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Philadelphia's Top Five Coffee Shops

April 14, 2021
In a city as large, as urban, as busy, and as hectic as Philadelphia, coffee is an essential part of many people's lives. One would need his/her caffeine in order to survive this urban jungle of a city. Without it, how will you ever be able to navigate all the hustle and bustle of this thriving metropolis? With that said, at times, making your own cup at home isn't enough. You'll want to get coffee at some of the best places in the city. But where are they? These are some of the best coffee shops in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia's Top Five Coffee Shops

Black N Brew

In East Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia, one of the more urban districts in the city, Black'N'Brew stands as a friendly neighborhood cafe that welcomes both locals and tourists alike. Practically everything about the place screams 'local,' from the artwork that decorates the entire cafe to the simple caffeinated drinks that have a homemade appeal. In fact, even the coffee they make comes from Philadelphia’s own La Colombe roaster, upping the ante of its local identity. Pair that with the homemade pastries and vegan menus and you've got yourself a true-blue Philly coffee experience!

Green Line Cafe

With multiple locations throughout the entire city, it's fair to say that Green Line Cafe is one of, if not the most popular on this list. But don't think that its popularity is solely based on its many branches! This family-owned business specialized in health-conscious coffee, providing a more organic and healthier twist on the famous caffeinated drink. With every sip, you don't just get energized, but you're also avoiding all the health risks that come with drinking too much coffee. Furthermore, the place's homemade feel adds a novel touch to the experience. They even pride themselves as “West Philly’s Living Room.'

Philadelphia's Top Five Coffee Shops

Mina's World

Mina's World is far more than just your average coffee shop. It's become one of West Philadelphia's favorite hotspots, a community hub that welcomes all sorts of people to simply hang out, enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, and have a good time. Who wouldn't have a good time here? The place offers up unique twists to coffee, ranging from its flowery latte with rose syrup to the more exotic tahini mocha concoction! Pair those with their homemade delicious treats and you've got yourself a winner! No wonder the place has gotten so popular despite just opening recently (and well within the pandemic too!)

Rowhome Coffee

Though Philly's restaurant scene offers a diverse set of culinary hotspots, Rowhome Coffee is definitely one you shouldn't miss! Why? Because of two major reasons. The first is their delicious La Colombe roasted coffee! This coffee shop screams local, from how roaster they've partnered with to the unique ways they make their drinks. And speaking of unique, the second reason why you should check out Rowhome Coffee is their one-of-a-kind pretzel sandwiches. Yep! This is the place where you can order soft pretzels filled with meat, vegetables, cheese, and the like! They will satisfy your hunger tenfold!

The Monkey & The Elephant

What's so great about The Monkey & The Elephant is that, not only do they offer delicious coffee, but a good portion of their profits also help foster youth in the Philly community. Every time you order a cup of coffee, a baked good, or any of the place's delicious treats and drinks, you're helping the city's youth survive and strive for a better future. Its charitable mission has made it one of the most popular coffee shops, not just in Philadelphia, but in the entire state of Pennsylvania too! For now, during the pandemic, it's only open for takeout!

Philadelphia's Top Five Coffee Shops

In a huge and busy city like Philly, you'll want to drink as much coffee as you can! Fortunately, the city has a number of great coffee shops where you can taste the best of local coffee, enjoy homemade treats, and even help the city's youth!





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