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The Best Transportation Apps To Use in Estonia

April 01, 2021
Life in Estonia nowadays is relatively easy. Why? Because technology practically runs the country now. And no, this isn't some dystopic horror-type fantasy you've probably seen in movies or on TV. Over the years, Estonia has become one of the leading countries when it comes to the digital landscape. There are so many things you can do online here, ranging from filing your taxes to mobile banking. So it's no surprise that even when it comes to transportation, technology still plays a huge part. Nowadays, it's all about transportation apps.
The Best Transportation Apps To Use in Estonia


Uber is argubaly the most famous transportation app of its kind. It practically pioneered the movement when it comes to online platforms playing a role in modern transportation. As well as pioneering ride-hailing apps, programs that have made commuting that much easier and more efficient for people around the world. Fortunately, Uber also operates in Estonia, most especially in the country's major cities. Whichever area in Tallinn, the country's capital city, you are, for instance, you can book a ride and it will get you to your destination in no time. And in a luxury car too, no less!


While Uber focuses on making use of luxury cars, Bolt is more about connecting you to the nearest available taxi. The app even compares taxi fares between services, allowing you to choose which one to go for that will help you save more money. And once you book, expect a taxi to come right at you in a matter of minutes. That's how useful Bolt is as a transportation app. Not only will you know the fares you'll pay, but since you're riding a taxi, it's possible your driver can pass through shortcuts and secret pathways to get to your destination quicker and sooner!

The Best Transportation Apps To Use in Estonia


Let's face it, one of the most time-consuming parts of public transportation is buying a ticket. You have to queue up, wait until everyone in front of you has bought their tickets, know how much the fare is to get to your destination, and more. That's a lot to do! What if you're in a hurry? Or your bus or train is about to depart? Well, to avoid all of that, download the Pilet app now. This program allows you to buy public transport tickets online from wherever you are. All you have to do is to connect your bank account, credit card, or even your local SIM plan for seamless payments!


When you have your own car here in Estonia, you won't need to download a transportation app, right? Well, if you don't want to travel about in a more efficient way, yes. But sometimes, even when you have your own vehicle, a transportation app can still help you a lot. Take looking for parking, for instance. In a busy city like Tallinn, it can get difficult to find a nice spot to park your car. Most especially one that's right by or near your destination. But with the Barking app, you can find one in no time!

The Best Transportation Apps To Use in Estonia

Tallinn Airport App

Here's one that's exclusive to Tallinn: the Tallinn Airport App. Apart from flight schedules and weather details in Estonia's capital city, this app can also help you find a ride going to and from the airport. You can find out where to find taxis or shuttle services, how much your fare will be, and more. Everyone knows that traveling to and from the airport is always hectic. With this app, you don't have to through all the stress of finding a ride all on your own. It will tell you everything you need to know and more!

Like A Local

Just as its name says, the Like A Local app tells you everything you'd want to know about local life in Estonia. Most especially in the major cities in the country. Where are the best places to eat? Are there some must-see sights near where you are right now? What hotspots are perfect have some drinks? All of this amazing info is yours for the taking on this app. But what does that have to do with transportation? The program has its own map that you can access offline. Something you can't even do with the more famous Google Maps app!

The Best Transportation Apps To Use in Estonia

Don't let the castles and the cobblestone streets fool you! Estonia is a lot more modern than you think. In fact, the country is actually so advanced that it has a ton of transportation apps you can use to help you get around faster and more efficiently!