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Top Belgian Beauty Brands To Know

April 25, 2021
Each country has its own set of beauty brands. While some brands are behemoths in the industry, there are those hidden gems that only locals would know. Labels that have the potential to become as big as the most famous brands if only they had the resources and the following. Here in Belgium, there are a ton of cosmetic companies eager to help people enhance their looks in more ways than one. From traditional makeup brands to skincare labels, they aim to help customers feel confident and embrace their own skins. These are some that you ought to know about!
Top Belgian Beauty Brands To Know

Be Creative

Ici Paris XL is a Belgian perfume chain that was founded in 1968. It's also one of the most prominent. So much so that in various shopping districts, designer outlet stores, and more, the store stands alongside the likes of Chanel, Dior, and other high fashion perfume brands. In 2013, the perfumery launched its own cosmetics line, Be Creative, eventually becoming one of the top labels of its kind in the country. From foundation to lip gloss, they produce high-quality products that make faces shine unlike any other. Practically everyone has either bought from or heard of Be Creative over the years.
Top Belgian Beauty Brands To Know
Source: Be Creative Facebook Page


With a tagline as alluring as 'Honestly beautiful,' it's no wonder Cîme has become one of the top beauty brands in Belgium. True to its tagline, the label is more about skincare than standard cosmetics. They're made with organic ingredients, many of which come from the Himalayas, adding a touch of exoticism to really amp up its 'natural' charm. Add to that the fact that none of their products have been tested on animals, further solidifying their stance on sustainability and against animal cruelty. For a lot of customers, especially in this day and age, those matter a lot!
Top Belgian Beauty Brands To Know
Source: Cîme Facebook Pages


Want a touch of beauty witchcraft? Look no further than Delbôve! Founded in 1962 by a hairdresser Roger Delbôve and his wife, Marion, their label is the oldest beauty brand on this list. Their two main bestsellers, 'crème sorcière' and 'eau sorcière' have captivated customers with their magic-like effect. Both items, which are often sold as a duo, serve as all sorts of skincare tools, ranging from makeup removers to toners and moisturizers. They help their customers retain their natural aura despite how much makeup they use beforehand. That along has attributed to the brand's success so much!
Top Belgian Beauty Brands To Know
Source: Delbôve Skincare Facebook Page


Continuing on with the Belgian beauty industry's skincare bandwagon, Jyb is all about organic skincare with commercial appeal. After all, skincare can oftentimes seem intimidating to many customers. While makeup has that allure of glamour to draw people in, skincare oftentimes makes people more aware of their flaws. It's probably why Jyb has opted to name their products with charming names for a more approachable touch. With such bestsellers like 'Eye Look Good' eye cream to 'Oil Love You' face oil, shopping at Jyb will feel more like spending springtime in Brussels instead of an intimidating errand!
Top Belgian Beauty Brands To Know
Source: Wikimedia Commons


Based in the Western Flanders region of Belgium, Likami has that Scandanavian appeal that makes it so inviting. It helps that its name, 'Likami' is the Icelandic word for 'body.' Customers from that part of the world will already know what this brand is all about even before they go into the store. Above all else, Likami is all about a holistic take on beauty, with diverse products ranging from liquid soaps and sanitizers to hair oils and skincare items. They're all about taking on a more natural transformation, elevating one's looks to be at their best without any artificial enhancement.
Top Belgian Beauty Brands To Know
Source: Likami


On the surface, Nomige seems like your typical skincare brand. They offer creams, moisturizers, and oils that help you rejuvenate your skin and body to look their best. Seems typical, right? Well, not if you order their special 'Nomige-package.' This particular item comes with a DNA test in which you send a saliva swab to the company and they will offer a four-step routine—complete with corresponding products—that specifically works for your current condition and lifestyle. Not even the tailors in London can produce this type of 'fitted' service! It's one that can benefit you, specifically!
Top Belgian Beauty Brands To Know
Source: Nomige Facebook Page


What's so good about Rainpharma as a beauty brand is that it practically has everything you'll need and more. From lotions, creams, and scrubs to cleansers, masks, and serums, if you really want to improve the way you look, you'll want everything you can get your hands on. Add to that their own nutritional supplements that can improve your health condition as you better your physical appearance. As a whole, Rainpharma allows you to 'enhance' your beauty inside and out, something no other typical brand can offer! It's one of the reasons why it's gotten popular among many people over the years!
Top Belgian Beauty Brands To Know
Source: RainPharma Facebook Page

Beauty may only be skin deep but even these Belgian brands know that you still have to what you can! That's what many of them offer luxurious products that can help you enhance your looks! At times, they even go as far as your inside your beauty too!

Whether you're in your luxury home or out and about in the many cities in Belgium, investing in these beauty brands will help you glow even brighter!