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The Leading Mobile Networks in Turkey

April 15, 2021
There's no good reason why shouldn't join a local mobile network in Turkey. If you have plans on staying in this country or even relocating here, getting a local SIM card is an absolute must. In fact, you might not even be able to start your new life here without one. How will you stay connected with the people you've met in the country when you first got here? Not to mention communicate with people back in your native country! You'll need to join a mobile bank to keep in contact with the rest of the world. And here are Turkey's best.
The Leading Mobile Networks in Turkey


First up, there's Turkcell, the biggest mobile network in Turkey. Based in Istanbul and founded in 1994, it's one of the oldest and most popular telecommunications companies in the country. Today, it has over 34 million subscribers. Many of them probably joined Turkcell because it offers some, if not the best wifi deals in Turkey. With a wide scope of coverage that reaches even the most remote parts of the country, the network gives 3G and 4G LTE services. The starting 'Tourist Welcoming Pack' already includes over 20GB of wifi data! What's not to love?

Türk Telekom

Türk Telekom is the only other locally-born telecommunications company on this list. Though relatively new, it has amassed quite a following, currently having 16.7 million subscribers to date. Admittedly, many other mobile networks on this list offer better coverage than Türk Telekom, however, what has made it so popular is its exceptional speed. Even in the remote areas of Turkey, any plan from this network has fast wifi as if you're in a major city. Not to mention the fact that many of their deals partner up with various social media platforms. You can stay online whenever you are with Türk Telekom!

The Leading Mobile Networks in Turkey


Vodafone is the second-biggest mobile network in Turkey with 23.744 million subscribers but it's not exactly a local company. Vodafone itself is from the UK, however, since it acquired a former mobile operator named Telsim in 2005, it eventually became Vodafone Turkey. What's so great about this network is that it offers great deals at affordable prices. You can get an awesome plan worth just ₺50.00 which already includes 6GB of fast wifi data and valid for one entire month. Needless to say, you can save a lot but still get more by joining this network!


Orange is yet another foreign mobile network that has become popular in Turkey. Originally from France, it offers some of the best wifi data in the entire country. Unforutnayle, however, the coverage isn't as wide as the other networks on this list. It's stronger when you stay in certain major cities. And when you do, you almost woudnn't believe it! With clear, quality streaming for videos and movies, endless plays in music apps, and the like, you can't get any better coverage than this! No wonder it's one of the used networks in the country!

The Leading Mobile Networks in Turkey

Just got to Turkey? Join any of these amazing local mobile networks and you won't have any problem staying connected with people here and around the world! And in this day and age, that's the most important, right?

Joining a local mobile network will make it easier for you to do all sorts of business here in Turkey. Not the least of which is maintaining and paying for your luxury home here!