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What You Can Do To Get A Job in Turkey

April 16, 2021
There are so many job opportunities around the world, you might want to broaden your horizon when it comes to where you want to work. Who knows? It's possible the job that's perfect for you is in Turkey! Although the country's job market isn't at its best right now, there's no denying that it's a country worth exploring. Perhaps, when it has stabilized and prospered more, it can one day be as big of a business hub as the US, the UK, Singapore, and the like! And if you want to work here now, here are some of what you can do!
What You Can Do To Get A Job in Turkey

Getting A Work Permit for Turkey

First things first, you need to get a work permit in order to be allowed to work here. Just like in the UK and the US, you need to apply for a business Turkish visa for it. You'll normally be granted at least six months to a maximum of six years to stay and work in the country legally. Of course, you have a better chance of getting the visa if you're hired by a Turkish company (hence, see the other points below!). In any case, it's important that you get the permit in order to work here. Contact the Turkish Embassy in your country to know how to apply for one!

Relying On Your Network

They may not seem it at first, but Turkish people are very welcoming and open. When you meet and get acquainted with one, know that someday, he/she might be able to help you get a job. And this includes practically everyone, from your closes friends to even random people like your neighbor, the convenience store clerk you see regularly and the like. You never know who has the right connections and Turkish people are more than willing to help their peers get employed. So make sure you build a strong network when you get to the country, preferably with many professionals in the same field.

What You Can Do To Get A Job in Turkey

Going On Job-Seeking Websites

Of course, Turkey is not one to get behind with the latest norms. Job-seeking websites have been a common go-to option for those looking for a job. In fact, if you want to get hired by a Turkish company to help you get a business visa, these sorts of platforms are your best bet. It might even be your only option while you're still in your native country. The popular ones in Turkey include Indeed, Kariyer.net, and Jooble. As well as popular social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Do note that some of these websites are only available in Turkish. You might want to learn/brush up on it before you apply!

Teaching English in Turkey

According to Turkey's job market, Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a common employment option for many foreigners in the country. In fact, the country even has its own online platforms geared specifically for those who want to try teaching English in Turkey, They include International TEFL Academy and TEFL.com Job Seeker, among many others. Keep in mind, however, that just because you can speak and understand English, it doesn't automatically qualify you to teach the language. At least, not in most institutions in the country. Many prefer that you have the right certifications, at the very least holding a Bachelor's degree in similar or related fields.

What You Can Do To Get A Job in Turkey

Finding Jobs in Newspapers

When all else fails, you can always rely on the classifies in Turkish newspapers. After all, it's been a common way to find employment even before the digital age. And while so many job-seeking sites pop up online, classified ads in newspapers have never failed to help people land jobs. The Daily Sabah and Hürriyet Daily News are just some of the major publications in the country right now. They public classified ads regularly and, more often than not, the job posts they provide are similar to those you see online.

Some Final Top Tips

This probably goes without saying but you'll have better chances landing a job in Turkey if you know how to speak and understand the language. Even if you know just a tiny bit of Turkish, it might just be the clincher of your getting your next job! With regards to your work permit, do note that even when you resign or get fired from the company that hired you prior to getting your business visa, that permit remains valid nonetheless. But you'll need to find a new job in order to sustain it before it expires.

What You Can Do To Get A Job in Turkey

If you don't have Turkey on your radar as the next country you want to work in, you're missing out! There are a lot of opportunities here as well as several ways to getting them! From going online to relying on your friends, do what you have to do to get a job!

Landing a job in Turkey will help you earn enough money to keep all sorts of things. Not the least of which is your luxury home here!