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Tallinn's Top Five Coffee Shops

April 07, 2021
Coffee is pretty much a universal drink. Even though a handful of countries are famous for harvesting the beans, for unique roasting techniques, and the like, all in all, the entire world drinks coffee. It's a great treat to help you relax and unwind. It's perfect to make you feel at ease, especially with company. And, of course, it will perk you up in the morning like nothing else. In Tallinn, though cafe society isn't as big here as it is in other cities, there are still some coffee shops worth checking out. Here are the top five in the city!
Tallinn's Top Five Coffee Shops


Of course, the first shop to start the list is the one that you can drink the moment you get to the city. KOHver is a famous coffee shop in Tallinn Airport. After a long-haul flight that probably took a day in your life, you'd want a pick me up to make you feel more excited about arriving in the Estonian capital, right? Well, at least KOHver is just a hop and a skip away from your drop-off spot. Offering warm coffee made out of beans from all around the world, a caffeinated treat from here is a perfect starter for your stay in Tallinn!

Gourmet Coffee

If you're craving some craft coffee in Tallinn, look no further than Gourmet Coffee! Offering up cups that are as purely caffeinated as if you drank them right off the coffee plantation, you'll really get that buzz in more ways than one here. In fact, it's even Gourmet Coffee that started the specialty coffee trend here in Tallinn. Because of its influence, now many foodie hotspots in the city are serving up their own pure versions of coffee. But the ones here remain strong and delicious no matter what. They really know how to make a mean cup of coffee!

Tallinn's Top Five Coffee Shops

Surf Café

Located in Balti Jaama, a trendy food hall in the heart of the city, Surf Café has become quite the hip hangout over the years. It's the type of cool, hipster-esque haven you'll see in Brooklyn in New York or Montmartre in Paris. With friendly baristas taking charge, you can order any type of coffee you want and they'll prepare it for you before you know it. From flat white to creamy cappuccino, you'll get your caffeine fix here no matter what. Pair it with their specialty ice cream and you've got yourself quite the whirlwind for your taste buds right there!


Røst is the kind of place that won't need any sort of advertising on social media to build up the hype. From a mile away, you can already smell the sweet and intoxicating aroma of coffee brewing in this place. It's why the shop has become one of the most popular hotspots in the city. Even if you're not up for some coffee, once you get intoxicated by the caffeinated scent, you'll find yourself craving a cup! Add to that the delicious pastries they serve here, perfect for dipping in your freshly brewed cup!

Nordic Design Home

Don't be fooled! Although Nordic Design Home is a fine furniture store in Tallinn, its in-house coffee shop is definitely worth your time! Pass through the sculptural designs and avant-garde pieces to get what many consider some of the best coffee in the Estonian capital. The place gets their beans from Latvia's Rocket Bean Roastery, so you know it's going to taste great no matter what. Pair with the elegant ambiance, the delicious goodies, and the peaceful tranquility of the space and you've got heaven on earth! Not too bad for a furniture shop, isn't it? Eat your heart out, Ikea!

Tallinn's Top Five Coffee Shops

Don't get it twisted! Although Tallinn isn't famous for its cafe society, you can still get a mean cup of coffee that will put your taste buds on a tail spin! Check out these five incredible coffee shops and get your much-needed caffeine fix!