey's Islamic culture, this school has a lot more local students than any other on this list.

Istanbul's Finest International Schools

Ihsan International School

'Good value for your money' should probably be Ihsan International School's slogan. For a lot of parents, enrolling their kids in a school that provides quality education is a good enough reason for paying high tuition fees. But what makes this particular institution 'bang for your buck' is that it's one of the more well-equipped international schools in the Turkish capital. Digital learning is a huge part of the school's way of teaching, what with all the latest educational technology at their disposal here. With a ton of resources on offer, your kids can learn and study to their hearts' content!

The British International School

Istanbul International School isn't the only one that offers British education in the Turkish capital. There's also The British International School! Among many others, it offers the English National Curriculum and gives out International Baccalaureate diplomas to graduates at the end of their journey. Because of this, the school is highly regarded as one of the finest preparatory schools in the country. If your kid wants to study in London's top universities, which are, in fact, some of the most prestigious in the world, this is the school to enroll them in!

Istanbul's Finest International Schools

MEF International School Istanbul

Although the MEF International School Istanbul also offers the British curriculum and IB diplomas, they're not what makes this school worthwhile. Above all else, this institution focuses on a student's individual skills, interests, and potential. While the quality of its academic education remains high, they put as much emphasis on other areas such as the arts, athletics, and the like. Their goal is to meet student's individual interests and capabilities and nurture their skills and abilities to help them reach their full potential. And for a lot of students, this matters more than getting good grades.

LWIS Istanbul International School

In the same vein as MEF International School Istanbul, the LWIS Istanbul International School also champion's students' potential in other areas apart from academics. In fact, it's safe to say that this institution's extracurricular activities are what draws families to enroll their kids here. Academics-wise, this school provides international programs from all around the world, not just from one country. At the same time, their facilities, departments, and clubs allow kids to train in their respective fields while they continue their academic studies. The LWIS Istanbul International School initiates and focuses on the balance between the two.

Istanbul's Finest International Schools

Even if you and your kids aren't Turkish but you just relocated to Istanbul, there are still some fine international schools here where they can continue their studies with no problem at all. These institutions just might be what your kids were looking for too!

If you're enrolling your kid in one of Istanbul's finest international schools, it only makes sense that you go for a luxury home here too!