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All About Istanbul's Crime Rate

April 22, 2021
Istanbul is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful, the most historic, and the most culturally fascinating cities in the world. Its heritage goes back from centuries ago and you can see it just by being in the city alone. With that said, unfortunately, Istanbul is one of those capital cities that aren't exactly the safest in the world. You'd think that such a historic city, home to the seat of power in Turkey, no less, would make it be safe, right? Wrong. According to the city's current crime rates, there's a lot to be concerned about here!
All About Istanbul's Crime Rate

Istanbul's General Crime Rate

As of this writing, Turkey's general crime rate is 51.46%. Although considered moderate on the scale, it's still startlingly high nonetheless. This further proves that the capital cities of the world are some of the least safe, especially in their respective countries. Paris and Washington D.C. are two other examples of capital cities that have moderate-to-high general crime rates. And going back to Istanbul, it's even more worrying that its rate of increasing crimes for the past few years is at a high 68.55%. This is definitely a sign that the city needs to do more in lessening the crimes committed here.

Istanbul's Highest-Rated Crimes

So, which crimes have the highest rates in Istanbul? Right off the bat, corruption & bribery both take the top spot. With a crime rate of 69.64%, considered high on the scale, it looks to be rampant in what is one of the biggest business and finance hubs in the Middle East. Getting insulted and other types of verbal abuse, on the other hand, ranks the second-highest at 49.77%. The Turks are pretty particular when it comes to their culture. It's either you follow their social customs or suffer the consequences. But that this doesn't make for an excuse for such crimes to be committed nonetheless!

All About Istanbul's Crime Rate
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ ©Farhan

Istanbul Crimes To Also Watch Out For

If you're worried about getting attacked in Istanbul, you're right to be concerned. Physical abuse is the third-highest rated crime in the city at 47.86%. Meanwhile, the fourth-highest rated crimes in Turkey right now are vandalism and theft. Both have a combined rate of 46.22%. On the bright side, the rate is considered pretty moderate on the scale. But the downside? Vandalism destroys the unique and cultural beauty of Istanbul. As for theft, it's pretty common among tourist destinations like Istanbul. You just have to stay alert in order to avoid falling victim to it.

Istanbul's Safety Rate for Walking Around

Ironically, despite the moderately high crime rates, it's actually fairly safe to explore Istanbul. Even more so during the day as the safety rate is at a high 70.85%. This means you can explore the many districts of Istanbul. to your heart's content and there's still a big chance you remain unharmed. Come nightfall, however, the safety rate dropped to 40.93%. Although considered moderate, it's on the lower side of the scale. If you really do need to go out at night, do so accompanied. You'll be a lot safer this way, especially if who you're with is a local who knows the city by heart!

Istanbul Areas To Avoid

As beautiful as the Turkish capital is, it can't be helped that there are some areas where you're better off avoiding. A perfect example is Tarlabaşı. Considered a ghetto neighborhood, even small kids here can pose a danger to unsuspecting wanderers. Gaziosmanpaşa, on the other hand, is a den of weapon-yielding deviants. It's also a usual home to gangsters and the like. As with other European cities, drug dealing (crime rate is 42.78) is also a major concern here in Istanbul. And you'll find that the Kuştepe district is a den for them. Avoid these places at all costs!

All About Istanbul's Crime Rate

It's really such a shame that Istanbul is far from a safe haven. For such a historic and beautiful city, this would have been a perfect utopia if not for the crimes committed here. The crime rates here are moderate at best, but they could be a lot better!

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